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Nov. 13, 2014
Thursday, 13 November 2014 06:09

GWYNETH PALTROW DOESN'T WORRY ABOUT WRINKLES: Gwyneth Paltrow refuses to stress over aging and getting wrinkles. The 42-year-old recently told Stylist.co.uk, "I'm not the type to look in the mirror and study my looks. God no! I'd rather die than be studying my face like that! I just brush my teeth and try to get dressed and get everyone up. The morning is definitely not the time when I look in the mirror. I don't tend to wear much make-up either." She continued, "I like my wrinkles and you know, I like what I see. Of course I can get into the frame of mind where I get critical about this and that, but I really try to not do that and try to appreciate the incredible life I've lived and all I've learned. I like that all of that is written on my face."

THE OLSEN TWINS ENJOY A DOUBLE DATE: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were spotted enjoying a double date together in New York City on Tuesday night (November 11th.) The girls were joined by their significant others -- Mary-Kate's fiancé Olivier Sarkozy and Ashley's boyfriend Bennett Miller -- for a screening of Bennett's new movie, Foxcatcher. According to People, the group later attended an afterparty at the Standard Hotel where witnesses say Ashley and the director were packing on the PDA.

JONATHAN CHEBAN DEFENDS KIM KARDASHIAN: Kim Kardashian's BFF Jonathan Cheban took to his website, The Dishh, on Wednesday (November 12th) to defend his girl against Glee star Naya Rivera. Naya made headlines earlier that day for commenting on Kim's bare-butt Paper magazine cover writing, "I normally don't. But...you're someone's mother..." Jonathan named the post "I (We) Don't F*ck With You...Naya! Lyrics By Big Sean!!" and wrote, "Naya has always been a step BEHIND...And this time she has seriously fallen BEHIND like Daylight Savings Time! After a year-long tour of impersonating Kim, she decided to come out of her shell and make a real statement about Kim's Paper cover (which has to be one of the hottest, if not the hottest cover all year). As expected, she's getting some press and when all else fails, use Kim. I'm personally disgusted that after badgering Kim all year and trying to hang out and do business together, she goes and tries to make a statement like this. Yes, Kim is a mother, BUT WHO CARES...have you ever heard of a MILF?! The world wants to see her all day like 1010 Wins. Paper is one of the artsiest magazines and has a legendary reputation for being creative and edgy. Who the f**k is Naya to throw in her meaningless comments?? We all know you want to be Kim, but you don't got it boo, and the only cover you will be gracing is the Single White Female 2 straight to DVD box set."

SETH MACFARLANE DOESN'T WANT TO BE CALLED A MISOGYNIST: Seth MacFarlane recently admitted to Glamour magazine that he doesn't like being labeled as a misogynist. He explained, "I'll never understand the use of the word misogynist. It's no different than saying somebody is racist. I'm sure a lot of that comes from Family Guy because of its edge, but I am not Family Guy. My manager is a woman, my publicist is a woman, my accountant is a woman. My producer, who runs all of the animated television series and presides over everyone, is a woman. I'm not sure how that label applies given those realities and my personal philosophies." Seth came under fire after his Oscar hosting gig for singing the song "We Saw Your Boobs" which some critics felt was sexist.

Nov. 12, 2014
Wednesday, 12 November 2014 06:18

IGGY AZALEA TO PERFORM AT NYE CONCERT: According to VIBE.com, Iggy Azalea is set to perform in Vegas for New Year's Eve. Iggy will be performing at Drai's Nightclub alongside Drake, Calvin Harris and Lady Gaga. Meanwhile, Iggy is also set to re-release her album The New Classic: Reclassified on November 24th.

FORMER SPICE GIRL GETS ENGAGED: Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell -- also known as Ginger Spice, has revealed that she is now engaged toChristian Horner. Geri tweeted, "Christian and I are delighted to announce that we are engaged! We're both very happy."

ONE DIRECTION RELEASES RECORD WRITTEN BY ED SHEERANOne Direction has released their new song "18" -- which was written by Ed Sheeran. The band took to Twitter to announce the release of the record by reciting lyrics to the song, saying, "I have loved you since we were 18. Long before we both thought the same thing." Ed also promoted the record, tweeting, "I wrote a song called '18' on the new One Direction album, the song is released today at 4 p.m. UK time x." The track will be featured on 1D's new album FOUR.

  • Meanwhile, 1D member Louis Tomlinson has slammed reports that he is gay because of a t-shirt that he was spotted wearing. According to Rumor Fix, the UK's Independent published an article accusing Louis of being homosexual because he was wearing a shirt that shows a rainbow-colored Apple logo. However it appears that the journalist who wrote the article misinterpreted the meaning behind the singer's shirt. Louis tweeted, "@JennSelby The fact that you work for such a 'credible' paper and you would talk such rubbish is laughable. I am in fact straight. Google 'original apple logo' and you will see the one printed on my shirt that you reported on. Trying to look for a promotion? F*cking ridiculous I even have to tweet that sh*t!"

JUSTIN BIEBER AND CODY SIMPSON RELEASE DUET: Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson have released their track together called "Home To Mama." Cody tweeted Bieber yesterday (November 11th), saying, "Aye @justinbieber you wanna give them a little something later today?" Cody then shared the single's artwork.

NICK LACHEY SPEAKS ON THE NEW ADDITION TO HIS FAMILY: During an interview with E! NewsNick Lachey revealed that his son Camden is excited to have a baby sister on the way. Nick said, "We've definitely gone over the fact that, 'Hey, baby sister is in mommy's belly,' and he'll kiss the belly, so I think he understands what baby sister means and that that's happening, but I think the truth test is when she arrives and all the attention's not just on him! We'll see how he reacts at that point!" He added that his wife Vanessa has "been a trouper" throughout her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Nick's new album Soundtrack of My Life is set to hit stores next Tuesday (November 18th).

GOVERNORS BALL DATES ANNOUNCED: The 2015 dates for Governor's Ball has been announced. The annual summer festival will be held on June 5th-7th on Randall's Island in NYC. This will mark the fifth anniversary of the event. Last year Childish Gambino, DisclosureJanelle Monae, and OutKast performed at the event.

Nov. 11, 2014
Tuesday, 11 November 2014 06:36

JENNIFER LAWRENCE EXPLAINS HER RELUCTANCE TO PLAY KATNISS EVERDEEN: Jennifer Lawrence appears in the new issue of French magazine Madame Figaro where she reveals that she took three days to consider whether or not she wanted to star in The Hunger Games movies. The 24-year-old explains, "I realized that whatever I do, at any level, I would lose a part of my private life. For each 'everyday' photo published, I generally spent three hours playing cat and mouse with photographers." She adds, "I always had a very clear idea of the type of course I wanted -- acting, that's all. Of course, by contract, I must assure a media presence to promote my work. But if I had a choice, you wouldn't hear me express myself except in movies."

ROBERT PATTINSON BRINGS ROSES TO FKA TWIGS: Robert Pattinson continued to show his support for girlfriend FKA Twigs by attending her concert in New York City on Saturday (November 8th.) He watched the show from the VIP section and then brought her a dozen roses to congratulate her on the sold out performance. They were later seen holding hands as they made their way to an after-party following the show. Rob and FKA have been linked since September.

HORROR DIRECTOR ELI ROTH TIES THE KNOT: Hostel director Eli Roth is a married man. He and actress Lorenza Izzo exchanged vows in a ceremony in Chile on Saturday (November 8th.) According to People, the ceremony was held on the beach in Zapalla where the bride wore a Vera Wang gown and a floral crown. Guests at the party snacked on popcorn packaged in boxes featuring photos from the couple's movies.

AMANDA BYNES RANTS ABOUT HITLER ON TWITTER: Amanda Bynes' latest tweets include references to Hitler tricking Germany into hating the Jews while appearing to try and justify her not liking ugly people. She wrote on Monday (November 10th,) "If you have to force someone to do anything - you are in the wrong. Forcing someone to like you when it is obvious they don't like you is considered unattractive in my mind. feel my pain. If you don't like someone regardless of who they are you have every right to be rude to Them. I'm so rude. I only follow ppl I find beautiful. It goes against my religion to follow an ugly person. That's why I feel pretty. If only you could block ppl in person. That'd be so tight. Adolf Hilter tricked the Germans into believing that Jews were less than the Germans and that they should be segregated and then killed. But Germans who feel that Adolf Hilter was incorrect aren't guilty in my book. Beauty is truth. feel my pain." Amanda later added, "Actions speak louder than words. Silence is King."

MAGGIE SMITH TALKS ABOUT DYING AS A CELEBRITY: Downton Abbey star Dame Maggie Smith recently sat down for an interview with UK's The Telegraph where she discussed dying as a celebrity and the legacy they leave behind. The 79-year-old believes that once the obituaries and tributes are over with, the fame quickly vanishes. She explains, "It doesn't last. The world is replenished all the time. I don't think people will remember." Maggie also discussed trying to move past the death of her husband back in 1998 saying, "They say it goes away but it doesn't. It just gets different. It's awful, but what do you do? After the busyness you are more alone, much more. A day that is absolutely crowded keeps your mind away from why you are alone but when it stops there is that deafening silence."

Nov. 10, 2014
Monday, 10 November 2014 07:02

CHRISTINA AGUILERA IS BACK IN THE STUDIOChristina Aguilera has hinted that she's back in the studio. She uploaded a pic to herInstagram page with a hat -- which looks like one that Pharrell Williams wore, on a recording studio mixing console. She captioned the photo, "In more important news.." Reports claim that Xtina's upload was a response to a diss that actress Valerie Bertinelli made at her. Bertinelli recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live and revealed that she was a huge fan of Christina and when she met her a little while back, she complimented Christina's singing and she non-chalantly replied, "Yeah, whatever."

DEMI LOVATO GETS A NEW TATTOO: Demi Lovato got tattoo number 15 this past weekend. The singer got Roman numerals down her rib cage marking the birthdays of several family members. According to Rumor Fix, the numerals represent her mom, two sisters, her step-father and her late father's birthdays.

ARETHA FRANKLIN PRAISES BEYONCE, DISSES NICKI MINAJ: In an interview with Billboard, Aretha Franklin opened up about today's divas likeBeyonce, Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys. She said, "I think they’re doing a very good job — Beyoncé, Alicia, Jennifer [Hudson]. I hear my influence sometimes; I know when my voice, when something I’m known for, has passed. But these young ladies, for the most part, are all very original." When asked about Nicki Minaj, she threw major shade. She said, “Nicki Minaj, hmm, I’m gonna pass on that one."

TIMBALAND JOINS FORCES WITH SONY RECORDS: Timbaland has joined forces with Sony for a joint business venture with Epic Records and his label Mosley Music Group. Epic will now take over the marketing, distribution, publicity, and overall services for the imprint. Timbaland will release his final album Textbook Timbo next year.

RIHANNA STALKER ORDERED TO STAY AWAY FROM THE SINGER: According to The New York Daily News, last week, a judge ordered 54-year-old Kevin McGlynn -- a man accused of stalking Rihanna, to stay away from the singer after being arrested for lurking outside of her NYC apartment building and sending threatening letter back in September. In other Rihanna news, according to Elle, sources close to the singer say that fans should "not be surprised" if the singer releases a new single this month.

Nov. 7, 2014
Friday, 07 November 2014 07:21

SETH MACFARLANE PERFORMED AT MILWAUKEE PIANO BAR: Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane dropped by a piano bar in Milwaukee last Saturday night (November 1st) where he performed a few songs for the crowd. He treated the other patrons to a cover of "Luck Be a Lady," "New York, New York," the theme from The Love Boat, and tune by Barry Manilow. Video of Seth's performance has been making the rounds online. He was reportedly at the bar with rumored girlfriend and former Gossip Girl actress Jessica Szohr.

KIM RICHARDS' DOG ATTACKED HER NIECE: Kyle Richards' daughter, 18-year-old Alexia Umanksky, spent the weekend at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after being attacked by a pit bull belonging to her aunt -- Kim RichardsTMZ is reporting that Alexia required several surgeries to treat her wounds -- the worst being on her right hand where the dog allegedly bit through her thumb to the bone. Sources say the family was hanging around inside the house when the dog went into attack mode. The family attempted to keep the matter private by not involving animal control despite the fact that there have been previous incidents. A trainer was even attacked on an episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

FELICITY JONES THINKS MEN SHOULD ACT LIKE PAUL NEWMAN: The Theory of Everything star Felicity Jones recently revealed to GQ that her favorite romantic movie is Annie Hall but admits that Woody Allen isn't her ideal man. She explained, "I don't know if Woody Allen is the best example of how to act as a guy. Maybe the opposite of that is the way to be...like Paul Newman in any film. If a guy can be like that, that's pretty cool." Felicity has been linked to Ed Fornieles since 2006.

RACHEL BILSON GIVES BIRTH: Rachel Bilson is a mom. Her rep confirmed the news to the Associated Press on Thursday (November 6th) that the Hart of Dixie star gave birth to daughter Briar Rose back on October 29th. This is her first child with boyfriend Hayden Christensen. The name Briar Rose is taken from the Grimm Brothers fairy tale Sleeping Beauty.

NAOMI CAMPBELL STILL GETS NERVOUS BEFORE A GIG: Naomi Campbell revealed during a recent interview with Net-A-Porter's The Edit that she still has nerves before walking a runway. She said, "I still get scared. I cross myself before I go onto the runway. I pray my dress isn't going to fall off. If you feel fear, fear will come to you. Fear is a terrible thing to have and I've been aware of that since I was a kid. It can stop you doing things in your life. I don't want fear to get hold of me."

Nov. 6, 2014
Thursday, 06 November 2014 06:27

ROB LOWE AD OFFENDS GROUP OVER INSENSITIVE JOKE: A new ad for DirecTV featuring Rob Lowe has managed to offend a group over a joke about being pee shy. The scene features a geeky alter ego of Rob who is standing at a urinal and says, "Fact: I can't go with other people in the room." Steve Soifer, CEO of International Paruresis Association, explained why the ad is offensive to Today saying, "We don't mind if people have a little fun with it. It's a situation that a lot of people don't understand. In this particular case, the portrayal is making it look ridiculous, that this guy is a loser for having a problem. What if he didn't have a leg or an arm? Are you going to make fun of them?" The former Parks and Recreation star reacted to the backlash in a response to his son who posted the story to Twitter by writing, "Son, there are those who really need to lighten up. For those wondering, my bladder is gregarious."

CHANNING TATUM ADMITS TO DRUG USE: Channing Tatum appears in the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter where he opens up about his past drug use and previous comments he's made about being a "functioning alcoholic." The 34-year-old admits to trying different substances while working as a stripper in Florida saying, "I wouldn't say I was losing myself in drugs because I wasn't doing anything habitually. experimenting. Experimenting, I would say. Never the big ones -- crack or heroin. I never OD'd or anything. Never. Drinking was probably the biggest thing. I didn't look at drinking as a problem. It wasn't at that point, and I still don't think it's a problem. But at that time in my life, it was, 'Let's go out and have a great time.'" He goes on to clarify his statement about being an alcoholic to GQ last June by telling the magazine, "It was something said that wasn't meant to be factual. It was said in context with the glutton side of myself. I'm constantly a flip-and-flop of extremes. I take care of it, to an extent -- and then I kind of knock it all down and destroy the sand castle. All I meant was that I do things in extreme." Channing also confesses to have done cocaine "a couple of times."

SHIRLEY MACLAINE MENTORED JENNIFER LAWRENCE: Shirley MacLaine reveals in the new issue of Vanity Fair that she acted as a bit of a mentor to Jennifer Lawrence a few years back after a mutual friend brought them together. The 80-year-old explains, "I was very impressed with how real she was and still so tied to her real life and her upbringing and her boyfriend of years. My advice was mostly stuff about knowing who you are. 'Find your identity because you are going to be in for a rough ride if you don't.' Shirley added, "It's going to be interesting to hear what happens with her and leading men."

JON GOSSELIN WANTS TO GO ON 'COUPLES THERAPY' WITH KATE: Jon Gosselin recently sat down for an interview with Life & Style where he says he wants to go on Couples Therapy with his ex-wife Kate Gosselin. He tells the magazine, "I would consider appearing on Couples Therapy with Kate. We're divorced, but why can't we co-parent? I was thinking Kate and I could do a televised sit-down with a doctor and work out our differences, because our kids are suffering. She's still so angry at me." Jon continues, "She says absolutely not. She doesn't want her faults exposed. I'd love for her to finally admit that she's dating Steve Neild. It's confusing for the children." Jon already appeared on the VH1 series with his ex-girlfriend Liz Janetta. Kate was just announced as a cast member on the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice.

'GIRLS' STAR USED TO BE AN ASPIRING RAPPER: Girls actress Zosia Mamet was once an aspiring rapper. A music video featuring her and a friend trying to spit rhymes is making the rounds online which was reportedly made back in 2010. Zosia also recently attempted to break into the music industry by launching a Kickstarter to fund her folk band but failed to get enough support.

Nov. 5, 2014
Wednesday, 05 November 2014 06:29

Amanda Bynes' mental illness has been the source of much speculation since she first started on her downward spiral but she has now confirmed her diagnosis as bipolar and manic depressive. The 28-year-old posted a series of tweets on Tuesday (November 3rd) discussing her mental state and plans moving forward.

Amanda wrote, "I need to get an apartment and my parents won't give me access to any of my funds. I was diagnosed bi-polar and manic depressive so I'm on medication and I'm seeing my psychologist and psychiatrist weekly so I'm fine :D." She continued, "I'm not living with my parents. I'm not legally obligated to. My lawyer said if I comply with the courts and take my meds and see my psychologist and psychiatrist weekly then I will get unconserved. Thank GOD."

  • She later seemed to recant her story in a tweet hours later by writing, "I was at a friend's apartment last night and one of my friends tweeted my phone, sorry guys! My hair is hideous. I'm so mad at my parents.They are withholding my belongings and money from me so I don't have new clothes or enough money to rent an apartment. We aren't speaking. So until I get a different conservator ill look terrible because I don't have enough to get new clothes or anything I need."
  • The former Nickelodeon star was released from psychiatric hold last Thursday (October 30th.) Despite her freedom, she is still under a conservatorship held by mother, Lynn Organ.
  • TMZ is reporting that Amanda's parents are allegedly limiting her spending by giving her $50 and $100 American Express gift cards that she picks up from her lawyer on a daily basis.

Angelina Jolie admits that her relationship to Brad Pitt doesn't exactly feel the same since they decided to get married. She opens up about their wedding and married life in the December issue of Vanity Fair.

Angelina discusses the big day saying, "We were all going to have a wedding. There was no cake, so Pax made a cake. The kids made little pillows for the rings and Knox practiced being a ring bearer with an acorn that kept falling off the pillow. Brad's mom went and picked some flowers and tied them up." She goes on to reveal that the kids even helped write the vows adding, "They did not expect us never to fight, but they always made us promise to say 'sorry' if we do. So they said, 'Do you?,' and we said, 'We do!'"

  • Jolie also tells the magazine, "It does feel different. It feels nice to be husband and wife."
  • Brad and Angelina have been together for almost nine years.

CBS is keeping things in-house for the 2015 People's Choice Awards. The network has chosen Mom stars Anna Faris and Alison Janney to host the show.

Executive producer Mark Burnett said in a statement, "We are thrilled to have Anna and Allison as hosts of our show. Our job is to entertain our audience, and these actresses have such chemistry and comedic timing that no matter who wins, everyone will be having fun."

  • On the nominations side of things, Shailene Woodley scored the most nods in the movie categories with four for her work in Divergent and The Fault In Our Stars.
  • Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural, and The Vampire Diaries each got five nominations.
  • On the music side, Sam Smith earned more nominations than any other artist with four.
  • Fans can vote on Facebook or at PeoplesChoice.com until December 4th.
  • The show airs live on January 7th.
Nov. 4, 2014
Tuesday, 04 November 2014 06:19

WILL SMITH TAKES PHOTOS OF JADA PINKETT WHILE SHE SLEEPS: Jada Pinkett Smith revealed on Facebook over the weekend that Will Smith takes photos of her while she sleeps. She shared one of the pictures and wrote, "I discovered the sexiest secret the other day. My husband takes pics of me in my sleep. He has a whole stash he revealed to me and I really enjoyed getting a glimpse of myself through his eyes. I had to share one with you guys;) Life is art. Life is beauty. J" Will and Jada have been married since 1997.

LENA DUNHAM'S SISTER ADDRESSES SEXUAL ABUSE CLAIMS: Lena Dunham's sister, Grace, took to Twitter on Monday (November 3rd) to address the allegations made by Truth Revolt that a passage in Lena's book indicates that she sexually abused her sister. Grace wrote, "Heteronormativity deems certain behaviors harmful, and others 'normal'; the state and media are always invested in maintaining that. As a queer person: I’m committed to people narrating their own experiences, determining for themselves what has and has not been harmful. 2day, like every other day, is a good day to think about how we police the sexualities of young women, queer, and trans people." Lena's lawyer also sent a cease and desist letter to the blog but they refuse to take down the original post.

CHARLIE SHEEN'S EX HAS AN OVERDOSE: Charlie Sheen's ex-fiancée, Brett Rossi, was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center over the weekend due to a drug overdose. It is unclear what drugs she took but Gossip Cop is reporting that she is now in stable condition and recovering. Charlie's publicist told the website, "Charlie and Scotty have been in communication and Charlie still has a tremendous fondness for Scotty and continues to wish her all the best." The Anger Management star called off his engagement to Rossi back in October.

AMANDA SEYFRIED SAYS HER WEIGHT ALMOST COST HER ROLES: Amanda Seyfried took to Twitter recently to reveal that she almost lost out on a bunch parts because of her weight. She wrote, "Fun fact: I almost lost out on several roles in my career because I was overweight. Wrong, America." It is unclear which movies she is referring to but she mentioned her diet to Esquire back in 2010 saying, "It's intense. And sort of awful. Yesterday for lunch? Spinach. Just spinach. Spinach and some seeds. “Around the same time, she told Glamour, "If I didn't run and work out, there's no way I would be this thin," she said. "But I have to stay in shape because I'm an actress. It's f***ed up and it's twisted, but I wouldn't get the roles otherwise. If I'd been a bit bigger, I don't think they would have cast me for Mamma Mia!"

FORMER 'BLOSSOM' STAR GIVES BIRTH: Former Blossom star Jenna Von Oy welcomed her second child over the weekend. The 37-year-old gave birth to daughter Marlowe Monroe Bratcher in Nashville on Saturday (November 1st.) Her rep revealed that the baby weighed in at 7 lbs., 4 oz. Jenna and husband Brad Bratcher also have a two year old daughter named Gray Audrey.

Nov. 3, 2014
Monday, 03 November 2014 07:48

TAYLOR SWIFT ON HER WAY TO BREAKING RECORDS: Taylor Swift's new album, 1989, is on its way to breaking the record for one-week sales for an album by a woman. Forecasters are predicting that Taylor's pop album could sell more than 1.3 million copies which would take the top spot from Britney Spears' 2000 release Oops!...I Did It Again. It may also beat out Eminem's The Eminem Show to have the largest sales week for any album. The official sales figures will be announced on Wednesday (November 5th.)

SUGAR BEAR PASSES OUT AT MAMA JUNE'S HOUSE: Honey Boo Boo's father, Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson, allegedly passed out from stress while visiting his ex Mama June Shannon's house over the weekend. According to Gossip Cop, the paramedics were called to the home but Sugar was doing better by the time the EMTs arrived. He was checked out at the scene but was not taken to the hospital. A relative told Entertainment Tonight that Mike is actually diabetic and was just struggling to maintain his sugar levels which has happened in the past.

AMANDA BYNES EATS AT MEL'S DINER AGAIN: Amanda Bynes was spotted enjoying her third meal at Mel's Diner in West Hollywood in three days on Saturday (November 1st.) A witness told E! News, "She was very quiet and timid. She was trying to avoid being photographed." Another insider also revealed that Amanda just ate watermelon while sitting with a male friend for a couple of hours.

HAYDEN PANETTIERE IS READY FOR MOTHERHOOD: Nashville star Hayden Panettiere is ready to be done with pregnancy already. She discussed being ready for motherhood in a recent interview with Hello! magazine saying, "I'm so ready to hold my baby girl--I'm going to be a very hands on mom. I'm thrilled that I am having a girl first because I feel like I know a lot about raising a strong woman. I feel very empowered myself and I think my daughter will, too." This will be Hayden's first child with fiancé Wladimir Klitschko.

ARIANA GRANDE RELEASES 'LOVE ME HARDER' VIDEO: Ariana Grande has released the official video for her new single, "Love Me Harder." The video was directed by Hannah Lux Davis and features both Ariana and her collaborator, The Weeknd. She performed the song on Saturday Night Live last month. Ariana will also be performing at the Jingle Ball concerts in December.

Oct. 31, 2014
Friday, 31 October 2014 05:37

COCA ROCHA ADDRESSES KENDALL JENNER BULLYING RUMORS: Model Coca Rocha dropped by HuffPost Live this week where she addressed the rumors that 18-year-old Kendall Jenner was bullied backstage during New York Fashion Week in September. Coca said, "It is bad for the industry, and if that all did happen, that's really frustrating to hear. You have to remember that during the shows, it is all very young girls. It's like high school. We breathe and eat and sleep together for two months, so it gets to a point where you're just overwhelmed, frustrated and tired, and I've had my own stories where it gets a little catty backstage. And not everyone's going to get along. It makes sense. Not everyone's going to be your best friend." The 26-year-old added, "But when that does happen, step back, breathe a minute, get out of the room, whatever you need to do. Because in the end, people are watching you under such a fine microscope. People are going to watch whatever you do, so if you want the job, if you want to be respected in the industry, remember that even though you're a young girl, you have to act a little older and a little wiser." Other models at Fashion Week reportedly felt Kendall's involvement was unfair considering her family connections. In other Kardashian news....

DID KIM KARDASHIAN ADMIT TO SECOND PREGNANCY?: Rumors are circulating that Kim Kardashian may have spilled the beans that she is pregnant during an interview with UK beauty blog Pixiwoo. When asked about her pregnancy style, Kim responded, ["I wore my regular clothes and I would just buy a size up. I don't know if I would necessarily do that this time around."] SOUNDCUE (:10...OC: time around)

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY SAYS SHE WAS NEUROTIC UNTIL HER 25TH BIRTHDAY: Keira Knightley admits she was neurotic until she had an epiphany on her 25th birthday. The 29-year-old told UK's The Guardian, "It was my 25th birthday. I remember it so clearly. I suddenly woke up at 25 and was like...It's all OK. We went bowling. We had a really silly party with karaoke, which I hate, and loads of balloons. And it was just excellent. Lots of cupcakes. Lots of booze. And suddenly there was just that dawning...and that's what's happened since. It was exactly the right way to go." Keira recently revealed to Glamour UK that part of her neuroticism was due to all of the gossip about her. She explained, "I found it difficult to step back from it and I was taking it very personally. Partly because as an actor you don't want necessarily that thicker skin, and I couldn't figure how to be open emotionally and yet get a thick enough skin so that things didn't hurt. I don't Google myself -- that was the problem before 25. Not that I did it all the time, but I certainly saw enough to say, 'Oh you shouldn't look'. I mean, you don't need to look, it is not helpful."

FARRAH ABRAHAM DRESSES AS ELSA TO PROMOTE SEX TOYS: Teen Mom turned adult film star Farrah Abraham dressed as Elsa from Frozen to promote her new sex toys at the Hustler store in Hollywood earlier this week. She tweeted a photo from the event and wrote, "My #sexytoys can grant your deepest #wish" as well as "Had a blast @HustlerStores this weekend! Met amazing people & showed off my #sexytoys!" Farrah newest product is a mold of vagina and anus.

EMMA WATSON SPEAKS MORE ON FEMINISM: Emma Watson is continuing to speak out on feminist issues as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. She appears in the new issue ofElle UK discussing the cause saying, "Feminism is not here to dictate to you. It's not prescriptive, it's not dogmatic. All we are here to do is give you a choice. If you want to run for president, you can. If you don't, that's wonderful, too. I'm lucky I was raised to believe that my opinion at the dinner table was valuable. My mum and I spoke as loudly as my brothers." Emma also describes how she felt when speaking in front of the UN Summit in September saying, "I was very nervous. It wasn't an easy thing for me to do. It felt like: 'Am I going to have lunch with these people, or am I going to be eaten? Am I the lunch?'"

MILLA JOVOVICH IS HAVING A GIRL: A very pregnant Milla Jovovich attended the amFAR gala in LA on Wednesday (October 29th) where she revealed to E! News the gender of her baby. She said, "We found out. We're having a girl." Milla also explained that her daughter, Ever Gabo Anderson, was hoping for a little sister and added, "I don't know what we would have done if the baby was a boy. She keeps saying, 'Don't get her anything new. She can wear all my clothes. She's so economical."

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