Dec. 02, 2014
Tuesday, 02 December 2014 08:01

SHIA LABEOUF'S COLLABORATORS RESPOND TO RAPE CLAIM: Artists Luke Turner and Nastja Sade RonkkoShia LaBeouf's collaborators on his #IAMSORRY art installation, have responded to his recent claims that a woman raped him during the performance. Nastja tweeted on Sunday (November 30th,) "A couple of important clarifications about our #IAMSORRY project earlier this year: Nowhere did we state that people could do whatever they wanted to Shia during #IAMSORRY. As soon as we were aware of the incident starting to occur, we put a stop to it and ensured that the woman left." Piers Morgan tweeted at Luke asking why they let the woman just walk to which he responded, "It wasn't clear at the time precisely what had happened, & the 1st priority was to ensure everybody's safety in the gallery...She ran out, rather than simply walking away. Beyond that, it's not my place to comment."

ELLEN DEGENERES AND PORTIA DE ROSSI CELEBRATE A DECADE OF DATING: Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi posted photos over the weekend of their celebration of 10 years as a couple. Portia tweeted a make-up free pic of herself on the beach with her wife along with the caption, "Saturday" and another picture from their day together on Sunday (November 30th.) Portia confirmed to a fan that Monday (December 1st) marked the 10th anniversary of dating. Their wedding anniversary is on August 15th.

'CAKE BOSS' APOLOGIZES AND PLEADS GUILTY TO DWI: Cake Boss star Buddy Valastro has entered a guilty plea for his DWI arrest in New York City on November 13th. According to the Associated Press, his license has been suspended for 90 days and he has been fined $300. Buddy also tweeted to his fans on Monday (December 1st,) "I want to thank everyone for their support. I also want to apologize to everyone. I pled guilty today because I wanted to make this right. I learned an important lesson that if you have even one drink you shouldn't drive. I thought I was fine to drive, but I wasn't. I put people in danger. I am very disappointed in myself. I'll never get behind the wheel of a car again, even after one sip."

CUBA GOODING JR. AVOIDS CLUB BRAWL: Page Six is reporting that Cuba Gooding Jr. was partying at Tao Downtown in New York City on Saturday night (November 29th) when a fight broke out around him. A source explained, "A promoter had a table next to Cuba's. The table on the other side was full of some young guys who had bought bottles. The promoter asked the guys to move down and they said no. He told them he'd have them kicked out and they poured a bottle of vodka on him. The promoter started to push and they pushed back and security got involved and ended up kicking the kids out." Another witness said that Cuba reportedly just sat at his table watching it all go down and kept his night going after the troublemakers were ejected.


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