Feb. 03, 2015
Tuesday, 03 February 2015 16:14

1.  The two dancing sharks who stole KATY PERRY's Super Bowl Halftime Show have been identified.  They're two of Katy's regular backup dancers.  And one of them is the reason Katy is feuding with TAYLOR SWIFT . . . because she stole him from Taylor a few years ago.


2.  The Super Bowl was the most-watched show in U.S. TV HISTORY, with 114.5 million viewers.  The previous record-holder was last year's game, which had 112.2 million viewers.  But even MORE people watched KATY PERRY's Halftime show.  It attracted 118.5 million viewers.


3.  RIHANNA is reportedly making LEONARDO DICAPRIO get in shape because he's, quote, "flabbier than her usual lovers," and he's actually enjoying being with a woman who tells him what to do.  Meanwhile, for some reason, Leo made Rihanna promise she won't get another tattoo until she falls in love again.


4.  KIM KARDASHIAN is showing off her naked backside again.  This time it's a spread in "Love" magazine.  It's not a very flattering picture.  Kim is wearing a jacket and shoes, but no pants.  She's bent over, and the photo is taken from behind.  Also, she's smoking.


5.  In a Twitter Q&A, KIM KARDASHIAN was asked who she'd like to take a selfie with, if she could choose anybody.  She said, quote, "My dad.  Or Jesus.  Or Marilyn Monroe.  I can't decide."


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