Feb. 04, 2015
Wednesday, 04 February 2015 16:18

1.  GWEN STEFANI never thought she'd land a hot guy like GAVIN ROSSDALE when she was a kid.  She says, quote, "I don't know if I was a nerd in high school, but I definitely wasn't the super-cute cheerleader so I never saw myself getting somebody like that.  But I do think he's quite handsome.  It's not the most important thing about him, but it is nice . . . and he makes really cute babies!"


2.  MILA KUNIS was a guest on "Ellen" yesterday, and ELLEN DEGENERES tried to get Mila to admit that she and ASHTON KUTCHER are married.  She avoided the question.  She did admit they don't have a nanny yet . . . but she added, quote, "When I go back to work full time and have to have 17-hour work days, I'm gonna need somebody to come and help me because I can't do both."


3.  RANDY QUAID and his wife EVI surfaced in a new video, as crazy as ever.  Randy accuses Warner Brothers and News Corp of ruining him.  Then he has Evi put on a mask of News Corp chairman RUPERT MURDOCH, and proceeds to simulate COPULATION FROM BEHIND.  He also made another video calling HILLARY CLINTON an "incompetent idiot."


4.  Chinese people love our celebrities.  And they even give them crazy nicknames.  Katy Perry is "Fruit Sister", because of all the fruit imagery in her stage shows . . . Mariah Carey is "Cow Sister", which is a compliment, not a crack at her weight . . . and Benedict Cumberbatch is "Curly Blessing", because of his hair.


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