Feb. 24, 2015
Tuesday, 24 February 2015 11:43

1.  CHRIS BROWN actually admitted that RIHANNA traded UP to LEONARDO DICAPRIO.  He said, "I'm gonna have to give her that . . . High five.  You can only go up, and that's the upper, upper echelon . . . I'm not even a hater.  I'll give you a slap on the back, booty, everything, [and say], 'Hey, do your thing.  Good game.'"


2.  People have already begun speculating about NEXT year's Academy Awards, and one set of predictions saysSeth Rogen could make like Jonah Hill, and be nominated for his SERIOUS role in the upcoming Steve Jobsmovie.  And the "New York Post" suggests the new "Star Wars" movie could make some noise next year.


3.  "Star Trek" legend LEONARD NIMOY was hospitalized last Thursday, supposedly for severe chest pains.  There's no word if he's still in the hospital.  Last year, Nimoy revealed that he has COPD from years of smoking, even though he quit 30 years ago.  He's 83 years old.


4.  "American Horror Story" actor BEN WOOLF died yesterday from injuries he suffered last week, when he was struck on the head by the rearview mirror of an SUV while he was crossing Hollywood Boulevard.  He was only 34 years old.  Woolf played Meep on "American Horror Story:  Freak Show".


5.  A FAKE JIM CARREY conned his way onstage at the Czech Republic's version of the Oscars over the weekend.  He walked onstage, waved to the crowd, shot off a glitter cannon, then left.  It's amazing he was able to fool the organizers, because he barely even looked like Jim Carrey . . . who was in Hollywood while all of this was going on.


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