Mar. 5, 2015
Thursday, 05 March 2015 13:38

1.  CHELSEA HANDLER posed topless to dispel rumors that she got a breast lift.  And she Tweeted, quote, "Um . . . there have been a lot of men who've touched my boobies, but not one of them has ever been a doctor."


2.  It looks like CHRIS BROWN really IS the father of a 9-month-old baby girl, because KARRUECHE TRAN is leaving him over it.  Yesterday she Tweeted, quote, "Listen.  One can only take so much.  The best of luck to Chris and his family.  No baby drama for me."


3.  BRUCE JENNER reportedly already did his interview with DIANE SAWYER, and he told her he's keeping his male equipment . . . for now.  But he will live his life as a woman, and he says his breasts have already grown to a B-cup.


4.  Despite rumors that LEONARDO DICAPRIO is dating RIHANNA, his rep says, quote, "[Leo] is single and has been for some time . . . [He has] been focused on shooting [a movie in Canada] for months."


5.  In today's Quiz, KIM KARDASHIAN says, quote, "I have the hairiest forehead you could ever imagine."  She adds that she used to wax it, but she had it lasered several years ago.


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