May. 12, 2015
Tuesday, 12 May 2015 10:28

1.  TOM BRADY has been suspended FOUR GAMES over "Deflategate".  The Patriots were also punished.  They lose a first-round draft pick next year, a fourth-round pick the year after that, and they were fined $1 million.  The Patriots are in the first game of the upcoming season, against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday, September 10th.


2.  COURTNEY STODDEN has taken the $1 million deal from Vivid Entertainment to release her solo sex video.  And she claims she doesn't want a single dime of that $1 million, and she's giving every cent of it to charity.


3.  EMILIA CLARKE from "Game of Thrones" was blown-away when she met CHANNING TATUM and his wife JENNA DEWAN-TATUM.  She said, quote, "I was like, 'I cannot contain this.  Please, can we all have something sexual together?  You're both beautiful, even just a hug.'"


4.  MILES TELLER and his girlfriend were at the beach in Miami, when he noticed a pregnant woman and her young child struggling in the water nearby.  He sprang into action, helped them to shore and took a few minutes to make sure they were okay.


5.  TIGER WOODS wrote a letter to a high school boy who tried to commit suicide last month because he was bullied about his stutter.  Women's golfer SOPHIE GUSTAFSON has been mentoring the boy because she stutters, too.  And she Tweeted, quote, "Thanks so much [Tiger] for sending my friend Dillon a letter.  He got so happy!  It's being framed and hanged.  #class"


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