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May. 12, 2015
Tuesday, 12 May 2015 10:30

1. Here are a few random facts for you.  Every date until next Wednesday is a palindrome . . . like, today is 5/12/15, which is the same forwards and backwards.  New York City produces almost three times more trash than any other city in the world.  And you turn one billion seconds old four months before your 32nd birthday.


2. Believe it or not, the average woman says she looks her BEST on Monday mornings . . . at 10:06 A.M. to be exact.  It's because the weekend recharges you, and you put a little extra effort into your appearance to start the week.  But the effort dies as the week goes on, so the average woman says she looks her worst at 4:05 P.M. on Thursday.


3. A new study found that having more sex doesn't make you happier . . . in fact, it makes you slightly LESS happy.  Why?  When people have lots of sex, it becomes part of their routine . . . so they don't enjoy it as much as people who get-it-on less often.


4. What do men hate most about other men?  Our favorite answers are:  Guys who get drunk and try to fight everybody, including their own friends . . . and guys who comment on girls on Facebook with desperate, idiotic crap like, 'Wow, sexy.'


5. According to the Consumer Electronics Association, the most common tech devices we own are TVs, DVD or Blu-Ray players, smartphones, laptops, and digital cameras.

May. 4, 2015
Monday, 04 May 2015 08:29

1. Here are a few random facts for you.  There are only 190 one-hour photo shops left in America . . . that's down from 3,066 in 1998.  The term "big bang theory" was coined by a British scientist who hated it and was trying to mock it.  And 18.8% of the houses in South Carolina are mobile homes.


2. A new study found that kids who sit in the middle seat of the family car grow up to be more successful than their siblings.  The theory is that it gives you key skills for business, like being adaptable and handling uncomfortable situations.


3. A new study found that when employees wear formal business clothes, it actually leads to better results.  Formal clothes make people feel more powerful and confident . . . and that makes them think more creatively, and act more like a leader.

4. The government just released data on which jobs have the highest percentage of people who DRINK and get HIGH.  The jobs with the most heavy drinkers are mining . . . construction . . . and hotels and restaurants.  The jobs with the most drug users are hotels and restaurants . . . arts and entertainment . . . and management.


5. Your beard might be as dirty as a toilet.  Scientists analyzed swabs of men's beards and found that some had serious amounts of FECAL BACTERIA in them.  So be careful if you touch your beard and then eat without washing your hands.

Apr. 23, 2015
Thursday, 23 April 2015 13:51

1. Here are a few random facts for you.  All of the land in America is worth a total of approximately $23 trillion.  If you hate family gatherings, you might suffer from syngenesophobia . . . fear of relatives.  And people drive on the right side of the road in about 75% of countries around the world.


2. A new study found the best way to get a song out of your head is . . . chewing gum.  That creates "inner speech" . . . basically, your mouth moves at a different rhythm than the song in your head, so it distracts your brain.


3. A study out of the University of Connecticut found that people are the MOST honest right after getting-it-on . . . that goes for both men and women.  When you climax, your brain is flooded with oxytocin . . . which leads to more trust and makes you feel safe to tell the truth.


4. A new study found that people who have sex two or three times a week make 4.5% more money.  The theory is that people who get-it-on a lot are happier, that translates to productivity and a better attitude at work . . . and that leads to a higher salary.


5. Which EMOJI do Americans use more than any other country?  According to a new study, we're most likely to use the birthday cake . . . bag of money with a dollar sign . . . pizza . . . skull . . . baseball . . . basketball . . . crown . . . meat on the bone . . . and lipstick.

Apr. 22 2015
Wednesday, 22 April 2015 10:10

1. Here are a few random facts for you.  There's one ATM in Antarctica . . . and it's run by Wells Fargo.  The only mammals that can fly are bats.  And a man has a 50% chance of having male pattern baldness by the time he's 50.


2. Here are a few stats on how screwed up our work-life balance is. 51% of people have missed an important life event because of work . . . 60% get texts from their boss during family dinners . . . and 40% respond to emails during meals.


3. A new study of 2.3 million parents found that the most stressful moment of the day is . . . 7:35 A.M.  And it has everything to do with trying to get your kids dressed, fed, and out of the house on time.


4. A new survey says the average person has made up their mind about how you live within 26 seconds of entering your house.  The main things they use for their judgments are the smell, the clutter, and the way you decorate.


5. What little charges do you hate paying the most?  Some of the top answers are parking meters . . . ATM fees . . . bank overdraft charges . . . and hidden cell phone fees.

Apr. 14, 2015
Tuesday, 14 April 2015 09:25

1. Here are a few random facts for you.  Even though "Full House" was set in San Francisco, only one of its 192 episodes was actually filmed there.  Elton John had a top 40 single every year from 1970 to 1996.  And the average car spends approximately 95% of its life parked.


2. According to a new survey, 22% of people say their dog or cat is a crucial part of the family . . . versus 21% who said their in-laws are.


3. There's a new brain teaser photo going around . . . it shows a cat either going UP a flight of stairs, or down.  And just when you think you've decided, you look at the picture differently and change your mind.


4. According to a new survey, 58% of us would rather win the lottery than find our soul mate . . . 22% would dump the person they're with to win . . . and 33% would give up their pet.


5. A new study found it'll cost you an average of $673 to go to a wedding this year . . . between airfare, hotel, food, a gift, and clothes.  It also found that 43% of people have decided not to go to a wedding for financial reasons.

Apr. 9, 2015
Thursday, 09 April 2015 11:05

1. Here are a few random facts for you.  English is Louis C.K.'s second language . . . he lived in Mexico until he was seven and spoke Spanish.  Winston Churchill was voted out of office just TWO MONTHS after defeating the Nazis.  And only 6.7% of the people in the world have a college degree.


2. A new study found free versions of apps cost you MORE than the paid versions . . . in the long run.  The ads in free apps use a LOT of network data . . . so it costs you about 1.7 cents every time you open one of them.  If you use one every day for a year, that's $6.20 in data.


3. Apple released their new emojis yesterday . . . redheads are upset there's no ginger . . . some people are upset that the "prayer hands" don't have rays of sun emanating from them anymore . . . and taco lovers are upset there's STILL no taco emoji.


4. Check out some stats from a new survey about what we want on our GRILLED CHEESE.  86% of Americans say they love them . . . the most popular cheese to use is American . . . and people who like them have SEX more often than people who don't.


5. A new survey found 71% of kids under 10 say they HATE eating vegetables . . . but 18% say they'd like to try eating WORMS . . . 12% would try a caterpillar . . . and 12% would try snails.

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