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Nov. 26, 2014
Wednesday, 26 November 2014 06:26

COLLEGE BUYS $219,000-TABLE New Jersey's Kean University purchased a conference table for $219,000-dollars. A Kean spokesperson says the table should be viewed as a "conferencing center" because it includes electronic equipment, storage, and lighting. (Gawker)

LOS ANGELES FREEWAY SIGN UNVEILED WITH TYPO: A Los Angeles freeway sign was unveiled with a typo. A subcontractor misspelled Olympic Boulevard with an "I" instead of a "Y." The large green exit sign was covered with a tarp and eventually removed but not before drivers snapped and tweeted photographs of the mega-typo earlier this month. The sign was one of many improvements underway on the freeway as part of a pavement rehabilitation project. (Yahoo)

LARGEST GATHERING OF CHRISTMAS ELVES: Hundreds of Thai children broke the record for the largest gathering of Christmas Elves. 1,792-school children wore hats, matching t-shirts, and pointy plastic elf ears as they gather outside a shopping mall near Bangkok. The group held their position for five minutes before being declared Guinness World Records winners. (Huffington Post)

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Nov. 20, 2014
Thursday, 20 November 2014 06:44

STREET PONG PASSES THE TIME AT GERMAN CROSSWALK: An intersection in a Northern German city has a "Street Pong" game that pedestrians can play while they wait for the light. The game was installed by two students from University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The game is attached to posts on either side of the road, which allows pedestrians to face off. The students say the game will be tested for four weeks at the intersection to see if it continues to capture the interest of pedestrians. (Popist)

DNA FROM TOILET LEADS TO ARREST: A man suspected of a $250,000-heist was arrested after DNA was left behind in a toilet. 33-year-old Ramon Herrera relieved himself while taking jewelry from a home while the owners were on a vacation, but forgot to flush. Herrera's DNA was also found on a coke that he drank and left at the scene. He has pleaded not guilty to charges of residential burglary and larceny over $20,000. (Yahoo)

MAN SHOWS UP TO INTERVIEW DRUNK AND STABS FUTURE BOSS: A California man allegedly showed up drunk to an interview and stabbed his potential employer. During the interview, the boss mentioned that he could smell alcohol on Lopez’s breath, which sent Lopez into a rage. The two scuffled until the interviewer got Lopez in a headlock, which resulted in Lopez pulling a knife. He then ran off, leaving all his information neatly filled out on his job application. (Metro)

ARTIST CREATES "REALISTIC" BARBIE DOLLS: Nicolay Lamm was able to create the "realistic" fashion doll called Lammily thanks to a crowd funding campaign launch last March. Lammily emulate an average 19-year-old American woman and comes with accessories that give her acne, cellulite, freckles, stretch marks, and broken bones. Lamm hopes that the sticker accessories will show that playtime doesn't need to give children an unrealistic expectation about life or about their body image. (Mashable)

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Nov. 19, 2014
Wednesday, 19 November 2014 06:57

WOMAN SLEPT NEXT TO HER MOTHER'S BODY FOR FIVE YEARS: A German woman spent five years sleeping next to her mother's mummified corpse. Neighbors of the 55-year-old woman were concerned because they hadn't seen her mother for a long time. Firefighters and police had to force their way into the apartment, where they discovered her mother's corpse. The older woman died in 2009 at the age of 83 and had been in the bed for so long it had become mummified. The daughter was sent to a psychiatric institution. (Daily Mail)

COUPLE CHARGED WITH SHRIMP THEFTS: A couple who stole shrimp from grocery stores in Massachusetts and New Hampshire have been captured.33-year-old Nicole Lafontaine and 36-year-old Bradley Maker were arrested after stealing shrimp from various supermarkets. Lafontaine acted as the lookout and getaway driver as Maker allegedly loaded up his shopping cart with shrimp at various supermarkets in the Northeast. (Fosters Daily Democrat)

OFFICER PULLED OVER SCHOOL BUS TO GIVE SON LUNCH: A county sheriff is being investigated for allegedly pulling over a school bus to deliver lunch to his son. Lieutenant Brian Kelly supposedly used his emergency lights to conduct a traffic stop while the bus was headed to a school in Johnsburg, Illinois. The bus driver filed a police report with the Johnsburg police because the purpose of the stop was to give his son lunch. (NBC)

RING RETURNED AFTER BEING FLUSHED BY KID: California sanitation workers returned an heirloom ring to a family whose 3-year-old son flushed it down the toilet. Union Sanitary District crews found the ring after it vanished from Munazzar and Mehvish Tapal's home. Crews flushed the sewer lines and discovered the ring after vacuuming up debris. Wastewater Collection Supervisor Shawn Nesgis equated the discovery to finding a needle in a haystack. (Yahoo)

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Nov. 18, 2014
Tuesday, 18 November 2014 06:55

ICE SKATING JESUS ARRESTED: A Philadelphia man dressed as Jesus was arrested for soliciting tips while ice skating. 28-year-old Michael Grant was skating in his "Philly Jesus" get up when he was arrested for allegedly seeking tips in exchange for pictures. Grant said he created the Philly Jesus character after his religious beliefs helped him overcome substance abuse issues. (Gawker)

NAKED TEENAGER BROKE INTO HOME LOOKING FOR KEYS: A naked teenager broke into two homes over the weekend in an attempt to steal car keys. 18-year-old Logan Valle allegedly forced his way into two homes while his parents' house was engulfed in flames. Valle attempted to steal keys to some nearby parked cars and was found hiding in the attic of one of the homes. Valle's car, which was parked at a local country club two miles away, was also lit on fire also but not destroyed. Police said they are investigating the cause of both fires.

STRESSED STUDENT HAS SEX WITH SHEEP: A Fresno State college student has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a sheep following a night of heavy drinking. The unidentified 23-year-old was supposedly stressed over exams. The student was caught in the act after reports of noises coming from the campus barn. School veterinarians are currently monitoring the health of the animal. (Mirror)

WOMAN CAN'T STOP HAVING ORGASMS: A 30-year-old woman can't stop having orgasms and can have as many as 180 in two hours. Cara Anaya has been diagnosed with Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, which means she has to endure constant arousal for up to six hours a day. Anaya now avoids being in public because she feels embarrassed and humiliated. The disorder, which has no cure, developed suddenly while grocery shopping three years ago. (Metro)

SUSPECT TRIES TO ESCAPE THROUGH CEILING: A suspect tried to escape police custody by climbing through ceiling tiles at a hospital. Shylen Salazar managed to hide in the ceiling for hours until the authorities found her. Salazar was arrested for allegedly stealing a truck, but was taken to the hospital because she told guards that she swallowed drugs to hide them. Salazar is facing charges of possession of a stolen vehicle and escaping from police custody. (Huffington Post)

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Nov. 17, 2014
Monday, 17 November 2014 07:13

MOTHER AND DAUGHTER GIVE BIRTH ON SAME DAY: A mother and daughter gave birth on the same day. 20-year-old Destinee Martin and 40-year-old Heather Penticoff gave birth to their children at Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Meyers. Martin was not happy after initially hearing that her mother was pregnant, but has said the two bonded through the experience. The two never expected to have the same due dates, but doctors induced both pregnancies for separate medical reasons. (Jezebel)

STUDENT DESIGNS SLEEPING POD: A student at New York’s School of Visual Arts has invented a portable sleeping pod called the Nutshell. The wearable piece is designed for power-napping. The Nutshell was created to block out distractions and to focus on eating and thinking (Metro)

FLORIDA BRA-WEARING MAN BLOCKED CUSTOMERS AT ATM: A man riding a bike while wearing a bra prevented bank customers from using the ATM. 33-year-old Gregory Herndon was questioned by police, who asked that he empty his pockets. Herndon allegedly pulled out a pair of women's undergarments, a crack pipe, pill bottle and brass wool. Herndon faces charges of possession of drug equipment and resisting an officer without violence. (Huffington Post)

GAMES BURIED IN LANDFILL NET $37,000-DOLLARS: Old video games, which were buried in a landfill have sold for thousands of dollars on eBay. An old "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial" game cartridge drew the highest bid of some 800-video games buried more than 30-years-ago. The dig has helped raise e thousands of dollars for New Mexico City. Joe Lewandowski, a consultant for the film companies that documented the dig, says the online auction, which ended Thursday, generated $37,000. (Yahoo)

MEN ACCUSED OF TARGET PRACTICE INSIDE HOME: Two men are facing charges after they were accused of target shooting inside their Colorado Springs home. Police responded to reports of shots fired. When officers approached the house , they heard more shots and found two men taking turns shooting at glass bottles. Christian Clark and Codie Leslie were arrested on suspicion of illegal use of weapons and reckless endangerment. (Yahoo)


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Nov. 13, 2014
Thursday, 13 November 2014 06:21

388-PEOPLE EAT BREAKFAST IN BED FOR WORLD RECORD: A Shanghai hotel served 388-people breakfast in bed to breaking a world record. The participants were served croissants, noodles and fruit to beat the former record of 288-people.The event was organized by the More Than Aware breast cancer charity. (New York Daily News)

25,000-POUNDS OF FROZEN TURKEYS SPILL ON HIGHWAY: An overturned tractor-trailer spilled about 25,000 pounds of frozen turkeys on a Northern California freeway. The driver went too quickly around an Interstate 680-off ramp causing hours of traffic during the morning commute. It isn't clear what will happen to the boxed turkeys that landed on the road. (Yahoo)

30-POUNDS OF POT SHIPPED: 30-pounds of Marijuana were mailed from California to Hertford County, North Carolina. Police received a call from the local post office when they got a suspicious package shipped express. No signature was required and the wrong name was listed on the address.So the investigators used their k-9 unit to sniff out the package. Police Chief Darrell Rowe said the whole incident was kind of funny because "The dog kind of looked at us and said, do you really need me for this?" No charges have been filed just yet, but two other packages were also shipped with a return address.

FRIENDS ALREADY CAMPING OUT FOR BLACK FRIDAY: Two Friends are already camping out for Black Friday.Vicky Torres and her friend Juanita Alva have picked out their posts in front of a Best Buy in Beaumont, California. Alva and Torres switch off sleeping at the store overnight, saving each other's spot. Alva's husband takes part if for some reason, they both need to leave. They are hoping to get a 50-inch, high definition TV for $199-dollars. (ABC)

WOMAN SELLING UTERUS ON EBAY: A woman is selling her uterus on eBay to raise money for a friend with cancer. Ann Truscott's friend needs $25,000-dollars to fund her chemotherapy. Truscott listed her body part for $2,500-dollars and described it as "a mighty fine collectable." At the bottom there is a link to a gofundme page, where she is hoping to raise funds for her friend. (Metro)

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Nov. 12, 2014
Wednesday, 12 November 2014 06:19

RAVEN HAS FEATHER TRANSPLANT: A raven was given a feather transplant after it was unable to fly because of mites. The bird was able to fly again after some tender love and care from Maureen Bergin, who found the bird in poor health at her job's parking lot. After the transplant and months of building up her strength at the Wildlife Center of Virginia, she finally took to the air. (Metro)

BEIJING'S ROAST DUCK MUSEUM: A Beijing restaurant has opened a museum dedicated to roast duck. 150-year-old eatery serves nearly 2,000-ducks-per-day. So, they decided to dedicate one of their floors to a museum featuring pictures of world leaders eating poultry. The museum's entrance is adorned with a giant gold statue of a duck. The seven story Quanjude restaurant has served nearly 200-million ducks since it opened. (NBC News)

"MAGIC" PARROT PICKS LOCK AND ESCAPES: A British family is looking for their pet parrot, which picked the lock to his cage while being transported. "Magic" was being moved to a temporary home while his owners were away on vacation, but he flew away when Michelle Russell opened her car door. The family's had the Senegal parrot for more than 20 years, raising him from when he was a chick. In that time, he's picked a few locks. They've posted fliers and left food out, but Magic has yet to turn up. (Huffington Post)

MAN RESCUED FROM DEPARTMENT STORE'S WALLS: A 35-year-old man was freed from a space between two walls and may have been there for several days yelling for help. Paul Felyk was rescued by Colorado firefighters, who used a circular saw to cut into the side of the building. Felyk supposedly entered the building through a vent on the roof for unknown reasons. The 35-year-old was hospitalized and his condition was unavailable. (Yahoo)

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Nov. 11, 2014
Tuesday, 11 November 2014 06:39

DUO TRIES TO ROB GIRL SCOUTS: A Maryland man and his underage accomplice tried to steal a "wagon full of Girl Scout Cookies" from two little girls. According to police, the two girls, who are 12 and 13-years-old, were selling cookies when they briefly stepped away from their wagon. That is when Gabriel Smith allegedly took off with their cookies towards a getaway car. One of the girls gave chase and grabbed the wagon. Smith let go and jumped in the car, but neighbors followed the getaway car and called 911. (The Smoking Gun)

TEACHER WALKS INTO CLASSROOM DRUNK AND THEN WETS HIMSELF: A drunken teacher allegedly wet himself at Southington High School in Connecticut. According to sources, the Spanish teacher came into school fairly intoxicated and soiled himself while students videotaped the incident. The unidentified teacher proceeded to pin a student against the wall for unknown reasons. There’s no word yet on what’s happened to the teacher (Metro)

WASHING MACHINES THE MOVIE: A new Kickstarter campaign is trying to raise money for a movie about love between two Washing Machines. The Ben Roper film Final Spin is a live-action short about a washing machine that wanders into the woods, meets another washer, falls in love… and fights a microwave. About 50 percent of the movie still needs to be shot, and the team is hoping to raise an additional $13,000 to complete the film. (Yahoo)

FINAL SPIN: http://bitly.com/1thZRYz

BACON SRIRACHA CRONUTS: A Southern California donut shop has went all in on the cronut craze and upped the ante by adding two more delicious ingredients. DK's Donuts’ new "crestnut" is exactly like a cronut, but has a thick Srircha glaze and candied bacon on top. (7 Deadly Magazine)

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Nov. 10, 2014
Monday, 10 November 2014 07:08

FIREFIGHTERS RESCUE DOG STUCK ON ROOF: Ohio firefighters rescued a dog that had been stuck on a roof for three days. It took about an hour to rescue the Rottweiler, which escaped from the three story home through a hole in the attic. A neighbor had called the authorities several times to alert them about the situation.. The owner had been staying with a friend the past week and didn't know how the dog escaped. (Yahoo)

DEMONIC PRINCESS WAND: An Ohio mom was horrified when a toy that she purchased for her daughter had a picture of a demonic girl slitting her wrists. Nicole Allen bought the wand from the Dollar Store, but was surprised when her two-year-old pulled back the foil on the toy. The toy called an evil stick was surrounded by other children's toys and even had pink and glittery packaging. (Gawker)

WOMAN PULLS FAKE TEETH FROM BARTENDERS' MOUTH IN BAR BRAWL: A Massachusetts woman was arrested after fighting with a bartender, who she suspected of sleeping with her husband. Caterina Froio-Chaputwent went to the American Legion because she believed Susan Carlson was cheating with her estranged husband. Froio-Chaputwent allegedly started hitting the bartender after being asked to leave and supposedly pulled out Carlson's false teeth. When police arrived on the scene, she denied having Carlson's teeth, but after searching they found them in her pocket. Froio-Chaput is now facing charges of assault and battery with a deadly weapon for throwing a bottle at Carlson. (Gawker)

TIME WARNER CABLES TO CHARGE 20,000-DOLLARS FOR BROADBAND INTERNET: A man living in rural New York was told he would have to pay 20,000 in installation fees if he wanted broadband internet. Jesse Walser built his home about 20-miles outside of Syracuse and about 150 from a road with a cable line. About ten years ago, Time Warner wanted Walser to pay nearly 6,000-dollars for the service, but was shocked by the new price when he reconsidered the option. (Syracuse.com)

DORITOS-FLAVORED MOUNTAIN DEW: Pepsi is planning to create Mountain Dew flavored Doritos. There is no set date for when they chips will go on sale although the Pepsi spokesperson has confirmed the reports. They had released a Mountain Flavored chip in 2008 called Doritos Quest. (Huffington Post)

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Nov. 7, 2014
Friday, 07 November 2014 07:20

WOMAN TAKES MAN'S WALLET ON FIRST DATE: A 23-year-old man went on a first date, but was left disappointed because she ran away with his wallet. Jeffrey Mack decided to meet Heather Hegre at a local Arby's in Oregon after talking on Meetme.com. Hegre convinced Mack to buy her a milkshake, which he did, but left his wallet on the center console. Hegre then allegedly grabbed his wallet, got out of the car and ran off. Mack provided the police with her cell phone number. Officers called her to arrange a meeting at the same restaurant, where she was arrested. (Yahoo)

METH FOUND WHEN SUSPECT PARKED IN WRONG LOT: A woman cleared for entry into the United States was busted smuggling drugs after she accidentally parked in the inspection lot. 33-year-old Sylvia Mashiah mistakenly drove to a secondary lot where Customs and Border Protection Officers inspect the vehicles. Mashiah's car was searched and agents allegedly discovered 27 pounds of meth in 17 packages hidden in the rear quarter panels of the Ford Focus. (Newser)

MAN CALLS 911 TO ASK DISPATCHER ON A DATE: A 45-year-old man called 911-three times to ask the dispatcher out on a date. Stephen Ramsey allegedly kept the woman on the phone for more than six-minutes. He even joked if she was "into handcuffs." A Deputy went to Ramsey's home, who supposedly was slurring his speech. Ramsey was charged with misuse of 911 and is currently in the Collier County Jail on $2,000 bond. (Huffington Post)

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