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aug. 27, 2014
Wednesday, 27 August 2014 13:59

99-PACK OF BEER FOR SALE: An Austin brewery is selling a 99-pack of beer for only 99-dollars. The manufacturer says details on purchasing the beer log will be released later this week with shipments starting on Thursday(August 28th). Each case is about the size of a two by four and will require two people to carry it. (Gawker)

MAN EATS PASTA OFF SUBWAY FLOOR: A brand manager for Bissell Canada vacuum cleaners is getting a lot of attention for eating spaghetti off a subway floor. In a video, Ravi Dalchand vacuums a patch of floor and proceeds to eat pasta off the same spot. He then sops up the sauce with bread inside of the Toronto station. According to the ad for Bissell's Symphony All-in-One-Vacuum-and-Steam Mop, "You get a clean, sanitized hard floor." (Huffington Post)

ADVENTURER TO LIVE ON MELTING ICEBERG: An Italian adventurer will live on a melting iceberg for a year to raise awareness about climate change. 36-year-old Alex Bellini will set off next spring to find the suitable iceberg for his project. He will be staying just north of Greenland as the island turns back to water. Bellini will live in a module when the island fully melts. (Metro)

WHATEVER TOWN: A secretive Bud Lite plan to paint a town blue and turn it into a fantasy town for an ad campaign has upset some residents of Crested Butte, Colorado. The company agreed to pay $250,000 to fence off Crested Butte's main street and bring in more than 1,000 people for the event. Town councilors have been quietly working on the plan since spring, but word began leaking out as outsiders showed up with measuring tapes and checklists. Residents packed a three hour meeting to talk about the event leaving several residents furious that they have been left out of the loop.(Yahoo)

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aug. 26, 2014
Tuesday, 26 August 2014 14:16

FELON ARRESTED AFTER POSTING ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE: A convicted felon was arrested after he posted an "Ice Bucket Challenge" video to Facebook. Jesean Morris was arrested by Omaha police for violating his parole. An unidentified tipster gave police the address where Morris shot the video. During police surveillance, investigators spotted Morris being driven away from the home and pulled over the vehicle. Morris initially lied about his identity, but was arrested after he spit at police and damaged a police vehicle. (The Smoking Gun)

COLORADO MARSHAL COULDN'T ADJUST TO HIGH ALTITUDE: A Colorado town marshal is resigning because he couldn't adjust to the altitude. Jim Matheny wanted to dispel any rumors about his resignation including one that claimed he was leaving because of a space alien attack. Mattheny says he left the Nederland because he could not acclimate to the 8,400-foot altitude. (Yahoo)

KILT USED TO SHOPLIFT ELECTRONICS: An Oregon man was arrested after allegedly using a kilt to shoplift electronics. 37-year-old Daniel Ducret was caught sliding small items into the front pouch of his kilt at Fry's Electronics store. Store Employees said Ducret first showed up in his kilt on Wednesday (August 20th) and allegedly used the pouch to steal items including a toy helicopter. He returned the next day, but was apprehended with a car charger and a computer mouse in his possession. (Huffington Post)

MAN MISSING SINCE 1977 IS FOUND ALIVE: A Canadian man, who was missing for almost 40-years and declared dead by the courts, has been found alive in United States. Ronald Stan was reported missing after a 1977 fire in a rural area near London, Ontario and was eventually declared dead by the courts. An investigation was reopened in July after a routine audit which led to the discovery that Stern was still alive. Stan, who now goes by the name Jeff Walton, will not face any charges although no explanation has been offered for his disappearance. (Huffington Post)

SUSPICIOUS LIGHTSABER ON SIDE OF THE ROAD: Juneau police received reports of about a suspicious device only to find that item was a toy lightsaber. Police dispatched an officer who specializes in explosives to investigate the tip, but only found a toy lightsaber taped to a stick. (Juneau Empire)

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aug. 25, 2014
Monday, 25 August 2014 13:44

MAN HAS KEPT ALL HIS NAIL CLIPPINGS SINCE 1978: Everyone collects something, huh? A man named Richard Gibson -- from Lafayette, Louisiana -- has kept all of his toe and fingernail clippings in a jar since February of 1978. That's more than 36 years worth of nails. Richard told the Huffington Post that he remembers the day he decided to keep the clippings in a manicure kit, instead of throwing them away. Initially he only kept them to see how long it would take to fill the box, but then after two years when the box was full he decided to keep going and use a jar instead. Richard has no idea how many nail clippings are in the jar, but he estimates that it's well into the thousands. He also said that he used to hide the jar when visitors came to his home. There's no hiding now, though; Richard and his jar will be in the Ripley's Believe It Or Not! book,"Reality Shock!" which comes out on September 9th. (Huffington Post)

THE ROB FORD HALLOWEEN MASK IS FLYING OFF THE SHELVES: The Amazing Party and Costume store in Toronto says their top-selling mask right now is one of the city's own Mayor, Rob Ford. Toronto's mayoral election and Halloween will be just days apart, so the timing of the increase in sales is no coincidence. The shop also sells other masks including one of President Barack Obama. The store owner doesn't seem to be worried about offending the Mayor, he said, “Rob has a sense of humor, you’d have to have a sense of humor.” (Toronto Sun)

DRUNK BRIDE WALKS THROUGH DRIVE-THRU TO ORDER TACO BELL: A newly married groom posted a picture of his hungry wife on Reddit, with the caption, "My drunk wife trying to order Taco Bell after the reception.” The photo shows  the bride standing in the drive-thru, in her wedding dress, at Taco Bell. A commenter asked the husband why they were at Taco Bell after their reception and he responded, "Because we like to party. And it was next to the hotel." (Reddit)

GERMAN MAN EVICTED BECAUSE HIS SEX SWING WAS TOO SQUEAKY: On Friday, a German court ruled in favor of a landlady who evicted a tenant because his sex swing was making too much noise. The court agreed that the tenant violated his rental agreement to keep quiet between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. when he used his "very old" chain sex swing. According to reports, neighbors had filed multiple complaints ever since the resident installed the swing in 2012. The court ruled that the tenant's late night use of the swing was not "normal rental use" and that it could not be tolerated as "socially acceptable." (Time)

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aug. 22, 2014
Friday, 22 August 2014 12:47

MAN NAMED STONER ARRESTED FOR SELLING DRUGS: A Virginia man with the last name Stoner was arrested for selling marijuana. Police were tipped off that 42-year-old Paul Scott Stoner was selling drugs to children. The Blue Ridge Narcotics and Gang Task Force teamed up with the Orange County Sheriff's office to execute a search warrant on Stoner's house that turned up nearly 10,000-dollars' worth of marijuana plants. Stoner is currently charged with manufacturing marijuana and possession of a firearm while in possession of more than a pound of the drug.

HERMIT REENTERS SOCIETY AFTER LIVING IN WOODS FOR THREE DECADES: A man, who lived nearly three decade in the woods , now has a job and is trying to adjust to life back in society. Christopher Knight survived in the Maine woods by stealing food from homes and camps, but was eventually arrested after committing nearly 1,000 robberies. The North Pond Hermit could graduate from a special court program as early as this fall. Knight has never fully explained why he disappeared into the woods, but will start a new undisclosed job once he leaves jail.

WOMAN BEAT MAN WHO FARTED IN HER FACE: South Carolina woman was arrested after hitting a man who farted in her face. 33-year-old Jessica Cerney told police that she was lying on her couch when Darrell McKnight came home drunk and let one rip in her face. An argument ensued that allegedly resulted in McKnight threatening Cerney, who supposedly started punching the 64-year-old.Both were charged with disorderly conduct fighting. (Huffington Post).

HUMAN EXCREMENT SMEARED ON POLICE CARS: Human excrement was smeared on the door handles of police vehicles in New York. Police officials suspect that the crime was committed by some homeless people that were shooed away earlier in the day, but NYPD can't say for certain. Some believe that the deed may have been committed by a local resident over parking spaces. Regardless, the patrol cars were driven to a local car wash where the evidence was washed away. (DNA Info)

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aug. 21, 2014
Thursday, 21 August 2014 14:17

86-YEAR-OLD PUBLISH HER FIRST ROMANCE NOVEL: An 86-year-old woman published her first romance novel about a bored housewife, who gets turned on by a radio announcer. Great-great grandmother Georgia Gorringe of Utah took five years to write the novel which was published in February under the pen name Georgie Marie. Gorringe's children are happy that she was finally able to publish Called No Good-Bye even though the content is more adult than they’re comfortable with. The 176-page book is now available on Kindle and Amazon.com. (Metro)

WANTED MAN CRASHES INTO POLICE CAR: A man wanted by the Washington police was arrested after he crashed his vehicle into a police car. The 24-year-old hit an unidentified detective on his back bumper while the officer was stopped in traffic. The cop got out of the car to Roman I. Ryakhovskaya, who turned out to have warrants for driving under the influence and domestic violence assault. (The Spokesman-Review)

FLORIDA MAN TRIED TO FIGHT FIRE HYDRANT: A Florida man, who was arrested for allegedly spying into windows in St. Petersburg, also wanted to fight a fire hydrant.34-year-old Jeffrey Paul McKenna was confronted by cops for peeking through windows while searching for a man named "Tony". Police placed him under arrest, but not before he tried to fight a nearby fire hydrant. (Huffington Post)

MAN CALLS 911 AFTER STRIPPERS WON'T HAVE SEX WITH HIM: A 53-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly called police to complain that strippers wouldn't have sex with him. William McDaniel supposedly became "sexually aggressive" towards the stripper after paying $350 for a private dance. He called authorities after his advances were rejected to complain that he had been "ripped off" because he paid for "sexual acts that didn't occur." (Huffington Post)

LOS ANGELES PORT WELCOMES MASSIVE RUBBER DUCK: The Port of Los Angeles is welcoming the world's biggest bath toy. The 60-foot-tall rubber duck sailed into port on August 20th to kick off the Tall Ships Festival. Dutch Artist Florentijn (FLOR'-ihn-tyn) Hofman debuted the duck in 2007 and different versions have been seen around the world in places like China, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. (Yahoo)

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aug. 20, 2014
Wednesday, 20 August 2014 08:32

ALCOHOL MANUFACTURER ADDED VIAGRA TO DRINKS: A Chinese Alcohol manufacturer has been arrested for "improving" his drinks with Viagra. The man identified as Mr. Huang was caught after customers started realizing unusual side effects. Huang, who founded Nine Springs Ecological Agriculture Development Company, purchased the drug Sildenafil on the internet and added it to his drinks without mentioning the chemical on its label. The spirits, which sold for about ten-dollars, could have caused a consumer to overdose on the drug. (Gawker)

ROBBER CAUGHT AFTER SHOWERING: A burglar was arrested after he showered and shaved in his victim's home. Rudy Chavez allegedly held the 94-year-old homeowner at gunpoint while he showered, shaved, and dressed. Chavez, who was caught due to fingerprints on the shaver and mouthwash, said he committed the crime because he was just released from prison and couldn't find work. (Yahoo)

RUSSIAN MONUMENTS TRANSFORMED INTO SUPERHEROES: Soviet monuments in Sofia, Bulgaria have been vandalized to appear as superheroes. The Russian Embassy is demanding that Bulgarian government take "exhaustive measures" to prevent similar attacks in the future. Wolverine, Captain America, and Santa Claus were among some of the characters painted on the statue. (Moscow Times)

21,000 FELL FROM ROOF A CASINO: $21,000-dollars is missing after the cash fell from the top of an Atlantic City casino. GardaWorld armored car services picked up the money at Revel Casino, but the drivers forgot to put the money in their vehicle. Surveillance video shows the bag on the driver's side roof as the truck left. It's not clear where the bag fell off, but the GardaWorld is investigating the incident. (Yahoo)

MAN AND DOG PLAY FETCH WITH GRENADE: A British man was walking along a beach when he saw a round object and decided to use it to play fetch with his dog. Luckily, a bomb expert was in the area and stopped him. The unidentified man was playing with a live grenade from World War Two that happened to wash up ashore. According to sources, it’s the fifth grenade to be found in the area recently, and authorities believe it could be from a sunken military ship. (The Independent)


aug. 19, 2014
Tuesday, 19 August 2014 15:53

MAN POSES FOR MUG SHOT WITH MUG SHOT T-SHIRT: A 19-year-old posed for a jail booking photo while wearing a t-shirt of his last mug shot. Robert Burr, who was busted for operating under the influence and driving without a license, got his first mug shot after on June 14th. After copping to a drunken driving plea, he was ordered to spend two days in custody beginning on August 8th. He arrived at the jail prepared with a t-shirt of his mug shot that read "Burt Family Reunion" and "sponsored by Bud light and Somerset County Sheriff.” Burt, who happily wore the t-shirt, said the corrections officers were hysterical and even made him hold the slate in a way “so you could see the shirt." (Smoking Gun)

PENIS COLLECTOR: A Croatian man has been arrested for allegedly collecting male genitalia from deceased patients at his job. The 52-year-old unnamed man, who goes by the name "Penis Collector", worked as a nurse at a hospital in Savonski Brod. Police arrested the man and found "a few glass jars" containing penises preserved in formaldehyde. (Metro)

WOMAN POISONS ROOMMATES AFTER BEING CAUGHT HAVING SEX WITH A DOG: A New Mexico woman was arrested for allegedly trying to poison her roommates after being caught having sex with two dogs. 53-year-old Shari Walter was upset with her ex-boyfriend after their roommate supposedly found her lying naked and having sex with her dog, Spike. Later that day, she allegedly tried putting rubbing alcohol and toilet bowl cleaner in her roommates' food. Walters was arrested and taken to the University of New Mexico for a mental evaluation. Both dogs were taken to a veterinarian and treated for minor injuries.

ONE-THOUSAND-POUND ALLIGATOR: A 15-foot alligator was caught in Montgomery, Alabama after an epic struggle that lasted more than five-hours. The gator, which was caught by Mandy and John Stokes, destroyed the winch typically used to weigh animals, but was eventually weighed using a backhoe.. The 1,011-pound alligator fought to the very end nearly knocking over the 17-foot boat. (Yahoo)

DRUG DEALER ATTACKED ELECTRONIC TAG TO ROOSTER: A drug dealer was arrested after police discovered the 29-year-old had affixed his tracking device to a rooster. Isaac Selau was caught by police selling drugs in Porto Alegre in Brazil when he should have been at home. When police searched his home, they found cocaine, marijuana, scales and a handgun as well as a rooster with the tag around its neck. (Mirror)

aug. 18, 2014
Monday, 18 August 2014 10:28

MOTHER MAKES APP TO STOP CHILDREN FROM SCREENING CALLS: A Texas mother has created an app that stops children from screening their parent's phone calls. Sharon Standifird was so fed up with her son dodging her phone calls that she hired a number of web developers and engineers to build an app. The app works when a son or daughter dodges their parent’s call. The parent can then lock their kid's phone, which can only be unlocked by contacting their parents. (Metro) AL ROKER"S FACE FEATURED IN CORN MAZE: Today Show Weatherman Al Rocker will have his face featured in an Iowa farm corn maze to honor his 60th birthday. The owners of Bloomsbury Farms in Atkins, Iowa, choose a different theme every year for their corn maze as part of several fall attractions. (UPI)

UNIVERSITY SEEKS "CHOC DOC": Cambridge University is looking for a doctoral student to investigate ways to keep chocolate from melting in warm climates. The research goal states that even the best chocolates start melting at 93 Fahrenheit. A solution to this problem would help fatten the wallets of the world's top 10 chocolate companies. Only European Union citizens can apply, but must be an expert in chemical engineering, geotechnical engineering and soft matter physics. (Yahoo)

FLORIDA MAN FALLS ASLEEP AT TRAFFIC LIGHT AND FLEES SEEN: A sleeping driver awoke at a Florida intersection, only to flee after seeing police. Joslet Jean-Charles was asleep behind the wheel of a 2003 Taurus when a police vehicle pulled in front of Jean-Charles's car. The 21-year-old woke and fled police, but was later arrested after police found a bill in his abandoned car. (Yahoo)

WEIGHT LOSS DOCTOR FORCED COLLEAGUE TO MOTORBOAT HER BREASTS: A weigh loss doctor in West Virginia was fired after she repeatedly exposed her breasts and asked a co-worker to “motorboat" her breast implants. A new report has alleged that 44-year-old Dr. Tressie Montene Duffy is unqualified to continue practicing medicine for breaking several medical and ethics laws. In the 31-page complaint, Duffy grabbed an unidentified female coworker's head and asked her to "motorboat" her. "Complainant R" said the alleged sexual abuse as well as Duffy throwing a chair at her led her to quit her job. (Huffington Post)

August 15, 2014
Friday, 15 August 2014 21:59

COUPLES GET FINED FOR NOT WEARING SEAT BELTS WHILE HAVING AN ORGY: Three Swiss couples were fined for not wearing seatbelts while having an orgy in a moving vehicle. The tourists , which were caught by officers In Ibiza, Spain, were charged with fines for not wearing seatbelts instead of public indecency. A police spokesman said that while having sex in a car is not illegal, but not wearing seat belts in a moving vehicle is a criminal offense. The couples were fined nearly $270. (Mirror)




HUMOROUS SIGN CONTEST IN MASSACHUSETTS: The Massachusetts Department of Transportation announced the winners of the humorous rod sign contest on Thursday (August 14). The contest was inspired by a message posted on highways that encouraged drivers to "Use Yah Blinkah". The Winners were "Make yah Ma proud, wear yah seatbelt," "Keep Calm and Drive On," and "Put down the phone! Your LOLs and OMGs can wait". The winners were pulled out for more than 500-entries and will be displayed on hundreds of message boards throughout the state. (Yahoo)





84-PEOPLE HELP MAN SOLVE RUBIK'S CUBE: A man traveled the world asking strangers to help him solve a Rubik's Cube. Nuseir Yassin videotaped strangers taking one move on his Rubik's Cube as he traveled for two months to 11-countries. It took 84-people to help him solve the puzzle even though he preplanned their moves for the project. Throughout his entire trip, he was only rejected once.(Huffington Post)

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aug. 13, 2014
Wednesday, 13 August 2014 08:23

PIZZA-MAKER DENIED VISA BECAUSE HE DOESN'T TOSS PIZZA DOUGH: A Greek pizza-maker may be deported because he doesn't actually toss dough when making pizza pies. Copeland Pizza in Quincy, Massachusetts filed on the behalf of their employee to help him retain his visa. In the application, it said that Eleutherios Spirou was able to display "Showmanship" while tossing dough in the air. After the filing, Spirou admitted that his application had been exaggerated, but that didn't stop the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services from rejecting his visa.

ROBOT GUIDES AT LONDON MUSEUM: A London art museum will have four robots give after hours tours online. Tate Gallery is inviting art fans to participate in a project called "After Dark", which was developed using space exploration techniques. During after hours, four robots will roam the halls of the museum allowing viewers a chance to view art pieces and listen to commentary as it is streamed on the museum's website. (Yahoo)

WOMAN ADMITS TO MAKING PORN AFTER PEOPLE RECOGNIZE HER BREASTS: An Austrian woman admitted to filming pornographic videos inside a church after a tipster recognized her breasts. The woman, whose face was not shown in the videos, undoes her top and exposes her breasts while sitting at a pew in Hoersching Church . The footage was shown on local television and eventually, an unidentified individual recognized the woman's breasts. The 24-year-old woman called "Babsi" confessed and is now facing charges of offending religious feeling and desecration of a church. (Yahoo)

GRANDMOTHER DEMANDS $1,000 AFTER BAD HAIRCUT: A Florida grandmother wants to be paid $1,000-dollars after a stylist ruined her hair. Vyunda Bradshaw wants the money for the "pain and suffering" endured after getting her hair butchered by a Great Clips employee. Bradshaw, who now has a bald spot, was offered $60 for a wig by the Great Clips manager, but declined. The stylist has now been fired, but that doesn't help Bradshaw, who says she looks like a man.

CHICKEN SKIN GIMP SUIT ROAMS AROUND LONDON: Artist Lewis G. Burton roamed around London dressed in a body suit made completely of chicken skin. The project called FLESH has caused quite a stir with residents, who don't know what to make of the experiment. In fact, many web users compared the artist's outfit to a poultry version of a "gimp suit". The project was created to "examine the relationship between identity and its commodification" as described by the artist's website. (Mirror)

HIP-HOP CARROT: http://some.ly/1ysRFmS

FAKE SHARK SELFIEhttp://bit.ly/1sT06Z4

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