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June 20, 2014
Friday, 20 June 2014 17:39

KIDS TRADE CHEEZ-ITS FOR ADD MEDICATION: A 15-year-old boy was expelled from school for trading ADD medication in exchange for Cheez-its. The boy's mother claimed in her lawsuit that the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy illegally expelled the boy. She believes that the boys misconduct was "likely a manifestation of his disability" because he claimed only to be trying to "help his fellow students" in school. (Courthouse News Service)

HOSPITAL REJECTS 440-POUND BODY FROM MORGUE: A 440-pound body was rejected from an Australian morgue because the man was "too fat". Funeral Director Joanne Cummings drove two hours to bring the body to the Hedland Health Campus for refrigeration, but was turned down. A staff member told Cummings that the man wouldn't fit into the fridge. The hospital may look into installing equipment that can store larger bodies.(ABC)

PET CEMETERIES NOW ACCEPT HUMAN REMAINS: Pet graveyards will be allowed to accept human remains starting in August. Attorney Taylor York battled New York State for three years to allow her uncle to be buried with his three Maltese dogs. According to the new regulations, Pet cemeteries can only bury human ashes as long as they don't try to monetize or advertise the service. (Huffington Post)

GIANT MARILYN MONROE THROWN OUT: A giant statue of Marilyn Monroe was tossed in a garbage dump in Guigang, China. The 30-foot tall statue was made by several Chinese artists over two years. The eight-ton statue was on display outside a business center for only 6-months until it was removed earlier this week (June 16th). (NBC)

CIA MADE SCARY BIN LADEN TOY: The CIA developed an Osama bin Laden action figure to scare children away from al-Qaeda's influence in Pakistan. The toy, which was code named "Devil Eyes", was made with the help of Donald Levine, a former Hasbro executive. The figurine was to be made with heat dissolving material that would peel off and reveal a demon-like bin Laden. The toys were never produced or distributed to children. (Metro)

june 10, 2014
Tuesday, 10 June 2014 08:02

REAL LIFE HOVERBOARD: A KickStarter campaign is trying to raise money for a Back To The Future Inspired Hoverboard. Jim Pitts thought about creating the board in the 70's but was reinvigorated after seeing the film. Pitts finally perfected the final prototype after past versions lacked the power to hover. He believes that a manufactured version will be able to lift 300-pounds. (Metro)

FLORIDA MAN CHARGED WITH DOMESTIC BATTERY AFTER FOOD FIGHT: A Florida man was arrested after he allegedly dumped a bottle of maple syrup on his girlfriend's head. The argument escalated as Marisol Morales started preparing to sleep separately from her boyfriend Lorenzo Ramirez. At some point during the argument, Morales took out a bottle of maple syrup which Ramirez snatched from her and hands poured over her head. Morales used ketchup in retaliation before police arrived on the scene. (UPI)

ICED COFFEE KEG: A New York company is delivering iced coffee kegs. Joyride Coffee Distributors deliver 5-gallon kegs of concentrated coffee to offices in New York and San Francisco. The keg holds about 320 servings of iced coffee, but has to be diluted with water before being consumed. (The Gothamist)


MAN ARRESTED FOR DRUNK DRIVING ON MOTORIZED COOLER: An Australian man was arrested for drinking and driving on a motorized cooler. The 22-year-old man was spotted driving at low speeds and without lights in Perth. The cooler was filled with alcohol at the time of the arrest and was danger to others on the road. (Metro)

GAMERS HELP POLICE NAB SUSPECT DURING HOME INVASION: Online gamers were able to come to the aid of a fellow gamer as her home was being robbed. The woman, who was playing "Defense of the Ancients 2", had her webcam turned on as two men forced their way into her home. The online gamers called contacted authorities who were able apprehend one suspect. The woman was not injured during the incident. (ABC)


17 WEIRDEST THINGS FOR SALE: http://bzfd.it/1kfscWn





june 5, 2014
Thursday, 05 June 2014 08:15

WOMAN SEEKS DIVORCE FROM HUSBAND BECAUSE HE DISLIKES FROZEN: A Japanese woman is divorcing her husband because he dislikes the Disney movie Frozen. According to the website "The Gravesite of Married People", the anonymous 29-year-old became obsessed with the film before eventually asking her husband to watch with her. She was shocked to discover his dislike for the movie and began questioning his humanity. The woman is now supposedly living with her parents as she contemplates her future. (Gawker)

MESS FREE WAY TO UNCLOG TOILET: Korean inventors created a new way to unclog your toilet. The "Pongtu" is a sticker that covers the rim of a toilet bowl creating an airtight adhesive seal. Once in place, the middle plastic can be pressed down clearing the toilet. The "Pongtu" debuted in 2013 as an "easy-to-use solution for women". (Daily Mail)


MANAGER FIRED AFTER FEBREEZING SUSPECTED SHOPLIFTERS: A Michigan store manager was fired after he was caught spraying Febreeze at a pair of suspected shoplifters. Gavyn Edlinger was recorded cursing and spraying Febreeze at two alleged shoplifters in front of Saginaw Family Dollar store. The store released a statement that the safety of their customers is their first priority. Edlinger hasn't received any job offers but is hoping that Febreeze offers him a commercial. (Hollywood Life)



FAKE COP PULLS OVER REAL COP: A Florida man impersonating a police officer was arrested when he pulled over a real cop. 20-year-old Matthew Michael Lee McMahon put on his siren and pulled over an unmarked sheriff's car. Detective Chance Anderson didn't recognize the man as an cop and then arrested him for impersonating an officer. (Huffington Post)

50-CENT BLAMES BAD PITCH ON EXCESSIVE MASTURBATION: 50-Cent blamed his poor first-pitch on an injury from excessive masturbation. During an online interview on Reddit, 50-Cent was asked why his first pitch at Citi Field was so bad. Reddit users assured him that he was on right site for someone with that injury after he joked about the imaginary condition. (Metro)

june 3, 2014
Tuesday, 03 June 2014 08:07

CRIMINAL ROBS WOMAN AND THEN ADDS HER ON FACEBOOK: A thief tried to friend his victim on Facebook one- day after committing the crime. 28-year-old Riley Mullins of Washington is accused of striking the woman before taking off with her purse and IPod. The victim, who didn't get a good look at her attacker at the Washington ferry terminal, did recognize his triangle neck tattoo and reported him to the police. (ABC)

PRIEST OFFERS BLESSINGS FOR SMARTPHONES: A priest has started blessing parishioners' smartphones in an effort to draw more people to the church. Frédéric Lequin of Notre-Dame de Bellecombe, France will offer the blessing on Sunday June 8th during Pentecostal celebrations. The priest believes that "communication devices" are written into the tradition of the church just like boats, carts, and animals. (UPI)

WORLD'S OLDEST TROUSERS: A pair of trousers found in a Chinese graveyard might be the oldest ever found. The trousers, which could date up to 3,300-years-old, were found in the Yanghai Tombs in Tarim Basin.The trousers' age was estimated using radiocarbon dating and their design. The pants appear to have been used for riding. (Daily Mail)

FAMILY ATTACKED BY BEES IN BEEVILLE: A Texas family living in Beeville was attacked by a swarm of bees. Richard Cantu was clearing brush from his tractor when the bees attacked. It took 15-firefighters and nine-police officer to calm the large swarm. (Metro)

MAN HAS OPERATION TO LOOK KOREAN: A Brazilian man has undergone 10-operations to look Korean. 25-year-old Xiahn, who was originally known as Max, became fixated on Korean culture while studying abroad for a year. He started his transformation by having eye surgery to reach the desired "Asian eye" style. Xiahn is now looking to move to Korea as soon as possible since his transformation has been completed. (Metro)

june 2, 2014
Monday, 02 June 2014 10:48

WORLD IS ABOUT TO END: Duke University scientists released a study that suggests the end of the world is coming sooner than expected. The study, which looks at the extinction rates of various species, found that the rate has increased dramatically since 1995. Nearly 1 out of 1000 species are dying each year thanks to “the decline of natural habitats". The scientists believe that we are on the verge of the "sixth extinction." (Metro)

BURN VICTIM COOLS HIMSELF WITH SLURPEES: An Oregon man used Hawaiian Punch Slurpees to treat his burns after an argument with his neighbors left him injured. The unidentified man barged into the 7-Eleven store in Grants Pass as two people chased him. Store clerk Charlie Bentley kept the two individuals outside of the store while the burned man filled his shirt with slurpee. An investigation revealed that the dispute began between two neighbors and eventually led to the man being burned with hot oil. (UPI)

LINGERIE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS: The Lingerie Fighting Championships took place on Friday (May 30th) at the Silver Nugget Casino in Las Vegas. In front of a packed house, Feather "The Hammer" Hadden defended her LFC Championship belt against Holly "The Lotus" Mei during LFC19. Tickets were only $20-dollars to see the "MMA's most controversial league." (Metro)

FLORIDA BEAR LOUNGES IN HAMMOCK: A Florida black bear was photographed relaxing in a hammock on Thursday (May 29th) night. Rafael Torres snapped the photo while the bear kicked back in a hammock about 60 feet away. The bear hung out for nearly 20-minutes before stepping back into the woods. (UPI)

SWEDISH SCHOOL TOLD TO COVER UP VAGINA MURAL: A controversial painting of a smiling vagina will be obscured by a wall at a Swedish High School. The artwork by Carolina Falkholt sparked a fierce debate over censorship after it was announced that the mural would be on display at a junior high school in Nykoping, eastern Sweden. Despite support from the principal and backing from a local Left Party politician, the artwork will now be covered up. (The Local)

may 30, 2014
Friday, 30 May 2014 08:05

WILLIS TOWER'S GLASS OBSERVATION DECK SHATTERS: A group of tourists got the scare of a lifetime when the glass enclosure they were standing on began to crack beneath their feet. Alejandro Gariibay and his family members were taking photos on The Ledge, a glass obsservation deck on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower in Chicago, when they first heard the cracking noise. The group quickly stepped off and notified a Willis Tower employee who asked them to leave once he realized they were taking photographs of the cracking glass. According to a spokesperson for Willis Tower, the famly was never in any danger. The cracking noise was the protective coating that covers the glass on The Ledge, and did not affect the structural integrity of the enclosure. (Gawker)

MAN HANGS OFF TOWER 490-FEET IN THE AIR: http://bit.ly/1rlH0fv

SUITCASE SCOOTER: A Chinese inventor created a battery-powered suitcase scooter that can cover up to 37 miles on one charge. It took ten years for creator He Liangcai of Changsha to perfect the wheels for the portable vehicle.  The suitcase can reach up to 12 miles-per-hour and comes equipped with a GPS and a burglar alarm. (Huffington Post)

WOMAN THREATENS SISTER WITH KNIFE AFTER REFUSING TO MAKE A BEER RUN: A 29-year-old Florida woman was arrested after she threatened her sister with a knife for refusing to make a beer run. Amber Orman was arrested when police found her screaming at her sister "and approaching her in a threatening manner." Orman, who said her family attacked her for "no reason", allegedly grabbed a knife after being denied a ride to the store and then pulled her nephew's hair when he tried to call 911. Orman has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and child abuse. (Sun-Sentinel)

70-YEAR-OLD MAN MARRIES 113-YEAR-OLD WOMAN: A 70-year-old man wed his 113-year-old girlfriend after a six month romance. It was love at first sight for Aimti Amenti and Azatihan Sawuti, who met at a Chinese retirment home in December 2013. Although Sawuti was initially embarrassed by the marriage because she was so old, Amenti didn't waiver despite being rejected on the first proposal. (Daily Mail)

STUDENTS DENIED DIPLOMAS FOR TOSSING CAPS DURING GRADUATION CEREMONY: An entire class of graduating seniors at an Illinois high school have yet to receive their diplomas after several students tossed their caps in the air during their commencement. Ridgewood High School administrators are withholding the diplomas until the seniors apologize because they were warned not to toss their caps in the air. The senior class representatives will have a chance to apologize on June 4th, but it is unclear if the students will seize the opportunity. (UPI)

WOMAN FINED FOR FACEBOOK COMMENT: An Illinois woman was fined for a Facebook comment after a forest preserve protection officer saw it online. Christine Adamski of Bolingbrook was issued a ticket for $50-dollars after an officer interpreted a comment on Facebook to mean that she had been using Whalon Lake Dog Park without a permit. A forest preserve district employee noticed the comment and forwarded to unidentified officer, who "had good intentions" according to Lieutenant Tracey Phillips. District officials are rescinding Adamski's citation, who said she hasn't been to the park since 2013. (CNET)

may 29, 2014
Thursday, 29 May 2014 11:21

TINDER FOR DOGS: A new app is helping potential pet owners adopt dogs by using an interface similar to Tinder. BarkBuddy helps hopeful owners find dogs in their local area by matching the users to their likes and dislikes. The dog's profiles, which are pulled from the database of rescuers, come complete with picture and vital stats. (Metro)

DUNKIN' DONUTS EMPLOYEES RECOGNIZE ARMED ROBBER AS CO-WORKER: A 36-year-old Louisville man was arrested after his co-workers at Dunkin' Donuts recognized him while he robbed the store without a mask. Lucas David Payne allegedly robbed the Dunkin' Donuts on May 18th armed with a knife, but returned six-days later to rob the store again, without a mask. All of the employees recognized him as their co-worker while one man realized that he committed the previous crime. Payne was taken into custody on May 25th and has been charged with two counts of first-degree robbery. (WAVE)

ARBY'S AIRS 13-HOUR COMMERCIAL TO PROMOTE SANDWICH: Arby's aired a 13-hour commercial in Minnesota to promote its new Smokehouse Brisket sandwich and earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records in the process. The ad, which aired on a Duluth television station, shattered the record for the longest on-air commercial, which was only 60-minutes. Arby's wanted to prove that they "actually pit smoke" their brisket for 13-hours and they felt that the ad "makes it pretty mouth-wateringly clear". As an encore, Arby's is streaming the broadcast on 12hourbrisket.com and is giving out 13-$1,300-dollar cash prizes. (Gawker)

YARD GIVES WHOLE NEW MEANING TO BEACH HOUSE: A 60-year-old Missouri woman, who was tired of mowing and watering her lawn, replaced all of her grass with sand. Kansas City Resident Georgianna Reid decided that after 33-years of home ownership, she was done, and so filled her yard with about eighty tons of sand, which cost her about $4,000-dollars. The "sandbox" as neighbors call it, is getting mixed reviews as complaints have been filed with the city, while others decided to steal Reid's volleyball net, lawn ornaments and life-sized chest. City inspectors were called to the house, but couldn't find any landscaping violations. (Huffington Post)

(Photo Credit: KCTV)

MASKED MAN ROBS BANK WITH STICK: A 33-year-old Tennessee man robbed a bank with a stick and is being charged with armed robbery of a bank. Andrew Murray allegedly entered the SunTrust Bank in Neptune Beach on Friday (May 23rd) and produced an object wrapped in a black plastic bag. He requested that the tellers give him "$50,000-dollars" and ran off through a wooded area nearby. He was soon spotted by a bicycle mounted officer, who ordered him to stop several time before using a Taser to take him into custody. (UPI)

may 23, 2014
Friday, 23 May 2014 09:24

DAD USES CLASSICAL MUSIC TO ANNOY DRUG DEALERS: A father used classical music to ward off drug dealers that were hanging outside his apartment building in Montrouge, France. The man, who was only identified as Joel, started playing music by Mozart and Beethoven to try and rid the group of men that were smoking, drinking, and allegedly dealing drugs near his home. Joel said it originally started when he opened his window and started singing "My Little Rabbit", but soon realized that his repertoire was somewhat limited and turned to recordings for help. Some of the men have returned and started playing rap to spite Joel, but he claims that music will go on until they leave for good.

FONDUE INSPIRED SHOES: A Japanese designer created shoes that are inspired by fondue. Satsuki Ohata, unveiled his new footwear creation earlier this year. The fondue shoe is created by dipping your foot into melted PVC to create an exact replica that can be worn once it dries. The design is currently only recommended for indoor shoes as Ohata has not yet been able to make the sole thick enough to avoid being easily pierced by items on the ground. (Daily Mail)

STRIPPER OFFERS ORAL SEX FOR FREEDOM: A 29-year-old Florida stripper, who was charged with resisting arrest, allegedly stripped and masturbated in a police cell and offered the officers oral sex for her freedom. "Workaholic" Lakeisha Johnson, who is employed at Tootsie's Cabaret in Miami, gave the police an X-rated show after being arrested in the early hours on Monday (May 19th). According to police, she "licked her breasts and masturbated" several times despite being ordered to keep her clothes on. Johnson was initially questioned by officers investigating the theft of an iPad when she started "using extremely vulgar language and began removing clothing," police say. She is not facing any additional charges for her "vulgar behavior".

EMPLOYEE MAKES DOZENS OF BOMB THREATS TO GET OUT OF WORK: A 21-year-old Seattle man made dozens of bomb threats to get out of work. James Allen Bea, who has been charged with two counts of making threats to bomb or injure property, sent bomb threats to co-workers in texts and emails filled with unsettling personal details about their personal lives. To avoid suspicion, Bea often made himself the target at Jack Henry and Associates and even responded by telling the "suspect" that he couldn't scare him from performing for his company. The threats were traced back to Bea, who demanded several times that he stay home from work. Bea remains in jail on $100,000-dollars bail. (Gawker)


CHOCOLATE FUDGE BAR ASSAULT: A 37-year-old ice cream truck driver was assaulted with a chocolate fudge bar after giving the suspect's daughter the wrong amount of change. The suspect confronted the female driver, who thought she had given the correct change, and then assaulted her in the arm with the treat. The Red Hill police found a red mark on inside of the driver's forearm, but the police have been unable to locate the man. (The Herald)

may 22, 2014
Thursday, 22 May 2014 08:23

SNAKE MASSAGE: Tourists at the Cebu City Zoo in the Philippines are being offered a free massage performed by snakes. During the treatment, four giant Burmese python weighing 550-pounds slither across tourist's body relaxing their muscles. The pythons named Michelle, Walter, EJ and Daniel are fed around 10-chickens to curb their hunger, but there are very special instructions for volunteers during the 15-minutes massage. The tourists are told not to scream and blow air on the snakes as it could agitate the snakes. (Metro)

TEACHER FIRED AFTER ASKING 4-GRADERS FOR DATING ADVICE: A New York City substitute teacher has been fired after asking her 4th-grade students for dating advice. 45-year-old Cassandre Fiering allegedly asked five students at P.S.189 in the Bronx to help her decide between two men and was told to dump one of the men because he wasn't returning her calls. According to an investigation by New York City Schools, Fiering called her students "munchkins" and touched a few of them in ways that were deemed borderline inappropriate despite Fiering's denials of such contact. Fiering, who said the children enjoyed offering her advice, believes the whole thing was taken out of context and plans to appeal. (UPI)

FRENCH RAIL COMPANY ORDERS 2,00-TRAINS TOO WIDE FOR PLATFORMS: France's national rail company ordered 2,000-trains that are too wide for many station platforms and has resulted in costly repairs. A spokesman for the RFF national rail operator confirmed the error and has accepted full responsibility for the mistake. Construction work has already begun to reconfigure the station platforms, which will cost about $110-million-dollars. (Yahoo)

MAN SMUGGLES BIRD EGGS IN HIS PANTS: A 39-year-old Czech man was caught trying to sneak exotic bird eggs in his pants. The man, whose name was not released, was selected for a baggage examination when his flight from Dubai landed at Sydney airport in Australia. The man, who was then subjected to a frisk search by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, which turned up 16 small eggs "concealed in his groin area." If convicted, the offense carries maximum penalties of 10 years in prison and a fine of $150,00-dollars. (Metro)

may 21, 2014
Wednesday, 21 May 2014 16:18

MAN ARRESTED FOR HAVING SEX WITH AN ATM: A 49-year-old Tennessee man was arrested after having sex with an ATM machine. Lonni Hutton walked into the Boro Bar and Grill in Murfreesboro and proceeded to drop his pants and make love to the bar's ATM. Responding Officers found Hutton walking around the bar thrusting the air, before securing him and sitting him on a nearby picnic table. Hutton, who was arrested for public intoxication, then started having sex with his seat. His bail was set at $250,

UFO LANDS IN CHINA: Villagers from Heilongjiang, China have reported that three UFOs have fallen from the sky. The three metallic circular objects crashed in Manchang village on Friday (May 16th). A resident, who had one of the objects fall into his vegetable garden, thought the falling objects were meteorites. The speculation has begun about objects, but it is believed to be a part of the Russian Proton-M rocket, which experienced engine failure and burnt up over the Earth's atmosphere. (Metro)

MAN IS SHOT IN FACE AND SPITS OUT BULLET: Police are investigating an alleged shootout between two brothers in Chesterfield, Virginia, that resulted in one man spitting out a bullet. A 23-year-old man had a severe argument in his mobile home with his visiting brother. The older visiting brother told police that he saw his brother flash his gun and fired in self-defense. The younger brother then called 911 and coughed up a bullet from his nose while speaking with investigators. The younger brother was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries while his brother was taken into custody and later released without charges. (Deadspin)

CAT DELIVERS DRUGS TO OWNERS DOOR: A Halfway Bush cat delivered a bag of marijuana to its owner, who promptly called the police. Sergeant Reece Munro of Dunedin, New Zealand received a call from a woman on Monday (May 19th) concerned that her cat left "a bag of drugs" on her front doorstep. Munro, who declined identify the cat or its owner, removed the 5-grams of cannabis. The origin of the drugs is still a mystery, although Munro joked that the police might start training cats to detect drugs instead of dogs. (Jezebel)

CRIMINAL GIVES HIMSELF UP INEXCHANGE FOR CHOCOLATE AND MOUNTAIN DEW: A 30-year-old home invasion suspect in Maine was persuaded to give himself in exchange for chocolate milk and Mountain Dew. Michael Crockett Jr., who surrendered to police after hiding out in the woods for several days, is accused of assaulting a 60-year-old woman with a belt sander during a home invasion. Crockett was taken into custody despite his claims that he was playing pool in Portland at the time of the crime. He was covered in ticks and mosquito bites at the time of the arrest, but had a pizza waiting for him compliments of his lawyer. (Portland Press Herald)

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