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may 19, 2014
Monday, 19 May 2014 08:45

TEETH TATTOOS: Teeth tattoos are an emerging trend as people seek to decorate their mouths with images of their favorite things. The Suburbia Dental Laboratory in Bloomfield, Connecticut made its first tattooed crown 20 years ago when a customer asked for an image of a corvette. The tattoos can't yet be applied to healthy teeth, but are available for patients requiring a crown that don't want the pain of getting an actual tattoo. The dental stain tattoo, which costs between $75 and $200, is created by taking a mold of the patient's tooth and then adding the design to the crown which is heated up to 212-degrees to make the art take hold. (Daily Mail)

MAN ARRESTED AT AIRPORT WITH SUITCASE FULL OF ANIMALS: A 44-year-old Mexican man was arrested after German customs found snakes, lizards, and turtles in his suitcase. The man, whose name wasn't released in accordance with privacy laws, was traveling from Mexico City to Barcelona, but was stopped after his bag was x-rayed while transferring in Frankfurt. Customs officials found 55 turtles, 30 arbeal alligator lizards, four horned vipers and a five-keeled spiny-tailed iguana. One of the animals, which is believed to be worth about $80,000, had already died in transport. (Consumerist)

SWEARING SOON TO BE AGAINST THE LAW IN FLORIDA COMMUNITY: A Florida Police Chief is looking to ban the use of profanity in the town of Neptune Beach. David Sembach is hoping to pass an ordinance that would allow officers to cite individuals who start fights by using profanity, but others feel it is a waste of taxpayer money. Neptune Beach Mayor Harriet Pruette has stated that she is not in favor of the profanity ordinance and thinks that enforcing it would be difficult, but the City Council would still have to approve the proposal for it to move forward. (UPI)


may 16, 2014
Friday, 16 May 2014 07:19

ROOMMATES FIND $41,000 IN THEIR COUCH AND RETURN THE MONEY: Three New York roommates purchased a couch at a Salvation Army and discovered $41,000-dollars inside of it after owning it for nearly two months. Cally Guasti, Reese Werkhoven, and Lara Russo were watching a movie when they heard crinkling coming from two side pillows. The trio ended up finding bubble wrapped envelopes containing the money and started to freak out, but their celebration was short-lived when they discovered a woman's name on it. Werkhoven's mother found the woman in a phone book and the roommates were rewarded $1,000 for their honesty. (CBS)

MAN BREAKS INTO NEIGHBOR'S HOME TO "BORROW BREAKFAST": A Pennsylvania man claimed that he broke into a neighbor's house to borrow eggs for breakfast. Christopher King of Middletown climbed through his neighbor's window while the occupants were out on Tuesday (May 13th) morning. King was caught as he walked out of the front door by police, who received a call saying there was burglary taking place. Police, who charged King with burglary and related charges, found dresser draws open all through the house. (Metro)

HEROIC 8-YEAR-OLD TAKES THE WHEEL AFTER MOM PASSES OUT: An 8-year-old Kansas girl took over at the wheel after her mother passed out from a medical condition. Abby Porter and her mom, Shelly, were driving to her school in Riverton when Shelly had a medical emergency and passed out. With her mother slumped over, Abby, whose father sometimes lets her steer their tractor and lawnmower, leaned over and took the wheel. Officer Jimmy Hamilton spotted the girl and her mother and convinced her to drive into his bumper so he could apply the brakes and bring them to a halt. The police department in Galena is planning to present Abby with a plaque for "outstanding bravery in a life-threatening situation" and honor Officer Hamilton for his service. (Huffington Post)

MOON IS GETTING ITS FIRST BILLBOARD: Japanese drink-maker Otsuka plans to send up a specialized titanium can that will function as a miniature billboard for the company. The canister will be packed with Pocari Sweat powder, a product that creates a citrus beverage when combined with water, and will be delivered Falcon 9. The ship is scheduled to make the drop and its first planned moon landing in October 2015 by using Astrobotic Technology's Griffin lander. (The Verge)

TEXAS POLICE ARREST 31-YEAR-OLD HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT: A Texas woman who allegedly pretended to be a 15-year-old student was arrested earlier this week after it was revealed that she is actually 31. Charity Ann Johnson was enrolled as a sophomore at New Life Christian School under the name Charity Stevens and had been a student there since October 2013 until police discovered her real identity. Johnson was also able to fool Tamica Lincoln, who took her in after being told that Johnson's parents had passed away. After discovering Johnson's real identity, a letter was sent home to parents, many of whom were shocked by the new about their friend. (Fox)

may 13, 2014
Tuesday, 13 May 2014 13:10

NEW BOARD GAME HAS YOU GUESS INTERNET SEARCH PREDICTIONS: A new board game has players guess search engine predictions. Phoebe Stephens and Nikki Flowerday completed over 1,000 actual internet searches like "Why do my..." or "what to do if you get c..." and entered them over a million times into the most popular search engines used in North America. The most common autocomplete suggestions were collected to create the game cards for the new board game Query. The game, which costs $28 on Amazon, is similar to Balderdash, in which players create their own autocomplete suggestions and try to fool the other players into voting for your creation. (Gizmodo)

CAR BREAK-INS BLAMED ON BEARS: New Hampshire Wildlife officials believe a bear is to blame for a series of recent car break-ins. The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department says several cars have been broken into in the same North Conway neighborhood. Officials, who believe the culprit is a bear scavenging for food, say it's a common occurrence this time of year as bears stop hibernating and search for food. (Huffington Post)

6-FOOT SNAKE EMERGES FROM TOILET: A Singapore housewife was bitten by a 6-foot-python after it emerged from her toilet. 24-year-old Noraslinda Asat heard a bubbling noise while using the toilet and felt a sharp pain. She was able to pull free from the snake, which wasn't caught, but is so traumatized that she is afraid to use the toilet at her home. This is the second time a snake has been found at the Amat house. Amat’s mother also saw a snake in the toilet bowl but it slithered back inside when it saw her. (Metro)

WORST AD PLACEMENT: http://bit.ly/1jzEnlh

DRUNKEST COUNTRIES: A map from the World Health Organization shows that Russia and their neighbors drink more than almost everyone in the world. Portugal, Grenada and Andorra are also ranked in the highest category at more than 12.45 Liters per person over the age of 15 in 2010. A recent study found that the high number of early deaths in Russia could be attributed to people drinking too much. America was right near the middle of the pack but our neighbors to the North were closer to European levels of drinking.

PANT-LESS MAN ARRESTED AFTER STARTING CONVERSATION ABOUT HIS PRIVATE PARTS: A 26-year-old North Carolina man was arrested after allegedly sitting in a Waffle House with no pants and striking up a conversation about his genitals. Police reportedly saw Ryan Smallwood sitting in a booth "flipping the bird" early on Saturday (May 10th) morning while his pants were around his ankles. Smallwood, who did have his boxers on and was asked to pull up his pants, complied, but started talking to two other people sitting at the bar about his privates. He was ordered to leave the restaurant, but was placed under arrested after he failed to leave and was charged with disorderly conduct. (Rock Hill Herald)

may 12, 2014
Monday, 12 May 2014 16:33

JAPANESE BAR OFFERS DISCOUNTS TO BALD CUSTOMERS: A Japanese restaurant is offering discounts for "hard-working fathers" that are losing their hair because of stress. Otasuke bar in Japan is now offering a "balding discount" to customers that have hair loss issues and have a top secret surprise for a group of six bald customers. Bald customers are welcomed by a "Be Bald, be proud" sign and can get their discount by "showing their baldness" to a server. (Yahoo)

OHIO WOMAN GIVES BIRTH TO MONO MONO TWINS: An Ohio woman gave birth to a set of twins that shared the same amniotic sac. Sarah Thistlethwaite of Orville, gave birth to the rare identical "Mono Mono" twin girls on Friday (May 9th) after spending two months on bed rest. The mono amniotic birth, which is considered dangerous because the babies' umbilical cords may become entangled, occurs in one out of 10,000-pregnancies. Jenna and Jillian are doing well but, because they were premature, will likely remain hospitalized for two to four weeks. (New York Daily News)

TRACES OF COCAINE FOUND IN BRITAIN'S TAP WATER: Cocaine use in the UK is so common that traces of the drug have been found in drinking water after going through a filtration system. The chemical Benzoylecgonine, which is a metabolized form of cocaine, was found at four sites throughout England, but the traces were so little they would do no harm to someone consuming the water. Traces of the common pain-killer ibuprofen and carbamazepine, a drug for treating epilepsy, were also discovered, but the Drinking Water Inspectorate’s concluded there was no risk to the public. (Daily Mail)

CANADIAN CATTLE AUCTIONEER BECOMES YOUTUBE RAP SENSATION: A Canadian cattle auctioneer has proven to be quite the hit on YouTube. Rhett Parks, manager and auctioneer at Whitewood Livestock in Alberta Canada has gone viral after some set his work to a beat. Mr. Parks’ ability to talk quickly is used professionally to push the price up of the cattle on sale by making it seem the livestock are hot in demand. (Metro)

may 8, 2014
Thursday, 08 May 2014 15:35

COUPLE BUSTED HAVING SEX DURING WEDDING: A couple was busted for having sex on a church lawn as a wedding was in progress. Wilson Benally was caught performing oral sex on Sandra Kruser when a wedding-goer flagged down a police officer to break the pair up. Officer Rich Stone, who instructed the intoxicated couple to stop, had to pull them apart before arresting them for gross lewdness and public intoxication. (Smoking Gun)

HIGH SCHOOL CROWNS GIRL AS PROM KING: A Nevada high school girl was named prom king despite ruffling some feathers. Skyler Galliher decided to run for prom king after joking with her friend Summer Brother, who wanted to be prom queen. Thanks to Galliher's gender-nonspecific first name, she was able to get on the ballot at Centennial High School, but some students and teacher tried to stop her once they realized her gender. Both of the friends won their respective elections even though they did not go to prom together and had their own dates. (UPI)

NSA IS LOOKING FOR CODE_BREAKERS BY POSTING TO TWITTER: The National Security Agency has begun it campaign to find future recruits by going on Twitter. The NSA tweeted a cryptic message on Monday (May 5th) with a random string of letters and spaces, which was initially thought to be written by a bored employee or hacker, but was a recruiting campaign by the agency. The code was revealed to mean "Want to know what it takes to work at NSA? Check back each Monday in May as we explore career essentials to protect our nation." Marci Green Miller, a NSA spokesperson said that the agency will post code tweets every Monday in the month of May. (Metro)

NEW TYRANNOSAUR CALLED PINOCCHIO REX: A new type of Tyrannosaur has been identified by scientists and nicknamed "Pinocchio rex" because of its very long nose. The 66-million-year-old predator, which is officially named Qianzhousaurus sinensis, was dug up in a Chinese construction site and identified by scientists at Edinburgh. The dinosaur, which was nearly 30-feet tall and over 2000-pounds, is believed to have hunted smaller creatures like lizards and feathered dinosaurs, despite its gigantic size. It’s believed the species would probably have hunted different prey so they would not have competed with their T-rex cousins.(Time)

BOYS AT CALIFORNIA HIGH SCHOOL HOLD PROM DRAFT: An NFL style "Prom Draft" has been held at Corona del Mar High School in Newport Beach for at least a couple of years. According to reports, juniors and seniors ranked the female students while male students paid for the first-round of picks. One junior paid $140 to get a high first-pick to take a girl that he never even spoke to. The principal emailed parents about the draft, but students believe that it's "just a fun way to decide who you will be going to prom with." The school's prom is June 7th. (Orange County Register)

may 7, 2014
Wednesday, 07 May 2014 11:31

WOMAN FINDS LATEX GLOVE INSIDE POP TART: A Florida a woman has vowed never eat to Pop Tarts again after sinking her teeth into a latex glove. Taylor Collins of Tallahassee, said she purchased the pastry from a convenience store on Monday morning (May 5th), but was horrified when she tasted latex and ripped the packaging open to find a glove inside. Kellog's offered Collin a gift voucher for more Pop Tarts as compensation though she swears that she'll "never eat one again". (Metro)

BARISTA WRIST IS A REAL INJURY: An increasing number of coffee shop employees are developing elbow, wrist, and other joint problems due to lifting gallons of milk and stamping espresso. The injury coined "Barista Wrist" is typically known as repetitive strain injury, but one former Starbucks employee developed "medical epicondylitis". The 23-year-old had to wear a brace for six-months and eventually quit her job altogether.. Some cafes and coffeehouses have moved to building ergonomically correct bars to help their employees avoid injury but Starbucks has not yet invested in that technology.(Pheonix News)

MAN GETS ACCIDENTAL VASECTOMY: A British man was given a vasectomy by accident. The unidentified man "who was scheduled to have a different minor urological procedure" was offered an apology and the hospital's full support after the mistake. The hospital is currently investigating how the mix up happened and could be on the hook for a figure in excess of $170,000-dollars if the man is sterile because of the operation. (Huffington Post)

PILOT ESCAPES CRASH BY LANDING INTO HOUSE HE PREVIOUSLY OWNED: A Colorado man crashed a plane into a house that he used to own and managed to survive. Brian Veatch, who was piloting a single-engine Piper Pa-25 Pawnee, was pulling a large advertisement for Geico, before the plane crashed. The veteran firefighter landed on top of the two story house in Larkspur and was able to escape into the second floor of the home as the plane caught fire. Veatch didn't realize that he used to own the home until someone asked him after the crash. Luckily, no one was hurt in the crash and firefighters were able to safely rescue two pet dogs and a lizard from the burning home. (ABC)

MAN WANTS TO MARRY HIS LAPTOP: A man who wants to marry his "porn-filled" laptop was denied his request to wed his Macbook. Chris Sevier, who previously sued Apple for his porn addiction, argued that his affection for his "machine spouse" was exactly the same as that of gay couples. Sevier's 50-page motion challenges the ban on same-sex unions Utah as well as his unusual marriage request. (Metro)

may 2, 2014
Saturday, 03 May 2014 09:07

RADIATION-PROOF UNDERPANTS: A British Scientist created underwear that shields 99.96-percent of Wi-Fi radiation. The silver-lined cotton boxer shorts, which were created by Joseph Perkins to protect male sperm counts, are meant to protect men from harmful radiation cause by phones. Perkins came up with the radiation- proof underpants after teaching physics and hopes to start shipping the underwear in July for under $60-dollars. (Metro)

BURGER KING'S NEW SPAM AND CHEESE BURGER: Burger King is selling a Spam and Cheese sandwich for breakfast. The Spam and cheese sandwich, which is priced at $3.42, comes on a whole wheat bun with the usual burger fixings like pickles, mayo and lettuce. Burger King has also released other new breakfast items like the BK Hot Dog, a Bolognese Burger, and BLT Burger. (Huffington Post)

ARCADE GAMES WELCOMED BACK TO MASSACHUSETTS TOWN: Residents of a Massachusetts town have voted to remove a ban on coin-operated video games that was instituted back in 1982. Marshfield residents, who originally created the ban to keep out an "undesirable element", eliminated the 32-year-old ban after a 203-175 vote. Previous attempts to lift the ban in 1994 and 2011 were defeated and in 1983 an appeal of the ban made its way up to the Supreme Court before they declined to hear the case. Even after 32-years, some residents are not in favor of the ban like Sue Walker, who was quoted as saying, "there’s nothing fun about it”. (Patriot Ledger)

DONALD STERLING'S EX GIRLFRIEND WANTS TO BE PRESIDENT: Donald Sterling's ex-girlfriend Vanessa Stiviano, who released the recordings of his racist remarks, said she will be president one day. Stiviano, who was talking to a group of paparazzi, also said, "And I will change legislation and laws." When one of the paparazzi suggested that she was bigger than Angelina Jolie she responded by saying "Just today, just today guys." indicating that her 15-minutes of fame are almost up. (NY Post)

NEBRASKA MAN ARRESTED FOR KISSING PEOPLE AT WALGREENS: A Nebraska man was arrested for kissing and pinching customer's butts while shopping at Walgreens. The unnamed 35-year-old man was an equal opportunity creeper reportedly kissed and groped women and a man inside the store. The man, who also was tossing items off the shelves as he made his way through the store, licked an employee's hand to say goodbye before be apprehended by the police. He was charged with misdemeanor sexual assault and three counts of disturbing the peace. (Omaha World Herald)

may 1, 2014
Thursday, 01 May 2014 16:43

FACEBOOK STATUSES REVEAL WHEN COUPLES ARE MOST LIKELY TO BREAK UP: Break-ups are no fun, and a new analysis of Facebook statuses reveals what times of year people are most likely to break up. Researchers found that many couples call it quits just after Valentine's Day and just before Christmas. Additionally, researchers found people are also somewhat likely to break up on April Fools day and on Mondays in April and May. Researchers say the most popular time to dump someone is two weeks before Christmas because dumping someone any closer to the holiday may be considered "cruel," plus people then don't have to worry about purchasing an expensive gift. The researchers also theorize that people often get dumped shortly after Valentine's Day because people are "spring cleaning" their lives. (Daily Mail)

GIRLS GET BETTER GRADES THAN BOYS IN EVERY SCHOOL SUBJECT: Girls have gotten better grades than boys for 100 years, and yes, even in math and science. To find this, researchers from Canada reviewed more than 300 studies on students from between 1914 and 2011. Researchers found that internationally, for a century, girls have outperformed boys in all of their classes. Researchers say, "We didn't expect to find that girls did better at math and science as well. The girls did better whatever you give them." Researchers note, however, that the girls outpaced the boys in language and reading classes farther than they outpaced boys in math and science. (TIME)


PEOPLE WITH CHILDREN ARE MORE LIKELY TO CHEAT: Kids are great, but they also really stress their parents out. A new survey of five thousand cheating men reveals that 78 percent of the respondents are in their first marriage and that 82 percent of them began cheating after having children. Thirty percent of men said they cheated because sex with their partner was no longer passionate after the baby came, while 23 percent said the lack of sleep due to the baby led to issues in the bedroom which led them to cheat. Eighteen percent said they cheated because their spouse gave all their attention to the baby, 15 percent said they did so because of economic problems causing stress in their relationship, and 14 percent blamed their unfaithfulness on family issues. One researcher says, "It is...more common for problems arising from parenthood to happen in [a person's first marriage due to] both age and inexperience." (Daily Mail)

WHY TEENS PREFER TWITTER TO FACEBOOK: Teens have been leaving Facebook for a while, and new research reveals why they're flocking to Twitter. Researchers say a poll of 40 thousand Internet users reveals the number of teens actively using Facebook dropped by nine percent in 2013, while the number of teens Twitter dropped just three percent. The research also revealed that Twitter was the preferred social network of 27% of adolescents, and that just 23% of adolescents said the same about Facebook. One expert explains saying, "Twitter still has the cool factor. [It] hasn't been around for as long as Facebook and also has a younger age profile in terms of active users, making it feel a little more relevant for some younger users." Experts also say teens are fine with the 140 character limit Twitter has, as they are not conversing in a "pithy, text-friendly" manner, and that they like the idea that celebrities may see their tweets. (Yahoo)


STUDY: "PLAIN" LOOKING WOMEN SEEM ATTRACTIVE TO A MAN WHEN HE IS ILL: Women society deems as less attractive or "plain janes" apparently look more attractive to men who are ill or dying. To find this, researchers altered photos of women's faces to make them look more or less feminine. They then asked 1,800 men from different nations to rate the pairs of photos. Researchers found that Japanese men most liked the feminine faces while Nepalese men like them the least. Researchers explain that men surrounded by illness may look for a strong wife who is a good provider, rather than a pretty one who is both more fragile and more fertile. Researchers say men also may change their taste in women due to illness affecting their testosterone levels. (Daily Mail)

BIG SPENDERS ARE ENTICED BY SNOBBY SALES PEOPLE: Apparently rich people like to buy things from snobby people. Researchers from Canada surveyed customers as high-end retailers who claimed they had been treated rudely by a sales representative. They found that participants who already loved luxury brands wanted to own the products even more after being treated poorly. However, researchers say the snobbery doesn't always equal sales and that, "You've got to be the right kind of snob in the right kind of store for the effect to work." Researchers also found that two weeks after being treated poorly customers reported a significantly decreased desire to purchase or own the specific luxury brand. (UPI)


HAVING A TASTE OF THE HIGH LIFE CAN MAKE YOU DEPRESSED: If you've ever gotten a taste of the high life you know how sad it can be to come back down to reality. Researchers say that getting the chance to drive a Ferrari or upgrade to first class on a flight only has a short-lived feel-food effect. To find this, researchers from Belgium gave two groups of participants either luxury products or ordinary products to test out. When participants returned the items they were given a questionnaire meant to measure their sense of well-being. Researchers found those who got to test the luxury products saw themselves as less satisfied with life after giving them back. Researchers say, "The mere knowledge of luxury products seems to be detrimental for one's satisfaction with life." (Daily Mail)

April 28, 2014
Monday, 28 April 2014 16:11

HOW TO AVOID GETTING DRUNK WHILE DRINKING: What if you could drink all night and not get embarrassingly drunk? The co-founder of the Boston Beer Company, Jim Koch, says he can do just that. Koch says the key is to eat one tablespoon of yeast for every drink you think you'll consume before you start drinking. He says you can make the yeast taste better by mixing it with yogurt, and says it's the same yeast you would buy to make bread and can be found in the grocery store. Koch says it works because active dry yeast contains an enzyme that breaks down alcohol. He warned that the yeast does not completely eliminate the effects of alcohol, it just reduces them. (Daily Mail)

PEOPLE ARE TWICE AS CREATIVE WHEN ON THEIR FEET: If you're looking to hatch a great idea, get on your feet. New research finds that people are twice as creative on their feet as they are while sitting. To find this, U.S. researchers had a group of participants take tests of creativity while either walking or sitting at a desk. Researchers say in one experiment, participants who walked came up with twice as many ideas as those who were seated. The experts say they're unsure of why this happens, but say, "Walking before a meeting that requires innovation may be nearly as useful as walking during the meeting." (Daily Mail)

TACO BELL IS LAUNCHING A MORE UPSCALE RESTAURANT: Some people turn up their noses to Taco Bell food, and the chain will soon be attempting to reach those people in another way. That's where executives say the idea for U.S. Taco comes from. Creators say the chain is Taco Bell's alterego, and will offer American-inspired food. The new restaurant will offer ten types of premium tacos, spicy thick-cut fries and shakes. The company plans to open one location over the summer in California to test it out. (Yahoo)

WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE A TRIP TO A RURAL AREA: Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of a big city may be as good for your physical health as it is for your mental health. Researchers say they've found that exposure to microbes that thrive in rural, or green, environments can reduce a person's risk of developing asthma, allergies and other chronic inflammatory disorders. The researchers say this may explain why people of lower socioeconomic status who live in cities tend to get these inflammatory disorders more often. Researchers say, "Chronic inflammation can lead to all kinds of problems from irritable bowel syndrome to asthma to allergies and even depression." (Daily Mail)

MANY COUPLES DECIDE TO NOT HAVE KIDS QUICKLY: You would think the choice to have kids or not would be one requiring time and thought, but new research reveals for many couples that's not the case. To find this, U.K. researchers surveyed 75 women age 35 or older who did not wish to have children. They found that 36 percent said they made their decision after just one discussion with their partner, and five percent said they did not discuss the issue at all. One researcher said, "One possible reason that couples did not need to talk about the issue much is that they could accurately sense their partner did not want children and from their beliefs and lifestyle." (Daily Mail)

: The Food and Drug Administration may soon force planes, grocery stores, vending machines and more to display calorie count information for all food they serve. The FDA is currently reviewing the rules and is expected to make a decision this year. Non-restaurant establishments have already tried to get themselves exempt from posting calorie counts, which is why there has been a delay in the decision from the FDA. The rule change was first proposed back in 2011. One nutrition lobbyist for the measure says, "If a company is going to serve you 2,000 calories and call it a snack, the least they can do is tell people how many calories are in it." (Daily Mail)

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april 23rd, 2014
Wednesday, 23 April 2014 13:23

COLONOSCOPY PATIENT SUES DOCTORS FOR MAKING FUN OF HIM WHILE UNCONSCIOUS: A Virginia colonoscopy patient has filed a lawsuit alleging that doctors mocked him during his procedure. In the suit, the plaintiff only known as D.B. alleges that doctors Tiffany Ingham and Soloman Shah of Safe Sedation and Safe Sedation Management made fun of him as soon as the anesthesia put him under. The doctors started joking about shooting a gun up his rectum, eating him alive, and debated his sexuality. D.B. recorded the doctor's initial instructions for post-operation care, but left the phone on during the operation. He is currently seeking $1,350,000-dollars in compensatory and punitive damage. (Courthouse News Service)

INDIA'S NEW POO TO LOO CAMPAIGN: India's new "Poo2Loo" campaign aims to educate the Indian public about the dangers of public defecation and raise funds to improve sanitation. The campaign, which features cartoon feces dancing to a pop song, is attempting to persuade approximately 620-million Indians that still relieve themselves in public despite the 70-percent of people living in rural India that don't have access to a toilet. (Metro)

ALOPECIA SUFFERER BECOMES CHOCOLATE EGGHEAD: A 15-year-old Alopecia sufferers had her head covered to look like an Easter egg. Joelle Emery cooled her head with frozen peas, before having her head covered in chocolate and thousands of sprinkles to raise awareness of alopecia universalis. The condition, which causes all body hair to fall out, affects nearly 100,000 in Britain alone and the cause has not yet been found. (Metro)


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COUPLE LETS INTERNET DECIDE NAME OF THEIR BABY: A Canadian couple, who let the internet decide their child's name, chickened out when the child was supposed to named Cthulhu All-Spark. Stephen and Alysha McLaughlin allowed internet users to make the big decision by voting on namemydaughter.com, but changed their mind when it became clear the baby would have a crazy name. Instead of Cthulhu, which is a mythical beast, the parents decided on the name with the second most votes; Amelia. (Metro)

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