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april 22nd, 2014
Tuesday, 22 April 2014 13:05

CUSTOMERS CHARGED THOUSANDS FOR TACOS: About 150 customers at a California Del Taco were charged thousands of dollars for pizzas, burritos, and tacos. Michael Cole learned about the mistake when he tried withdrawing 20-dollars from his bank account only to find that he had been charged $4050 for one pizza and two beef tacos. Del Taco released a statement that they the card processor is "aware" of the situation and that all customers will be refunded their money. (CBS)

$3,000 FOR THE WORLD'S SMALLEST CAFE: The Nordic Society For Invention and Discovery has developed a mini coffee shop on a cargo bike that is being sold for $3,000-dollars. The Wheely comes complete with a solar powered battery for brewing java, a cold sink, gas burners, a music system , and a parasol to keep rain off the tiny cafe. Those who buy into the concept will also be a part of the Wheely's franchise network, which will give your new coffee business branded appeal. (Tree Hugger)


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WORLD'S BIGGEST BUNNY: The world's biggest bunny weight nearly 50-pounds and is over 4-feet tall. Darius, who is a grey Continental rabbit, goes through 4,000 carrots, 120 cabbages, and 730 dog bowls of rabbit mix each year. Darius's owner Annette spends nearly $4,000-dollars on food alone. (Metro)


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CAT CAFE OPENS IN NEW YORK CITY: The first cat cafe will open in New York City on Thursday ( April 24th) with the help of Purina and Long Island's North Shore Animal League. The cafe hopes to teach owners about "their cat's health and nutritional needs" and give visitors the change to hang out with cats that are up for adoption. Coffee will also be provided by a "well regarded specialty coffee roaster based in Brooklyn." (Sprudge)

EASTER AD SHOW JESUS SMOKING JOINT: A Seattle sandwich shop ran an ad that shows Jesus smoking a joint to promote a special Easter Deal. Lunchbox Laboratory decided to acknowledge Easter and 4/20 with their two-for-one "Burger of the Gods" dish by creating an ad of Jesus smoking a blunt and eating a sandwich. The ad, which was sent to 15,000 on the restaurant's email list, has drawn the ire of many customers, but owner John Schmidt has argued that "it's a very peaceful message". (KOMO)

april 21st, 2014
Monday, 21 April 2014 13:05

CRIMINAL CHECKS IN AT POLICE STATION TO SEE IF COPS AFTER HIM: A 59-year-old German, who was sought by authorities for fraud, was arrested after stopping into a police station to ask if he was under investigation. The man, whose name wasn't released, walked into the station on Friday (April 18th) to make sure that the Austrian officers had "nothing on him". Officers arrested the man after they found a recent arrest warrant from a Vienna court on four counts of fraud and embezzlement. (Huffington Post)

GIANT INFLATABLE COLON IN MICHIGAN: A giant inflatable colon was used on Friday (April 18) to teach Michigan residents about colon health. The public was invited to view the interactive display, which was presented by Michiana Hematology Oncology at Niles High School. It is estimated that nearly 127,000 new cases will be diagnosed this year alone. (WNDU)


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ACCUSED BANK ROBBER WEARS "I HAVE ISSUES" T-SHIRT: A man accused of robbing a bank in Hayward, California was caught on surveillance camera wearing a t-shirt that read, "I have issues." The suspect, who was on video slipping a note to the teller, got away with cash from the teller's drawer. The Hayward Police have released the suspect's picture and have asked the public for any information concerning the robbery. (NBC)

MAN STEALS WOMAN'S DOG AND TV ON WORST FIRST DATE EVER: A New Jersey woman, who was on her first date with a man that she met on an online dating website, said her dog and flat screen TV were stolen during the date. The suspect known to the unidentified woman as "Joel" was left alone in her home when she became preoccupied in another room. After returning to the room, her yorkie "Violet" and her flat screen TV were missing, as well as her date. The dog was found tied to the flat screen in a nearby neighbor's front yard, and a public official told NJ.com that the man has been identified but not yet taken into custody. (NJ.com, Daily Record)

OFFICER CAUGHT TEXTING ON MOTORCYCLE: San Antonio police are investigating a picture, which shows one of their officer texting while driving a motorcycle. Multiple viewers sent the photo to news outlets, who forwarded to SAPD for a response. The police are currently investigating the picture. (KHOU.com)


april 18th, 2014
Friday, 18 April 2014 13:02

MISSING FRENCH BOY WAS ONLY REAL ON FACEBOOK: A 2-year-old French boy that was "missing" turned out to be only a hoax. French Police were about to call off the search for Chayson Basinio until investigators determined that the child and his parents only existed on Facebook. The unidentified woman, who was supposedly the boy's great-aunt, is now in police custody and will likely be charged with inventing a crime. The women allegedly took pictures from real Facebook accounts and use the pictures to create false accounts and make them seem real. (The Guardian)

CHURCH ATTEMPTING LARGEST CHALK DRAWING OF JESUS: Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas is trying to set the world record for the largest chalk drawing. The church led by Pastor Ed Young, is coloring a portrait of Jesus Christ that spans nearly 17,000-square feet. The drawing, which has taken 6,700 individual pieces and 125 bags of charcoal to create, is being used as a way to get people interested in and talking about the church in the days leading up to Easter. (NBC)

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MAN FACES FEDERAL CHARGES OVER $.89 DRINK REFILL: A South Carolina man was hit with a $525-dollar federal fine over a $.89-cent drink refill. Christopher Lewis was issued a ticket by the Federal Police Force at the VA Medical Center in Charlestown after he refilled his soda without paying $.89. Lewis, who was doing construction on-site, was pulled aside by the officer and wasn't allowed to pay the $.89-cents for the refill. Lewis was taken to a room, where he was fined and told not to return to the premises. Hospital officials have maintained that Lewis was aggressive during the confrontation.

EDWARD COCAINE ARRESTED FOR DRUG POSSESSION: A 34-year-old Florida man with an Ironic last name was arrested Tuesday (April 15th) for drug possession. Edward Cocaine, who was arrested for possession of Xanax, had to explain his name in court because County Judge John "Jay" Hurley was stunned. Cocaine explained that his grandparents came to the United States from Greece and changed it when they arrived in the 1920's. (Sun Sentinel)

JUDGE TELLS FATHER TO STOP EMAILING IN ALL CAPS: A Judge in England told a father to stop emailing his children in all capital letters because it looks like he is yelling at them. The Israeli father, who is in a custody dispute involving his 13-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter, was told that he need to make his "messages appropriate and child friendly" because there is nothing worse than an email that appears to be "shouting at you". Due to communication problems, the relationship between the children will be restored "at a distance". (The Telegraph)

april 17th, 2014
Thursday, 17 April 2014 09:47

MEET THE MAN WITH A KIM KARDASHIAN PHOBIA: A 24-year-old British man, who has struggled with his sexuality in the past, has developed a Kim Kardashian-phobia. Mike Amess says that his fear of the Kardashians started when he watched Kim Kardashian's sex tape. Amess, who is gay, heard all of the other boys raving about the video and decided to watch it, but was repulsed by her "huge bum" and the sound of her "horrible high-pitched wailing".Amess burst into tears by the end of the video, but he still experiences dread when seeing the Kardashians even though he is now comfortable with his sexuality. (Daily Mail)

TODDLER GETS STUCK INSIDE CLAW MACHINE: A Nebraska toddler was reunited with his mother after bowling alley employees found him playing inside a claw crane machine. A 24-year-old woman called 911 on Monday to report that a boy was playing with stuffed animals inside the coin-operated machine. A representative from the vending machine let him out, but it is unclear how the boy ended up inside. (ABC News)

DOG GETS SUMMONED FOR JURY DUTY: New Jersey's Cumberland county sent a summons for a German Shepherd to serve jury duty. Barrett Griner IV, who owns the 5-year-old IV Griner, had likely had his name confused by a computer that mistook the roman numerals for his first name before the summons was mailed out. (Time)

WOMAN SUING WALMART OVER SHAMPOO THAT FORCED HER TO CUT HAIR: A 30-year-old Oregon woman is suing Walmart after buying a shampoo that caused her hair to get so tangled she was forced to cut most of it. Jennifer Fahey, who is suing for $10,000-dollars, bought a bottle of "Equate Everyday Clean Dandruff Shampoo, which caused her hair to become impossibly entangled in seconds. Fahey, whose hair reached her tailbone, had to cut off a few feet of hair leaving her with only about four-inches. The suit also names Vi-Jon as a defendant and is seeking damages for "past, present and future physical and emotional pain and suffering, anxiety, humiliation and embarrassment, expenses for replacement hair, along with diminished and lost wages" as well as the "loss of life's pleasures and activities." (The Oregonian)

PACKER FANS DATING WEBSITE: A new dating website will cater to Green Bay Packers Fans. The site called Green Bay Packers Lovers.com launched officially in March and already has 190-female members and 174-male members. Members can chat with members, send messages, send winks, and build friends just like any other website except that Bears and Vikings fans aren't allowed. (Fox Sports News)

april 16th, 2014
Wednesday, 16 April 2014 13:02

THE WORLD"S FIRST EMOTICON: Literary critic Levi Stahl believes that he found the first emoticon in history. He came across a smiley face in the poem "To Fortune" written by Robert Herrick in 1648. At first, Stahl thought it might be a misprint, but now believes the emoticon was intentional after checking multiple sources. There are people that believe it was a misprint like Alan Jacobs from New Atlantis, but there is no proof to show otherwise. (Daily Mail)


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TEENAGE GIRL LEAVES BOYFRIEND PRO AND CON LIST: An anonymous teenage girl used a pro and con list to decide between two potential suitors, but left it on a plane. A flight attendant found the list of Matt and Chase's positive and negative attributes. Some of the pros and cons are very normal like "I love him" and "like his family" but some are outright ridiculous like "Rehab" and "Whipped and does what I want." (Metro)


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THIEF SWALLOWS STOLEN GOODS TO AVOID PRISON: 39-year-old Polish man swallowed stolen goods in attempt to avoid being arrested. Dariusz Piotrowski was arrested after fleeing a Warsaw house that he allegedly robbed. Piotrowski, who starting complaining about stomach pain shortly after being apprehended, had an x-ray reveal six watches, a fork, a spoon, cigarette lighters and several other objects. Piotrowski, who has been featured in textbook by the Polish Anesthetics' Society, said his unusual ability to swallow different objects had helped him throughout his life of crime. (Metro)

AMAZON UNINTENTIONALLY CREATED A SHOPPING LIST FOR DRUG DEALERS: Amazon's data-tracking software unintentionally created a shopping list for Drug dealers. The software recorded when some drug dealer bough a particular scale, the AWS-100, and now recommend several tools used for making drugs. Some of the recommendations are pot leaf baggies, an encapsulation machine, and a drug testing kit amongst many other drug related paraphernalia. (Mashable)

april 15th, 2014
Tuesday, 15 April 2014 13:02

MAN PULLS OUT GUN AFTER REFUSING TO PAY 22-CENT SALES TAX: A Chicago man, who claimed that he was "tax exempt", pulled a .22-caliber submachine gun to avoid paying a 22-cent sales tax. 36-year-old Nahshon Shelton was charged with five counts including unlawful use of a weapon and aggravated assault, but maintained that he was tax exempt through his arrest because he lived in the neighborhood. According to Assistant State Attorney Claire Savaglio, the entire incident was captured on the store's surveillance cameras. (Chicago Sun Times)

HOSIERY LACED WITH PHEROMONES TO ATTRACT MEN: The European hosiery company Ballerina has launched a new collection, which includes stockings, tights, and bridal hosiery laced with pheromones to attract men. The hosiery, which contains a synthetic version of the chemical, is much more hygienic than pheromones released from our sweat glands. Unfortunately, only the holdups are currently available for purchase from their website. (Metro)

NEW BANKSY ART DOUBLES THE PRICE OF HOME: A British mother of five woke up to find that the value of her home had doubled overnight because street artist Banksy had sprayed a mural on her wall. 48-year-old Karen Smith heard voices outside of her home in the early morning and thought nothing of it until she saw men loading huge screens into a van. She watched them speed off and then found a painting of three 1950's spies. Experts believe the piece is genuine Banksy, whose pieces have sold for over $800,000. The house, which is valued at over $500,000, will not benefit Smith because she only leases the house. (Yahoo)


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SPANISH VILLAGE CONSIDERS CHANGING NAME FROM "KILL JEWS": 60 resident families of the Spanish village Castrillo Matajudios will meet to consider changing the back name from "Kill Jews" to "Jews Hill" or Castrillo Mota De Judios. The town's name was originally changed during the Spanish Inquisition, but has recently received criticism for taking so long to change their name. (The Guardian)

WOMAN PAYS FOR BOOB JOB ON CROWD SOURCING SITE: A 23-year-old British woman managed to have strangers pay for her boob job after using a crowd sourcing website. Gemini Smith, who fell into depression because she could not afford breast implants, raised more than $8,000 on the website MyFreeImplants.com. The website, which allows women to ask strangers for the operation, makes donors purchase "Chat credits" to talk to Smith through webcam videos, but has maintained that she "didn't do anything" that she "Didn't want to". (Daily Mail)


april 14th, 2014
Monday, 14 April 2014 12:56

POT VENDING MACHINE TO DEBUT: A Colorado company has introduced the first-ever marijuana vending machine, which will soon be used as a Dispensary in Eagle-Vale. The Zazz machine, which was created by American Green, was debuted to the public outside of Montana's Smokehouse barbecue restaurant on Friday (April 11th). The machine includes technology that requires users to swipe their driver's license to verify their identity and age. (UPI)


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KFC DRUMSTICK CORSAGE: KFC debuted a chicken drumstick corsage for students to bring to their high school proms. For $20, buyers will receive a corsage kit from a Louisville, Kentucky florist, which includes a $5 gift card that can be used for a drumstick of their choice, Extra Crispy, Kentucky Grilled Chicken, or Original Recipe. There are only 100 for KFC corsages foe sale. (CNBC)

BOSS LETS STAFF COME IN LATE TO CATCH UP WITH 'GAME OF THRONES': A boss in the U.K. has given all seven of his employees Monday morning off so they can watch the latest episode of Game Of Thrones. 24-year-old Dan Rice, a co-founder of a Pinterest-like Hobby website, called Hozby, said that his staff was upset about constantly seeing spoilers for the series while using the Internet in the office. Rather than ban them from going on Twitter or Facebook, Rice "decided to put something in place to stop these incidents from occurring." Now his staff of seven is allowed to enjoy a leisurely breakfast while they catch up on the show before starting work on Mondays. (Metro)

MAN BREAKS INTO BAR WITH EMPLOYEES STILL INSIDE: A man tried to break into a Maryland bar while employees were still working. About 2:30am on Saturday (April 12th) an employee told the police that a man tried to enter Buck Murphy's Bar and Grill in Odenton, but fled when he realized that employees were still working. The suspect, who has been described as a white male with thick eyebrows and short brown hair, has not yet been found or identified. (Baltimore Sun)

GIRL TWEETS MENACING MESSAGE TO AMERICAN AIRLINES AND FREAKS OUT: A 14-year-old girl tweeted a menacing message to American Airlines, but started to break down when they told her that they reported her to the FBI. Sarah, who uses the twitter handle @QueenDemetriax) tweeted to American Airlines, "Hello my name is Ibrahim and I'm from Afganistan. I'm part of Al Qaida and on June 1st I'm gonna do something really big bye." American Airlines responded by telling her that they reported her IP Address and details to security and the FBI and Sarah soon started to break down. Some of Sarah's follow up tweets included, "OMFG I was kidding", "I'm so sorry, I'm scared now" and "(Please) PLS save my life." (Deadspin)


april 10th, 2014
Thursday, 10 April 2014 13:19

BOY STEALS MOM'S CAR TO AVOID SCHOOL: A 9-year-old South Florida boy stole his mom's car because he didn't want to go to school. The unidentified boy threw a brick at his mother and grandmother before grabbing his mom's keys and taking off with the car. After about 45 minutes of driving, the boy was pulled over by Miami Gardens Police, who have charged him with aggravated assault and grand theft auto. (Wesh.com)

ALPHABET SANDWICH HAS DIFFERENT INGREDIENT FOR EVERY LETTER: Food blogger Nick Chapman of Dude Foods created the Alphabet Sandwich which includes 26 different toppings that start with a different letter of the alphabet. The sandwich, which has been described as a "gargantuan tower of food-related gluttony", has everything from avocado to zucchini. Chapman even found an ingredient for X; Xylocarp which is a fruit with a hard shell like a coconut.

All of The Ingredients: http://bit.ly/R2SFzN


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79-YEAR-OLD TEACHER IS FIRED FOR REFUSING TO UNFRIEND STUDENTS ON FACEBOOK: A 79-year-old New Hampshire substitute teacher is being forced out of her job because she refuses to unfriend her students on Facebook. Carol Thebarge, who says she has no plans to unfriend anyone, is being let go after the school changed its social media policy because another teacher was arrested for having an inappropriate relationship with a student. The new social media policy doesn't allow students to be friends with teachers on Facebook, but Thebarge has argued that it is a good way to keep in touch and to help students with issues at home. (Business Insider)

COMPUTER THIEF ARRESTED AFTER HE CALLS APPLE SUPPORTS: A 24-year-old New Hampshire man was arrested for burglary after he called Apple customer service. Casey Wentworth of Portsmouth, who has been accused of taking a laptop from Mike Wionis' home, called customer service using the serial number of Witonis' stolen computer. Witonis received an email from Apple thanking him for calling customer service even though he wasn't in possession of the laptop. Police, who had previously flagged the serial number as stolen, were able to track down Wentworth, who will be arraigned on May 2nd. (Huffington Post)

BRAZILIAN WORLD CUP COACH FORBIDS PLAYERS FROM HAVING ACROBATIC SEX: The coach of the Brazilian World Cup team has told his players that they're allowed to have sex before the game as long as it isn't "acrobatic" and would limit their abilities for the game. Luiz Felipe Scolari addressed the issue during a press conference adding that he is okay with normal sex if, "it is not sending oneself in the air too high." The Brazilian team will kick off the 2014 FIFA World Cup against Croatia on June 12th in Sao Paulo. (The Street Journal)

SCIENTISTS CLONE FIRST BRITISH DOG: Scientists have created the first cloned dog in Britain after its owner won a competition to have her pet replicated. 29-year-old Rebecca Smith entered her 12-year-old dachshund Winnie into a $100,000 competition organized by South Korean tech firm Sooam Biotech. The cloned puppy, which is the first British puppy to be cloned called Mini Winnie, was conceived in a test tube and born in Seoul on March 30th. Unfortunately, British quarantine restrictions has delayed the meeting between Winnie and Mini Winnie for at least six months. (Daily Mail)

april 9th, 2014
Wednesday, 09 April 2014 13:34

ROB FORD "CRACKATHON" VIDEO GAME: A new online video game allows users to pick up marijuana leafs, crack pipes and bottles of booze while playing as a Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. The new game "Crackathon", which is filled with real audio clips from Ford interviews, challenges players to collect "Party points" while keeping the mayor's "public opinion" from reaching zero. Players, who fail to keep his "public opinion" from hitting zero are met with a "You are impeached" message. (CBC News)

PLAY "CRACKATHON": http://bit.ly/1qgUkOh

NOAH SCREENING CANCELED AFTER THEATER FLOODS: The first screening of "Noah" at the Vue Cinema in Exeter, England was canceled because of flooding. On Friday, Vue staff arrived to discover there was "excess water" in the theater, just before the first showing at 12:15pm. A spokesperson for the theater said that a faulty ice machine was to blame and that they are open for business despite the issue. (Exeter Express & Echo)

WOMAN ARRESTED AFTER SHE CALLED POLICE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT POT QUALITY: A 37-year-old Texas woman was arrested after she called police to complain about the quality of her pot. Evelyn Hamilton called the Lufkin Police Department after buying pot that had "seeds and residue". When police arrived at her home to arrest Hamilton, she told officers that her dealer refused to refund her $40. She was arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and released on a $500 bond. (Lufkin News)

DRESS THAT BECOMES SEE-THROUGH WHEN YOU"RE TURNED ON: A dress called Intimacy 2.0 becomes see-through when the wearer becomes turned on. The dress, which comes in black faux-leather or white fabric, reads the user's heart-rate as an indicator that she is aroused and the plastic parts then become see-through. The dress was created by Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde, but isn't slated to go on sale anytime soon. (Metro)

HIPSTER CRIME SPREE: A hipster-esque suspect, who was labeled the "nerdy bandit", has been arrested after allegedly robbing two American Apparel stores and one Urban Outfitters in Portland, Oregon. 31-year-old Thaddeus Lindsay-Woods, who wore thick framed glassed and a short brimmed hat during the robberies, was arrested and charged with first and second degree robbery.


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april 8th, 2014
Tuesday, 08 April 2014 13:30

PETA WANTS TO TURN JEFFREY DAHMER"S HOME INTO A VEGAN RESTAURANT: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants the former home of Jeffrey Dahmer to be turned into a Vegan restaurant called, "Eat for Life--Home Cooking." The three-bedroom, three bathroom home in Bath Township, Ohio was recently put on the market for $295,000. PETA posted on its website that "rather than remaining as a stark reminder of it dark past, the building can instead become the site of a celebration of culinary compassion." The group also went on to say that, "Like Dahmer's human victims, cows, pigs, and chickens are mad of flesh and blood and fear for their lives when confronted by a man with a knife." (Akron Beacon Journal)

PETA'S WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/1jov4D0

DARTH VADER RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT OF UKRAINE: Darth Vader is running for president of Ukraine as part of the country's "Internet Party." Viktor Shevchenko, who changed his name in March to run for the presidency, has started his to campaign despite having his bid rejected by Ukraine's Central Electoral Commission. (Mashable)


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LED FINGERNAILS FLASH WHEN NFC SIGNAL IS NEARBY: Japan's Takara Tomy Arts has created stick-on fake fingernails with embedded LEDs and tiny antennas that light up whenever wireless NFC, a communication service similar to Wi-Fi, is being used. Each set costs about $12-dollars and comes with one LED-enhanced nail, but doesn't need batteries or a connection to any power source. There is an accompanying Android app that allows users to customize the fingernail flash. (Akihabara News)


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TEENAGER FORCED TO WEAR WIG AT SCHOOL AFTER SHAVING HEAD FOR CANCER: A 15-year-old British girl has been told to wear a wig to school after shaving her head for Cancer Research. Jess Vine of the Isle of Wight, raised more than $500 for the cause after losing her grandfather to cancer. Ryde Academy has banned Vine from coming to class without a wig and has not changed their stance even though the haircut was done for charity. (Metro)


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KIT KAT PIZZA IS FOR SALE IN JAPAN: In March, Nestle launched their new bake-ready Kit-Kat and now Japanese pizza chains are using them as a topping in their recipes. Two restaurants -- Napoli no Kama and Strawberry Cones -- have used the Kit-Kat to produce sweet dessert pizzas costing about $15. Unfortunately, the bake-ready Kit-Kat bars are only available in Japan at the moment. (Metro)

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