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march 24th, 2014
Monday, 24 March 2014 13:12

WOMAN LANDS BEHIND BARS AFTER PUBLIC SENIOR CITIZEN FOOD FIGHT: A 64-year-old woman was jailed on two counts of assault and battery after she allegedly instigated a food fight at a Golden Corral in Wilkesboro, North Carolina last week. Police say Polly Richards started the fight with a 69-year-old man who cut her in line. According to witnesses, she shoved the man, cursed at him and even slapped him in the face. She also threw a plate of food at another elderly diner, who sustained injuries from the plate. During her arrest, the woman told police, "Just take me to the f***ing jail then." (UPI)

MOM'S FACEBOOK LESSON TO DAUGHTER BACKFIRES: A mother who was trying to teach her daughter that photos shared online can be seen by a lot more people than she thinks, has hopefully learned a valuable lesson herself. Last week the mother, Kira, took a picture of her daughter holding a sign that reads, "Mom is trying to show me how many people can see a picture once it's posted to the internet." A day later, Kira posted, "She is pretty miserable! ...And angry! I'm just trying to prove a point. 468 [shares]. The photo has now moved beyond Facebook. It is now on two other websites (that I'm aware of). Lots of messages, and nice people keeping me in the loop with what they are doing with the photo." 4Chan caught wind of the photo and decided to teach the mother a lesson of her own, by finding her home address and home phone number online. By Wednesday night (March 19th) Kira reportedly received prank calls and pizzas -- something the group has been known to do. (Daily Dot)


WOMAN ADMITS TO STEALING AUTOGRAPHED HULK HOGAN SHOE: A woman in Michigan who was accused of stealing a shoe autographed by Hulk Hogan has confessed and apologized for the act. Police in Clearwater, Florida said the woman was caught on camera taking the $5,500 shoe from Hogan's Beach Shop last Sunday. After returning home to Michigan, she called the store to confess, saying that she had "done a stupid thing." She also made arrangements to return the shoe to the store. No charges have been filed and the investigation is ongoing. (Tampa Bay Times)

MAN TAKES SELFIES TO SHOW DOCUMENTATION TO IRS: An architect who splits his time working in New York City and Philadelphia has started an Instagram account to prove to the IRS that his filing is accurate. It all started because Andrew Jarvis decided to rent an apartment in New York City after his commute became overwhelming. After a tax investigation he realized he had to live in the NYC apartment 182 days or less to avoid being taxed by New York. To prove it, Jarvis has joined Instagram under the name @internalrevenueselfies. He takes a time-stamped selfie every day that he works in Philadelphia to document, in a very public fashion, that he is there 51% of the year. (Fox)


Jarvis' Instagram account - http://instagram.com/internalrevenueselfies

BRITISH SCHOOL SAYS USING RED INK TO GRADE PAPERS IS NEGATIVE: Officials at the Mounts Bay Academy in Penzance, England are asking teachers to stop using red ink when grading papers. Instead, the school's principle wants teachers to use green ink to grade papers, while students are expected to respond to teacher comments in purple ink. The Assistant Principal at the school explained, "Switching to the new marking system is certainly not about us going all soft and fuzzy. Students make more progress if it is a dialogue and the new system is designed to help that... A lot of us in the past have skimmed over the teacher's comments and just looked for the final overall mark, but asking students to respond with purple pen forces them to read the teacher's comments and helps them to create a real conversation." She continued, "A lot of primary schools are already using a similar system amazingly well and I think it was felt that red ink was a very negative color." (Time)

March 21st, 2014
Friday, 21 March 2014 10:31

"SNAKES IN A CAB" CABBIE HAS LICENSE SUSPENDED: The comedian cabbie, which created a viral sensation by pranking taxi passengers with a live python, will have his TLC license suspended. Jimmy Failla was suspended by the Taxi and Limousine Commission in New York City for "monumentally poor judgment." The suspension isn't really a big deal to Failla because he hasn't't driven a cab for a number of years and is more focused on his comedy. (New York Post)

MEDICAL STUDENT TO AUCTION HER VIRGINITY ONLINE: A US Medical student plans to auction off her virginity to the highest online bidder. Elizabeth Raine, who decided not to reveal her real name, is hoping to pocket $400,000 in exchange for a 12-hour date during which he will be offered her virginity. Raine, who has no plans to reveal her identity, will donate 35 percent of the money to a charity that brings education to women in developing countries. The Auction starts April 1st. (Metro)

MAN DONATES SPERM THE OLD FASHIONED WAY: A 44-year-old Netherlands man, who used to be a sperm donor before it was banned in the Netherlands, donates his sperm the old fashioned way and doesn't charge for his services. Ed Houbend of Maastricht has fathered over 98-children with dozens of women despite being a virgin until the age of 34. Houben, who charges nothing for his services, fathers the children without contract and even though he could be sued for child support, takes his client's good word. He says that he isn't concerned with jealous husbands because most are quote "beyond those feelings of 'ooh there's a stranger sleeping with my wife". (BBC)

CHICKEN FROM HELL: More than 66-million-years-ago, a 10-foot tall creature nicknamed the "chicken from hell" roamed the earth. Its official name is Anzi wyliei, which means a bird-like demon in ancient mythology, and paleontologists from the University of Utah discovered three partial skeletons in North and South Dakota. The scientists were able to assemble one full skeleton of the omnivore despite two of the skeletons being damaged. (Daily Mail)

MAN PANHANDLES KIDNEY DONOR: An Oregon man has started panhandling for kidney donors. Kevin Gray, father of 3, found out last year that he would need a kidney transplant. Since Gray has started many people have signed up to be live donors because the publicity of his campaign. He believes that holding the sign is worth it if even one person decides to donate a kidney. (GeoBeats)

march, 20th, 2014
Thursday, 20 March 2014 10:21

POLICE SURROUND MAN"S HOME AFTER TATTOO IS MISTAKEN FOR A GUN: A Maine man was woken up by State Police armed with assault rifles because tree removal workers thought they saw a gun stuffed in his waistband. Michael Smith, who yelled at the workers earlier in the day without wearing a shirt, was woken when police demanded through a megaphone to come out of his home. Luckily, officers realized that the only gun Smith possesses is a tattoo of a life-size handgun on his lower stomach. (UPI)


[Hosted by imgur.com]

(Photo Credit :David Leaming)

THE WORLD'S MOST EXPENSIVE DOG: A Tibetan mastiff puppy has been sold at a luxury pet auction in China to a 56-year-old property developer for 12-million-yuan or about 2-million American-dollars. The dog has become a status symbol of the country's rich and are said to be lucky animals bringing health and security. (Metro)

CREEP GETS STUCK UNDERNEATH TOILET PARTITION: A 28-year-old Tennessee man, who tried to crawl into an occupied stall in a McDonald's women's bathroom, was arrested after he got stuck under a partition. Jasmin Johnson was using the toilet inside the Memphis restaurant when Ronald Henderson crawled under the stall and starting grabbing for her leg until he got "stuck". Henderson, who was arrested after surveillance confirmed the reports, was booked into Shelby county jail, where he is locked up in lieu of $100 bond. (Blazing Gun)

MAN TEXTS ENTIRE SHAKESPEARE PLAYS TO SCAMMER: A 24-year-old British man, who lost $133 to an online scammer, is getting revenge by sending the man Shakespeare's complete works via text message. Edd Joseph paid the man scam artist to buy a PlayStation 3, but the seller never made good on the deal. Joseph has sent 22 plays, including "Macbeth," "Othello" and "Hamlet" in a total of 17,424 text messages. (Gawker)

JEFFREY THE RUSSIAN CAMEL LOVES BEER: Jeffrey the Russian camel, who is owned by Elizabeth and Simon Grant, enjoys drinking beer from the local pub. The 11-year-old Bactrian was imported from Holland seven years ago as a birthday present for the Grant's son Tom. Mrs. Grant had read that camels like beer and soon after the landlord the local pub was making regular visits to drop off Jeffrey's beer. (Metro)

march 19th, 2014
Wednesday, 19 March 2014 10:21

BROOKLYN MEN SUE NYPD OFFICERS FOR TAKING THEIR WHITE CASTLE HAMBURGERS: Two Brooklyn men are suing the New York Police Department for allegedly taking their White Castle burgers on Halloween 2012. Dan Maisonet and Kenneth Glover claim that they were approached by a group of police officers that demanded their White Castle hamburgers and were charged with disorderly conduct after refusing to hand over the burgers. The charges were eventually dropped and the City Law Department has declined to comment on the impending case. (UPI)

SUICIDAL MAN ACCIDENTALLY SAVES DROWNING MAN: A suicidal man, who was threatening to jump off the London Bridge into the River Thames, indirectly saved a man's life when a lifeboat discovered another man in the water. Both men, who were unidentified, were saved from their respective situations. Toni Scarr, from the lifeboat crew, said that the quote, "would (not) have been spotted and would have drowned. He was incredibly fortunate." (Telegraph)

MAN ARRESTED AFTER THEY FOUND FAKE CRACK IN HIS POSSESSION: An Oklahoma man was arrested after the police found fake crack cocaine in his possession. Delbert Dewayne Galbreath was pulled over for a broken brake light when cops searched his car they found a cigarette pouch with 16-pieces of a rock-like substance and a digital scale. The authorities assumed that rock -like substance was indeed cocaine, but were surprised to find out that the substance was Scentsy. Galbreath was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to distribute imitation controlled dangerous substance among other charges and was taken to Oklahoma County Jail. (Koco.com)

DAUGHTER DEVISES MISCHIEVOUS IPHONE TRICK: Twitter user Kenzie created the instruction on her mother's Smartphone, to replace the phrase "dirty clothes" with "acid". So, any time her mother asked if she had any dirty cloths, acid would instead flash on the screen. Unsurprisingly her mother got extremely frustrated and has been retweeted over 12,000 times. (Metro)


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MAN GAVE $70,000 TO MAN HE MET ON OKCUPID.COM AND NOW IS SUING THE SITE: A 65-year-old new York is suing OkCupid.com for failing to warn him about the dangers of online dating after he gave $70,000 to another man. Michael Picciano says he trusted the person who identified himself as Bruce Thompson because of the dating site's reputation. Picciano believed Thompson was real after phone conversations and email exchanges with the con-man and wired him over $70,000 to help him with a new computer parts business. Late last April Picciano's friend found Thompson's name on malescammers.com and soon reported the incident to the authorities. Picciano says he believes Thompson is back on OkCupid, trolling for new victims and using the screen name "bigheartedbt," according to the court papers. (Daily News)

march 18th, 2014
Tuesday, 18 March 2014 11:21

MAN FINDS HIS POLICE WARRANT ONLINE AND TURN HIMSELF IN: A 27-year-old California man turned himself into police after he googled himself and found a warrant for his arrest. Christopher Viatafa allegedly fired a gun into the ground several times at a party in San Leandro, but police still charged him with assault with a deadly weapon in August despite not harming anyone. (Newsy)

FACEBOOK FRAUD POSES AS PRINCE HARRY TO CON PEOPLE OUT OF MONEY: An Austrian man fell victim to a con-man, who posed as Prince Harry on Facebook and offered the tradesman a "contract" to renovate the parquet floors in Buckingham Palace. The victim was asked to transfer $38,296 to several accounts in order to start the project. Authorities have advised the man that his chances of getting his money back are slim. (Metro)

RESTAURANT HOSTS NAZI-THEMED DINNER PARTY: A Nazi themed party at a Minneapolis German restaurant was revealed by anonymous tip. Jon Boorom, who is a member of the World War 2 Historical Re-enactment Society, says the December event was similar to "a Star Trek convention but for World War 2 enthusiasts." Boorom assured that the the party was a totally respectful practice and mentioned that all members must go through extensive background checks to be permitted into the group. According to Boroom, the Christmas party is an annual event that has been celebrated at Gasthof zur Gemütlichkeit for the last six years. (Deadspin)

POLICE FIND 72-CANNABIS PLANTS AND LEAVE NOTE FOR CRIMINAL: Manchester Police left a note after kicking down a man's door and discovering 72 cannabis plants. A photo of the note, which read quote, " We need to talk", was posted on the GMP Salford West Twitter feed. (Daily Mail)


80-YEAR -OLD GRANDMA FIGHTING CANCER INSPIRES 20,000 INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS: Zach Belden set up an Instagram account for his 80-year-old grandmother to help document her life as she battled cancer. Betty Simpson, who now has 20,000 Instagram followers, almost died twice six months ago, but that hasn't stopped her from spending time with family and posting inspirational videos. In one particular video, she dances to the Will.I.am's song Happy, which prompted the Grammy-winning star to follow her. (People)

march 17th, 2014
Monday, 17 March 2014 10:15

"FAMOUS" FLOODED CAR IS ON SALE ON EBAY: A car that was submerged in water for nearly two months has been put up for sale on Ebay. 21-year-old Hubert Zajaczkowski is selling his silver Seat Toledo to raise money for charity. The car, which flooded in Somerset Levels, Britain, was listed at $257 as the opening bid. (Metro)

SAN FRANCISCO RADIO STATION HAD PLAYED NELLY'S "HOT IN HERRE" SINCE FRIDAY: A Bay Area radio station had played only played Nelly's "Hot In Herre" since Friday (March 14th). The all-Nelly format is apparently part of a marketing stunt by Latino Mix 105.7 to coincide with the station's transition to an English-language "Hot 105.7". In 1992, the Bay Area's 107.7, turned into WiLD 94.9 by playing "Wild Thing" for three straight days. (Mercury News)

WAYNE KNIGHT DEATH HOAX: 58-year-old Wayne Knight went to twitter to refute a report that he had died. Knight, who played Newman on Seinfeld, posted quote "'Some of you will be glad to hear this, others strangely disappointed, but....I am alive and well!" He also joked that someone had to die to be trending on Twitter. The erroneous report appears to have come from a website called TMZ.today, which models itself on but is not affiliated with TMZ.com. (Daily Mail)

THE INSPIRATION FOR SHERLOCK HOLMES: A new biography about a detective in Victorian England suggests that he was the inspiration for the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. Angela Buckley's book " The Real Sherlock Holmes: the Hidden Story of Jerome Caminada", which is set to be released in March, is about Caminada's actual work as a police detective and freelance "consulting detective". Many of the characters in the books have real life counterparts, which were described in Caminada's memoirs that were published after his retirement. (UPI)

MAN PRETENDS TO NEED HELP THEN PUNCHES COP A 29-year-old Phoenix man called the authorities and pretended to need help before punching an officer in the face. Police arrived on the scene after receiving multiple calls about a fight at a home. The unidentified man, who had been reportedly been using "mushroom", indicated that he needed help, then said "just kidding" and punched the officer in the head. Police were forced to use a stun gun and four stun bags, which had "no effect" on the man. Finally, a police dog was used to bring the man into custody. (ABC)

MARCH 14TH, 2014
Friday, 14 March 2014 13:03

THE FIVE SECOND RULE IS REAL: Final year Biology students at a British University found that time is a "significant factor" in the transfer of bacteria to food after it has fallen to the floor. The students, from Birmingham's Ashton University, monitored how quickly E. coli and other common bacteria spread from indoor floor services. The tests provided some evidence to support the five second rule and also found that the type of flooring is crucial in the transfer of bacteria, with carpet being the safest. (Metro)

DOMINATRIX FINED FOR FIRE SAFETY HAZARD: A 41-year-old British Dominatrix has been fined for fire safety regulations after a maintenance man reported a basement fire in October 2012. Lorraine White of Stockport was fined $13,298.40 by the fire service after they were called out to a blaze, but could not gain access to her underground chamber. The inspectors found nitrous oxide which they deemed to be dangerous because those underneath the influence might not be able to react if a fire broke out. White admitted to four breaches of health and safety rules at Stockport magistrates' court this week and admitted she had not considered safety regulations. (Metro)

THE "WHITE MAN MARCH" IS COMING TO A CITY NEAR YOU: Supporters of the "White Man March" are planning to assemble flash mobs to march in cities across the world. The "White Man March", which is a white supremacist event, will hit the streets on Saturday, March 15th to coincide with St. Patrick's Day weekend. 30-year-old Kyle Hunt worried that "anti- fascist" protestors might attempt to stop the event, so marchers are planning to disband before trouble arises. (UPI)

COLIN POWELL TOOK SELFIES BEFORE IT WAS COOL: Colin Powell posted to Facebook to brag that he took selfies 60 years before it was cool. He added, "East your heart out Ellen!" (Gawker)


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MARIJUANA LACED PIZZA SENDS BOY TO HOSPITAL: A Los Angeles grandmother, who took her 10-year-old grandson to the emergency room after they ate a pizza, was shocked when he tested positive for marijuana. Ava Farley, who started feeling sick after they ate the pizza, knew something was wrong when Clintay started cursing, talking crazy, and ran around naked. The owner of the pizza place was shocked to learn about to learn that Clintay's urine allegedly tested positive for marijuana. The police have not yet started an investigation. (CBS)

FLORIDA CHURCH OFFERING DRIVE-THRU PRAYER SERVICES: The Estero United Methodist Church in Southwest Florida has started offering drive-thru prayer services along U.S. 41. 30-year-old John Halley, the church's director of discipleship, said that the free service is not intended to boost enrollment at the church, but to spread god's love to passerby. Halley said the attendance changes from week to week and that sometimes they have weeks with no visitors. (UPI)

march 13th, 2014
Thursday, 13 March 2014 13:06

PORNOSTAGRAM IS THE INSTAGRAM FOR NUDE PHOTOS: Pornostagram is a new Internet sharing app that allows people to share nude photos of themselves for their followers to see. The app is based on Instagram, which allows users to share photos with a wide range of filters, but is different because Instagram has a strict policy against nudity. The French creator Quentin Lechemia wanted to create an alternative where adults could share their "sexy" photos. (Huffington Post)

NEW YORK WOMAN FINDS LIZARD HEAD IN KALE SALAD: A 31-year-old New York woman discovered a lizard head in the kale salad that she had delivered from the restaurant. Robin Sandusky ordered a $4.25 kale salad from Guy and Galllard, but was grossed out when she discovered the lizard head in her salad. The restaurant offered a replacement salad, but Sandusky took a refund instead because she was"...still a little freaked out". Jason Jeffries, a managing partner at Guy and Gullard, said the company is currently investigating the incident. (New York Post)

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(Photo Credit: New York Post)

US TOURIST GETS QUEEN'S GUARDSMAN TO SMILE: An American tourist got a Queen's guardsmen to smile after going through a comedy routine. The man, who can was only identified as Yankel, started weaving a story that the pair went to school together. The Queen's Guard, who are known for remaining entirely focused on the job, despite surrounding distractions, broke into a smile after Yankel mentioned that guard's Mom picked him up from school until the age of twenty. (Daily Mail)


SCOOTER THIEF ARRESTED FEET FROM POLICE STATION: A 35-year-old British thief, who hired rented two mobility scooters on his trip to Blackpool, was arrested as he started loading them into a friend's van. Police watched as Paul James loaded two scooters that had signs indicating they belonged to Blackpool Wheelchair Hire. James later admitted that he was looking to make a quick buck by selling the scooter valued at $800. (The Gazette)

MAGIC WAND USED TO SUMMON SUPERNATURAL BEINGS IS FOUND IN SYRIA: Archeologists unearthed a 9,000-year-old wand near a graveyard where about 30 people were buried without their heads. The "magic wand", which has two realistic faces carved on it, was likely used in a long-lost funeral ritual. The burial site was first uncovered in 2007 and 2009 in southern Syria. Scientists speculate that the skulls from the bodies, which were found within living areas of the settlement, were decorated as memento to their ancestors or were trophies from vanquished enemies. (Daily Mail)


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March 12th, 2014
Wednesday, 12 March 2014 13:17

SELFIE WITH MACHINE GUN LEADS TO ARREST: A 21-year-old New York was arrested for a series of Bank robberies after he posted a selfie with his automatic weapon on Facebook. Authorities saw the photo of Jules Bahler and recognized the weapon from a bank robbery in Bay City Michigan and promptly contacted the FBI. Jules, who is also known as King Romero, also made the the unwise decision to mention that he recently purchased the weapon. Bahler was arrested and reportedly confessed to two robberies in Pontiac, Michigan and a third in Bay City. (UPI)

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(Photo Credit: Jules Bahler, Geobeats via Facebook)

POLICE CAPTURE ANGRY HOUSECAT WHILE FAMILY HIDES IN BATHROOM: Portland Police were called to rescue a family from their 22-pound cat after it became aggressive and attacked a baby. The family called 911 on Sunday night (March 9th) before they were able to lock themselves in the bathroom with the baby and the family dog. Officers arrived at the home and saw the black and white Himalayan cat flee into the kitchen, but were able to get a dog snare around it and safely locked in the feline in its crate. The family was shaken, but did not need medical attention.. (Washington Post)

END OF THE WORLD CINEMAS: An Estonian photographer, who ventured into Egypt's vast Sinai Peninsula, found an abandoned movie theatre. The theatre, which is now called the End of the World Cinema, was originally created by a French visitor that thought the location was perfect for his project. According to Kikkas, he bought everything that he needed from an old Theatre in Cairo, but his plan failed. At the premiere, everything went wrong and it was rumored that the electricity generator was sabotaged. because local authorities were unhappy with the project. (Metro)

Google Map: http://bit.ly/1quKcm7

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(Photo Credit:HotSpot Media / Kaupo Kikkas)

DRUNKEN GROOM FIGHTS WITH BRIDE FORCING AN EMERGENCY LANDING: A groom on his honeymoon got into a drunken argument with his bride aboard a flight from Atlanta to Cost Rica. The unidentified U.S. couple caused the flight to make an emergency landing on Grand Cayman island and the groom was held in custody on the charge of drunk and disorderly conduct. The bride remained aboard for the rest of the flight to San Jose, Costa Rica. (Chicago Tribune)

HOW TO POOP A RAINBOW: http://bit.ly/PrdnIW

ITALIAN POLITICAL PARTY FILES EXPENSE CLAIM FOR SEX TOYS: The leader of an Italian political party said officials are looking into allegation that expense claims were filed for the purchase of sex toys. The Italian finance police are investigating the accounts of parties on the Bolzano provincial council because a $90 receipt was filed for a vibrator and two other sex toys. Pius Leitner, leader of the right-wing party, said officials are investigating the matter. (UPI)

march 11th, 2014
Tuesday, 11 March 2014 13:04

MINOR LEAGUE TEAM'S BACON UNIFORMS ARE SELLING FAST: The Triple-A Leigh Valley IronPigs have sold almost 3,300 bacon hats that their players will wear for Saturday games during the season. The IronPigs, which are the Triple -A affiliate of the Phillies, announced on February 24th that the team would wear uniforms featuring a wavy strip of bacon on the hats, jerseys and pants. Since then, the team has sold almost 3,300 of the bacon hats and 1,500 bacon-strip scratch-and-sniff T-shirts that promise to smell through at least 10 trips in the washing machine. The team will continue the theme at the ballpark this year, selling bacon-flavored cotton candy and offering free bacon crumbles on all concession items the team sells, from hot dogs to ice cream. (ESPN)

Buy Your Bacon Hat or Shirt: http://ironpigs.milbstore.com//store.cfm?store_id=116

GRANDFATHER WRITES FUNNY OBITUARY FOR HIMSELF: A redditor's grandfather wrote a hilarious obituary for himself. Walter George Bruhl Jr.'s obituary includes a list of body parts that died before him and his remorse that there wouldn't be a viewing because his wife wouldn't let him appear "standing in the corner of the room with a glass of Jack Daniels in his hand." Walter wished to be cremated and asked for others to do good deeds for "some poor unfortunate soul" instead of sending flowers. Many reddit users have promised to do just that.


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FLORIDA FAMILY GETS SICK FROM LSD TAINTED MEAT: A Florida family of four became sick after eating meat tainted with LSD. 31-year-old Jessica Rosado, who is nine months pregnant, drove her boyfriend Ronnie Morales to the hospital after he began feeling ill and experienced hallucinations after dinner on Monday (March 3rd). It wasn't long before the rest of the family became sick and soon Rosado and her two children joined Morales in the Hospital. All four were treated and released, but the family left as five after doctors induced labor and Rosado birthed a baby boy. Local police are not sure how the LSD ended up in the thin-cut bottom round steak, but Walmart has started reviewing their security system for any evidence. (UPI)

STUDENT USES GEORGE FOREMAN GRILL IN MIDDLE OF LECTURE: A photo posted by Twitter user Ross Milne shows a student at the University of West Scotland uses a George Foreman Grill during a lecture. Another picture showed the man cutting into his snack while surprised students looked on. (Metro)

So a guy has started using a George Foreman in my lecture... pic.twitter.com/u9Em7vBL6l
— Ross Milne (@RossMilnee) March 10, 2014

MAN SUBMITS AT GRAPPLING CHAMPIONSHIP AFTER OPPONENT FARTS IN HIS FACE: A competitor the Grappling Championship in Las Vegas gave up after a competitor farted in his face during a match. The YouTube video, which has gone viral, shows one man submitting and eventually vomiting after the flatulent display. (Busted Coverage)

Watch the Match (Warning Puke Alert): http://bit.ly/1crrZlx

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