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Feb. 26, 2015
Thursday, 26 February 2015 14:52

1. Here are a few random facts for you.  Americans make 850 million visits to museums a year . . . more than our visits to major sporting events and amusement parks combined.  "Tron" wasn't nominated for the Oscar for visual effects in 1982 . . . because the Academy felt the producers CHEATED by using computers.  And The Who have never had a #1 hit in America.


2. There's a new social network called 'Fartners' where you share the sound of your FLATULENCE.  You record your gas with an app, then post it for people to rate or comment on it.  It's only available for Android users, but they're raising money for an iPhone version.


3. A new survey found the average person only spends 41 minutes a day eating all their meals.  That breaks down to eight minutes for breakfast . . . 13 minutes and 45 seconds for lunch . . . and 19 minutes and 27 seconds for dinner.


4. A new survey found 90% of women between 18 and 24 are unhappy with at least one body part . . . and 85% of women over 55 are unhappy with something about their bodies.  The most common body part women hate is their stomach . . . and that's consistent across all ages, races, and ethnicities.


5. A new survey found the top things we'd give up if money got tight.  The top three are expensive jewelry . . . club and social memberships . . . and expensive purses.  The three things we WON'T get rid of are Internet service . . . cell phone service . . . and cable.

Feb. 25, 2015
Wednesday, 25 February 2015 10:40

1. Here are a few random facts for you.  Scientists now believe the Black Plague in the 1300s wasn't spread by rats . . . it was spread by wild GERBILS.  There are only two countries in the world without mosquitoes . . . Iceland and the Faroe Islands.   And the name Kennedy comes from the Gaelic words for "ugly head."


2. "Consumer Reports" just released their annual list of the 10 best cars in America, and three of them are actually AMERICAN cars this time.  The Buick Regal was named the best sports sedan . . . the Chevrolet Impala was named the best large car . . . and the Tesla Model S was named the best car overall.


3. A new study found the 10 best and worst cities for saving money, based on things like taxes, home prices, and the unemployment rate.  And NINE of the ten worst cities are in California.  Portland, Oregon is the best place to save money . . . San Francisco is the worst.


4. A new survey found 91% of women are willing to throw in money on a first date . . . only 9% refuse to pay for anything.  But men REALLY don't expect it . . . 81% plan on paying for the whole date.


5. A new study found the Tooth Fairy left an average of $4.36 for a tooth last year.  That's up 25% from 2013.  And in New York, the Tooth Fairy left an average of $13.25.

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Feb. 24, 2015
Tuesday, 24 February 2015 10:46

1. Here are a few random facts for you.  Technically, the first Burger King opened about four months before the first McDonald's franchise.  Piggy banks are named after "pygg" . . . an orange clay that was used to make pots and jars in the Middle Ages.  And the average person loses 100 hairs a day.


2. The average person says they'd need at least $125,000 a year to "live the dream" . . . but only work 27 hours a week.  And our top five goals in life are to make more money . . . travel the world . . . be healthier in general . . . lose weight . . . and fall in love.


3. A new survey found 98% of us have a small handful of restaurants we always go to . . . and rarely try anywhere else.  And about one in four people only go to TWO restaurants.


4. Pretty much all the emoji showing human beings are WHITE . . . but that's finally going to change.  Apple is introducing six different race options for every human face or body part . . . they'll be in the iPhone update next month.


5. A new survey found the most common random acts of kindness we do.  The top two are:  Letting someone go ahead of you in line . . . and checking in on a loved one.  The survey also found 23% of people have NEVER performed a random act of kindness.

Feb. 19, 2015
Thursday, 19 February 2015 10:53

1. Here are a few random facts for you.  Penguins can't taste fish . . . but they swallow them without tasting them anyway.  While Brad Pitt was playing the role of Achilles in "Troy", he injured his Achilles tendon.  And the French term for brass knuckles is "poing americain," which means "American fist."


2. A new study asked people around the world to name the ideal beauty and grooming standards for men and women.  89% say the ideal man should have short hair, and 82% say he should be clean-shaven.  84% say the ideal woman should shave her legs . . . and 55% say she should NOT wear makeup.


3. A website tracked 100,000 tweets in the past week to figure out what people are giving up for Lent.  The top five are:  School . . . chocolate . . . Twitter . . . social networking . . . and alcohol.


4. A new website lets you test out two versions of a tweet to see which one is more likely to get retweeted and favorited.  It's based on a study of the phrasing, style, and content that make tweets popular.


5. According to a new study, checking your phone too much could mean you're DEPRESSED.  Because you're constantly trying to find something to alter your mood.

Feb. 18, 2015
Wednesday, 18 February 2015 11:57

1. Here are a few random facts for you.  The most successful American industry for investors since 1900 is tobacco.  Saddam Hussein was a fan of "Scarface" and named one of his money laundering companies after Tony Montana.  And there's only one company left in America that manufactures silverware.


2. A new survey on Americans and dogs found people in California are most affectionate with their dogs . . . people in Nebraska are least affectionate . . . and 86% of people say "I love you" to their dog at least once a month.


3. A writer for Yahoo tried every drink at Starbucks and came up with a ranking.  The Coffee Frappuccino came in on top . . . the Caramel Frappuccino came in last.


4. Researchers have found that the language patterns people use in one-star reviews on Yelp is similar to the language patterns people use when they describe a serious trauma . . . like 9/11 or a school shooting.


5. A Krispy Kreme in England just apologized for inviting kids to "KKK Wednesday."  The "KKK" stood for "Krispy Kreme Klub," since they spelled "klub" with a "K."  The KKK isn't as infamous in England, so they probably didn't realize it had a negative connotation . . . but people on Facebook quickly let them know.

Feb. 17, 2015
Tuesday, 17 February 2015 10:49

1. Here are a few random facts for you.  The first selfie was taken by a guy in 1839 while he experimented with a new camera.  The yellow "Support Our Troops" ribbon is trademarked by the Canadian government.  And the"New York Times" first mentioned Hitler in 1922 . . . and said, quote, "Hitler's anti-Semitism was not so violent or genuine as it sounded."


2. A new study found the most common flirting techniques people use.  The top five are:  Maintaining eye contact . . . giving someone a compliment . . . making FUN of them . . . looking at them then quickly looking away when they notice . . . and asking them for help.


3. A new survey found the average woman has FIVE major regrets in life.  The three most common are:  Not trying hard enough in school . . . not losing weight . . . and choosing the wrong career.


4. 1-800-Flowers had a ROUGH Valentine's Day.  People have been tweeting photos of wilted flowers, incorrect orders, and ugly arrangements . . . and 1-800-Flowers is STILL working to respond to all the orders.


5. A woman in Utah just applied to the "Guinness Book of World Records" for catching the most bouquets at weddings.  She's caught 46 bouquets and has the photos to prove it . . . and she's still single.

Feb. 16, 2015
Monday, 16 February 2015 11:02

1. Here are a few random facts for you.  Adult diapers outsell baby diapers in Japan.  Hello Kitty was created in Japan, but the creator decided to make her British since British culture was trendy in Japan at the time.  And Chuck Berry's only number one single was "My Ding-a-Ling".


2. A survey asked couples about their Valentine's Day, and found they got-it-on at an average time of . . . 8:47 P.M.  Although newer couples did it earlier, and married couples did it later.


3. A new survey asked women what makes men attractive BESIDES looks or personality.  The top three are owning a dog . . . having a big house . . . and making a lot of money.


4. According to a new survey, here are the top five things a "real man" should know:  His wedding anniversary . . . basic do-it-yourself tasks . . . how to change a light bulb . . . how to tie a tie . . . and how to read a map.


5. According to a new survey, the top three things women get excited about are going on vacation . . . having sex . . . and exercising.  And the top three things that DRAIN their energy are worrying about money . . . arguing with our significant other . . . and dark winter nights.

Feb. 13, 2015
Friday, 13 February 2015 08:19

1. Here are a few random facts for you.  New York City hit a string of 10 consecutive days without a murder yesterday . . . an all-time record.  Kurt Vonnegut was Geraldo Rivera's father-in-law for four years . . . Geraldo was married to Kurt's daughter from 1971 to 1975.  And Elmo is the only non-human who's ever testified before Congress.


2. Will you have sex on Valentine's Day?  Only 49% of people say they probably will . . . 34% say they probably WON'T.  But you're more likely to have sex than get a gift . . . only 33% of people think they'll probably get a present tomorrow.


3. A website analyzed 20 surveys about Valentine's Day to figure out what people are REALLY spending, and what they really want.  The average guy will spend $153, and the average woman will spend $89.  The most popular gift is dinner or a night out . . . the least popular is something homemade.


4. A new study ranked the states by how ROMANTIC they are, using three factors:  How much chocolate they eat, how much champagne they drink, and how much sex they have.  The most romantic states are Rhode Island and Washington . . . the least romantic are Wyoming and Nebraska.


5. A new study found the best cities for SINGLE PEOPLE on Valentine's Day, based on things like the number of single people living there, and the entertainment options per capita.  Washington D.C. and Atlanta are the best . . . Stockton, California and Miami are the worst.

Feb. 10, 2015
Tuesday, 10 February 2015 10:21

1. Here are a few random facts for you.  The mascot for Vlasic Pickles is a stork because pickles and storks are both associated with pregnancy.  2% of all the eggs produced in the U.S. are used by Waffle Houses.  And the word "diarrhea" comes from a Greek word that means "flowing through."


2. A new survey found you're more likely to get dumped TODAY than any other day of the year.  22% of people have dumped someone on February 10th . . . exactly four days before Valentine's Day.


3. A new survey found almost one in four women has said "NO" to a marriage proposal at some point in their life.  The top three reasons are:  I wasn't sure he was "the One" . . . it just didn't feel right . . . and I don't want to get married.


4. A new survey found 40% of us LIE about how much CHOCOLATE we eat.  The most common places we secretly eat it are in the car on the way home from work, and at our desk at work.


5. What's the sexiest accent in the world?  The winner by a landslide was . . . a BRITISH accent.  And surprisingly, American came in second . . . followed by Irish . . . Australian . . . and French.

Feb. 09, 2015
Monday, 09 February 2015 15:12

1. Here are a few random facts for you.  More people in Anchorage, Alaska take a plane to work than a bus.  The Pentagon spent more than $500,000 on Viagra last year, categorized as "troop support."  And the little plastic thing that goes in the middle of the pizza to keep the box from touching the cheese turns 30 tomorrow.


2. A new survey found Americans overwhelmingly believe in SOULMATES.  76% say everyone has a soulmate out there . . . 65% say you know right away when you meet them . . . and 36% say they're still looking for their soulmate.


3. A new study found that from an evolutionary perspective, it's better to mate with the first decent option than to wait for the perfect person.  Your primary biological purpose is to spread your genes, so mating quickly takes away the risk that you'll die or become infertile before you have the chance.


4. A company in China is making an interesting offer to its employee of the year:  A night of sex with a famous porn star . . . or a new Porsche.  Unfortunately, we doubt we'll find out which one the employee chooses.


5. Technology is about to make it harder for you to steal towels from hotels.  There's a company selling tiny, affordable tracking chips that hotels can put in their towels and robes . . . and more than 2,000 hotels have already started using them.

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