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Nov. 12, 2014
Wednesday, 12 November 2014 06:19

RAVEN HAS FEATHER TRANSPLANT: A raven was given a feather transplant after it was unable to fly because of mites. The bird was able to fly again after some tender love and care from Maureen Bergin, who found the bird in poor health at her job's parking lot. After the transplant and months of building up her strength at the Wildlife Center of Virginia, she finally took to the air. (Metro)

BEIJING'S ROAST DUCK MUSEUM: A Beijing restaurant has opened a museum dedicated to roast duck. 150-year-old eatery serves nearly 2,000-ducks-per-day. So, they decided to dedicate one of their floors to a museum featuring pictures of world leaders eating poultry. The museum's entrance is adorned with a giant gold statue of a duck. The seven story Quanjude restaurant has served nearly 200-million ducks since it opened. (NBC News)

"MAGIC" PARROT PICKS LOCK AND ESCAPES: A British family is looking for their pet parrot, which picked the lock to his cage while being transported. "Magic" was being moved to a temporary home while his owners were away on vacation, but he flew away when Michelle Russell opened her car door. The family's had the Senegal parrot for more than 20 years, raising him from when he was a chick. In that time, he's picked a few locks. They've posted fliers and left food out, but Magic has yet to turn up. (Huffington Post)

MAN RESCUED FROM DEPARTMENT STORE'S WALLS: A 35-year-old man was freed from a space between two walls and may have been there for several days yelling for help. Paul Felyk was rescued by Colorado firefighters, who used a circular saw to cut into the side of the building. Felyk supposedly entered the building through a vent on the roof for unknown reasons. The 35-year-old was hospitalized and his condition was unavailable. (Yahoo)

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Nov. 11, 2014
Tuesday, 11 November 2014 06:39

DUO TRIES TO ROB GIRL SCOUTS: A Maryland man and his underage accomplice tried to steal a "wagon full of Girl Scout Cookies" from two little girls. According to police, the two girls, who are 12 and 13-years-old, were selling cookies when they briefly stepped away from their wagon. That is when Gabriel Smith allegedly took off with their cookies towards a getaway car. One of the girls gave chase and grabbed the wagon. Smith let go and jumped in the car, but neighbors followed the getaway car and called 911. (The Smoking Gun)

TEACHER WALKS INTO CLASSROOM DRUNK AND THEN WETS HIMSELF: A drunken teacher allegedly wet himself at Southington High School in Connecticut. According to sources, the Spanish teacher came into school fairly intoxicated and soiled himself while students videotaped the incident. The unidentified teacher proceeded to pin a student against the wall for unknown reasons. There’s no word yet on what’s happened to the teacher (Metro)

WASHING MACHINES THE MOVIE: A new Kickstarter campaign is trying to raise money for a movie about love between two Washing Machines. The Ben Roper film Final Spin is a live-action short about a washing machine that wanders into the woods, meets another washer, falls in love… and fights a microwave. About 50 percent of the movie still needs to be shot, and the team is hoping to raise an additional $13,000 to complete the film. (Yahoo)

FINAL SPIN: http://bitly.com/1thZRYz

BACON SRIRACHA CRONUTS: A Southern California donut shop has went all in on the cronut craze and upped the ante by adding two more delicious ingredients. DK's Donuts’ new "crestnut" is exactly like a cronut, but has a thick Srircha glaze and candied bacon on top. (7 Deadly Magazine)

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Nov. 10, 2014
Monday, 10 November 2014 07:08

FIREFIGHTERS RESCUE DOG STUCK ON ROOF: Ohio firefighters rescued a dog that had been stuck on a roof for three days. It took about an hour to rescue the Rottweiler, which escaped from the three story home through a hole in the attic. A neighbor had called the authorities several times to alert them about the situation.. The owner had been staying with a friend the past week and didn't know how the dog escaped. (Yahoo)

DEMONIC PRINCESS WAND: An Ohio mom was horrified when a toy that she purchased for her daughter had a picture of a demonic girl slitting her wrists. Nicole Allen bought the wand from the Dollar Store, but was surprised when her two-year-old pulled back the foil on the toy. The toy called an evil stick was surrounded by other children's toys and even had pink and glittery packaging. (Gawker)

WOMAN PULLS FAKE TEETH FROM BARTENDERS' MOUTH IN BAR BRAWL: A Massachusetts woman was arrested after fighting with a bartender, who she suspected of sleeping with her husband. Caterina Froio-Chaputwent went to the American Legion because she believed Susan Carlson was cheating with her estranged husband. Froio-Chaputwent allegedly started hitting the bartender after being asked to leave and supposedly pulled out Carlson's false teeth. When police arrived on the scene, she denied having Carlson's teeth, but after searching they found them in her pocket. Froio-Chaput is now facing charges of assault and battery with a deadly weapon for throwing a bottle at Carlson. (Gawker)

TIME WARNER CABLES TO CHARGE 20,000-DOLLARS FOR BROADBAND INTERNET: A man living in rural New York was told he would have to pay 20,000 in installation fees if he wanted broadband internet. Jesse Walser built his home about 20-miles outside of Syracuse and about 150 from a road with a cable line. About ten years ago, Time Warner wanted Walser to pay nearly 6,000-dollars for the service, but was shocked by the new price when he reconsidered the option. (Syracuse.com)

DORITOS-FLAVORED MOUNTAIN DEW: Pepsi is planning to create Mountain Dew flavored Doritos. There is no set date for when they chips will go on sale although the Pepsi spokesperson has confirmed the reports. They had released a Mountain Flavored chip in 2008 called Doritos Quest. (Huffington Post)

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Nov. 7, 2014
Friday, 07 November 2014 07:20

WOMAN TAKES MAN'S WALLET ON FIRST DATE: A 23-year-old man went on a first date, but was left disappointed because she ran away with his wallet. Jeffrey Mack decided to meet Heather Hegre at a local Arby's in Oregon after talking on Meetme.com. Hegre convinced Mack to buy her a milkshake, which he did, but left his wallet on the center console. Hegre then allegedly grabbed his wallet, got out of the car and ran off. Mack provided the police with her cell phone number. Officers called her to arrange a meeting at the same restaurant, where she was arrested. (Yahoo)

METH FOUND WHEN SUSPECT PARKED IN WRONG LOT: A woman cleared for entry into the United States was busted smuggling drugs after she accidentally parked in the inspection lot. 33-year-old Sylvia Mashiah mistakenly drove to a secondary lot where Customs and Border Protection Officers inspect the vehicles. Mashiah's car was searched and agents allegedly discovered 27 pounds of meth in 17 packages hidden in the rear quarter panels of the Ford Focus. (Newser)

MAN CALLS 911 TO ASK DISPATCHER ON A DATE: A 45-year-old man called 911-three times to ask the dispatcher out on a date. Stephen Ramsey allegedly kept the woman on the phone for more than six-minutes. He even joked if she was "into handcuffs." A Deputy went to Ramsey's home, who supposedly was slurring his speech. Ramsey was charged with misuse of 911 and is currently in the Collier County Jail on $2,000 bond. (Huffington Post)

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Nov. 6, 2014
Thursday, 06 November 2014 06:28

WILDLIFE EXPERT TO BE EATEN ALIVE BY ANACONDA: A wildlife expert wearing a "snake proof" suit is going to be eaten alive by an anaconda on his new TV show. Paul Rosolie's new show Eaten Alive will show his trip to South America as he tries to coax snakes into swallowing him. Eaten Alive is scheduled to premiere December 7 on the Discovery channel. (Huffington Post)

HAIR REMOVAL COMPANY ACCIDENTALLY "USES AL-QAEDA PHOTO": A Turkish hair removal company accidentally used a photo of an imprisoned al-Qaeda official in their advertisement. The infamous photo, which shows the alleged 9/11 mastermind with chest and back hair spilling out of his t-shirt, was used alongside the caption, "That hair will not shed itself." The company released a statement saying, "We didn't know that he was a terrorist....the guy is quite hairy, so we thought his body was a good fit for our ad." (BBC)

MAN SHOCKED BY $3,750-WINE BILL: A man eating at Bobby Flay's Steakhouse in Atlantic City was recommended a bottle of wine for "thirty-seven fifty", but was shocked to get a bill for $3,750-dollars. Joe Lentini asked his waitress to recommend a wine to share with a few other diners, but couldn't see the price because he didn't have his glasses. The waitress allegedly pointed to the wine and told him it was worth "thirty-seven fifty." The diners eventually agreed to split a reduced price of $2,200 for the bottle of Screaming Eagle Oakville 2011. (Gawker)

INAPPROPRIATE OUTLET:http://bit.ly/1y5Celc

ACME BUILDING GRAFFITI WITH WILE E. COYOTE AND ROAD RUNNER: An unknown artist posted images of Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner outside of a factory with the name Acme Foundry. President Jerry Bush says Acme will keep the cardboard cutouts of the Warner Brothers characters unless the City of Minneapolis has an objection. (UPI)

BIKINI CAR WASH IN FLORIDA: A Florida man has opened up a bikini car wash called Baywash after helping his daughter with a fundraiser. 47-year-old Steve McMahon opened Baywash Bikini Car Wash five years ago as a fundraiser for his daughter, who attends a special school for autistic children. He now has a staff of six bikini clad "soap artists and offers cars washes starting at $10-dollars. (Huffington Post)

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Nov. 5, 2014
Wednesday, 05 November 2014 06:33

MAN TRIES TO EAT BREATHALYZER RESULTS: A 40-year-old man is facing multiple charges after he tried to eat his DWI results. Kenneth Desormes was supposedly stopped for speeding on a Connecticut highway and eventually arrested for being intoxicated. Desormes was brought to the police barracks in Tarrytown to be processed. Troopers started printing his breathalyzer tests, which Desormes allegedly grabbed and tried to eat. (Yahoo)

3-YEAR-OLD SEES TIGGER HAVING SEX IN BATHROOM: A British grandmother brought her 3-year-old granddaughter into a public restroom where they saw a man dressed as Tigger having sex. Maryanne Saunders says they entered into a costumed man and a woman having "Full blown sex". Saunders reported the incident to the Dawlish Neighborhood Police by their Facebook page. No arrests have been made.(Mirror)

BAG OF METH FOUND IN GIRL'S HALLOWEEN CANDY: Parents of an-eight-year-old found a plastic bag of meth in their daughter's Halloween candy. The girl's father found the pink colored-Ziploc pouch and called police. After tests, the authorities found the substance to be crystal meth. The unidentified father told police he and his daughter were trick-or-treating in a well-lit, 10-block area of town called the Promenade. The police are trying to match fingerprints from the bag to residents in the area. (Yahoo)

STATIONS: Please note the following stories contain language that could be considered offensive to your audience.

SEND POOP IN A BOX ANYWHERE: A new startup allows you to send a variety of animal excrement to any address in the world. The internet-based feces service Sh't Express will deliver your poop with a personalized message and even gift wrap it. (Motherboard)

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Nov. 4, 2014
Tuesday, 04 November 2014 06:21

ZOO SELLS RIGHT TO NAME BABY GIRAFFE: A Dallas Zoo has sold the naming rights for a newborn giraffe for $50,000-dollars to an anonymous bidder. No name has yet been selected for the six-foot male born on October 26th. The naming rights were sold at an auction at a zoo fundraiser. The money will be used for giraffe conservation efforts in Africa. (Yahoo)

BOMB SQUAD TAKES 3-HOURS TO OPEN PACK AGE OF MEXICAN JUMPING BEANS: A California bomb squad needed three hours to determine the contents of a mysterious package, which turned out to be Mexican jumping beans. A postal worker alerted the authorities to a package after hearing a ticking sound. The San Diego Sheriff’s Bomb and Arson Unit got the package out of the truck, put it on an open grassy area and used a robot with a water canon to blast open the package. (Huffington Post)

VILLAGERS SWEAR BY "EXCREMENT WATER": Villagers from a Chinese province swear that "excrement water" can cure serious illnesses. The drink made from cow or sheep manure is either dried or cooked over a fire. They grind up the finished product, mix it with water and drink it two times a day. The craze started after a local woman was diagnosed with late phase lung cancer. After her condition did not improve with regular hospital treatments, her son gave her a "magic" prescription from a "skillful folk", which has allegedly saved the woman's life. (Metro)

ICE TIRES: A British inventor created ice tires for a bicycle. Colin Furze, who has gained a reputation for his wacky inventions, was sponsored by clothing company Uniqlo to show off its new thermal wear. So, he created wheels out of mesh, frozen water mixed and ice cubes. He rode his ice bike around, up and down hills and even over a glacier. (Yahoo)

STRAWBERRY MILK-FLAVORED PEPSI: A strawberry milk-flavored Pepsi will go on sale in Japan on December 9th. Pepsi releases a limited edition flavor into the Japanese maker at least once-a-year. According to Pepsi, the flavor "is a glamorous pink cola drink perfect for the winter party season." The Pink Pepsi was last trialed in 2011. (RocketNews24)

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Nov. 3, 2014
Monday, 03 November 2014 07:49

JARED DIET CAUSES MAN TO ROB MULTIPLE SUBWAYS: An Alabama man robbed four Subway restaurants because the "Jared Diet" did not work. 18-year-old Zachary Torrance was arrested after a Wal-Mart employee recognized Torrance from a surveillance video posted on Hueytown Police Department's Facebook page. He has confessed to the crime and will face sentencing. He is currently being held with a $250,000 bail. (New York Post)

WOMAN LOSES WEDDING RING IN HALLOWEEN CANDY: An Arizona woman accidentally gave away her wedding ring with Halloween Candy. Brooklin Yazzie says she placed her ring in a candy jar while helping her daughters carve pumpkins and absentmindedly dumped the contents of the jar into a candy bag. Yazzie hope someone has the ring because it isn't worth much money and has sentimental value to her. (Yahoo)

BATS TAKEOVER COURTHOUSE: Brazilian Free-tailed bats took over a courthouse in Utah. More than 50-bats were removed after they heard and seen in the ceilings, hallways, and inside courtrooms. Court officials said the bats caused minimal disruptions in court operations although some proceedings had to be moved. (Huffington Post)

ALL YOU-CAN-EAT WHOPPERS: Burger King has announced its annual all-you-can-eat Whopper promotion in Japan. The restaurant chain announced that customers will be able to order a challenge set meal for $11, which consists of two Whoppers and a medium fries. Upon completion of the meal, the customer is entitled to as many whoppers as they would like. Burger King Japan said locations are selling "advance tickets" for challenge set meals. (Rocket News 24)

MONEY FLIES OUT OF ARMORED CAR: The drivers of an armored car scrambled to grab money flying around a Maryland highway after the truck's door burst open. Maryland State Police say a lock on the truck seems to have malfunctioned allowing a bag of cash to fall onto interstate 270. Responding troopers were able to help the truck's driver recover about $200. It's not known how much cash was lost. Police urge the drivers who took the cash to return it to the state police or else face charges of theft if they're found. (Huffington Post)

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Oct. 31, 2014
Friday, 31 October 2014 05:38

MUSTACHE HALL OF FAME: The American Mustache institute will unveil its inaugural class for the International Mustache Hall of Fame on Feb. 11. The Mustache Hall of Fame will only be online for the time being, but the A.M.I. says it is searching for a physical location. Nominations for the inaugural class are being accepted through Nov. 30 at MustacheHall.com. (Yahoo)

STORE OWNER FENDS OFF ROBBERS WITH CHILI POWDER: A Massachusetts store owner threw chili powder in the faces of armed robbers. 25-year-old shows Brett Osgood purchased a $2-lottery ticket from a C-store, only to return to collect his winnings. During the second visit, Osgood was accompanied by another man who drew a gun and demanded cash from the register. Saadat Khan refused to give over the money and threw the powder in their face when they unsuccessfully tried to open the register. Khan took down the license plate number of the vehicle that led police to Osgood. (Boston Globe)

MAN'S DOG HELPS POLICE ARREST HIM: A dog helped police bust his owner on a drug charge. Edwin Melvin Henderson took off when the authorities arrived at his home with a search warrant. The cops quickly lost track of Henderson. So, the police told Henderson's dog Bo to "go get him." The dog ran into the field, searched out his master and stood over him, wagging his tail. Henderson was charged with manufacturing a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. (Metro)

MAN FLEES BY CANOE: A Canadian suspect accused of breaking and entering tried to flee police by canoe. Halifax police received a call about a possible break in. The suspect was seen fleeing in a red canoe when a Good Samaritan took two officers out in his boat to help with the pursuit, but the suspect had made it to land. The 20-year-old man was eventually arrested at a nearby Park. (CBC News)

ATM GIVES FREE ERECTIONS: An ATM in England promised "free erections" after a translation error. A Tesco Express tried writing "lift money without fee" in Welsh but failed epically. Councilor Ceredig Davies spotted it and put it on his Facebook page where it was shared hundreds of times. The sign was taken down and Tesco apologized for the mistake. (BBC NEWS)


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Oct. 30, 2014
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MOUSE DELAYS FLIGHT TO NEW YORK: A Norwegian flight to New York was delayed for five hours because of a mouse in the cockpit. The pilots for the Norwegian Air Shuttle spotted the mouse on the flight deck and had to make sure that no cables or wires had been chewed. The rodent was eventually caught allowing the plane to take off. (Yahoo)

HILTER'S COPY OF "MEIN KAMPF" UP FOR AUCTION: A copy of Mein Kampf belonging to Adolf Hitler is being auctioned off by an expert from History Channel's Pawn Stars. Craig Gottlieb set the starting bid at $4,995 for the 1932 Edition of "My Struggle", but is expecting to fetch more than $100,000-dollars. (Washington Post)

THIEF SPRAYED MILK FROM HER BREAST: A suspect armed only with only her breasts allegedly squirted milk at pharmacy workers and made off with $127. German police say the woman entered a pharmacy in Darmstadt to purchase a breast pump. She handed over about $255 for the $25-dollar item and then exposed her breast. The woman repeatedly sprayed her milk while going through a counter display and approaching a second cash register. (The Local)

DRUG SUSPECT SAYS HIS NAME IS DENZEL WASHINGTON: A drug suspect told police that his name was Denzel Washington. Tennessee cops were responding to a noise complaint when the smelled marijuana coming from the apartment. The police couldn't find any drugs until they found several bags allegedly thrown out a bedroom window. The police were able to identify the seven individuals in the home except for one man who identified himself as Denzel Washington. 21-year-old Justin Seay was charged with felony narcotics possession, criminal impersonation, and violating probation. (The Smoking Gun)

SUSPECT BREAKS INTO HOME DRESSED AS TELETUBBIE: A man dressed up as a yellow teletubbie broke into his friend's house after a Halloween party and stole Chinese food. The unidentified man raided his friend's fridge by dumping all the food in his man purse. Cops caught up with the dashing diner later on in the evening. His friend declined to press charges for the door he broke. (Huffington Post)

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