february 24th, 2014'
Monday, 24 February 2014 15:18

RAT CAKE FOR 96-YEAR-OLD MAN: A 96-year-old New York man found a dead rat baked into his birthday cake after it was purchased from a Long Island Bakery. The King Kullen Bakery in Commack has recalled everything from its shelves despite its claims that there are no "Known safeties or rodent issues." Neil Gold, who purchased the cake for his uncle Joe, said the celebration turned sour after discovering a tail sticking out from the bottom of the cake. Gold said he will turn over the cake to New York State Officials for further review. (UPI)

CHARGES DROPPED AGAINST WOMAN THAT NEVER RETURNED VIDEO: The owner of a now-closed video store in South Carolina has decided to drop charges against a woman accused of failing to return a movie. 27-year-old Kayla Finley, who rented the movie "Monster-in-law" from Dalton Videos in 2005, will not face charges after she previously spent one-night in jail. (Huffington Post)

MAGNET MAN CLAIMS BODY GIVES OFF SPECIAL ENERGY: A 56-year-old man says that he his body gives off a "special energy" that allows him to stick objects to his body. Muhibija Buljubasic from Srebenik, Bosina and Herzegovina, says he discovered the unusual talent five years ago. He began using metal objects like kitchen utensils, but eventually realized that plastic items stuck as well. (Daily Mail)


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BIG BAG OF WEED DONATED TO SALVATION: An unidentified donor included a large plastic bag of marijuana among other donated clothes to Pennsylvania Salvation Army. Sugarcreek Borough police have been working with store employees to determine who donated the clothes that were found earlier this week (February 17th). (Huffington Post)

MAN TRIES TO PAY BILL WITH TRILLION DOLLAR BILL: A 53-year-old South Carolina man tried to pay a restaurant with a trillion-dollar-bill. Michael Williams offered to pay cash after his debit card was rejected on Valentine's Day, but the staff at Applebee's called the police after he tried pay with fake money. The 53-year-old was arrested at the restaurant but not in relation to the bill. He was instead picked him up for a pending contempt of a magistrate's court charge. (Metro)


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