february 27th, 2014
Thursday, 27 February 2014 14:18

RYANAIR'S $10 FLIGHTS: Irish budget airline RyanAir is planning to offer $10 flights from New York to Europe as soon as they get enough planes. The $10-dollar flights, which fly to New York, Boston and 12-14 major European cities, will not be available for another four to five years due to Arab states buying the present supply of aircraft. RyanAir's CEO Michael O'Leary explained that the company could make money off of 99-cent fares, but that "there will also need to be a very high number of business or premium seats. (Gawker)

BROOKLYN MEN ARE GETTING BEARD TRANSPLANTS: A Brooklyn Doctor has been performing about one beard transplant per month because of New York's hipster neighborhoods like Bushwick, Park Slope, and Williamsburg. Dr. Yael Halaas, who charges $3,000 for fill-ins and $7,000 for a full beard, takes hair from the patient's head and through micro-incisions plants the root of the hair. Once the beard hair takes root it can be shaved like normal hair, but not before it will falls out and begins to grow. (NBC)

METH COOK ARRESTED WHILE WEARING T-SHIRT: An Illinois man, who was arrested for cooking meth, wore a Breaking Bad inspired t-shirt during the ordeal. Daniel Kowalski's house in LaGrange was raided by police after a tip that he was using it to make meth. Kowalski was arrested in a "Los Pollos Hermanos" t-shirt, the fictional chicken restaurant owned by Breaking Bas character Gus Fring. (Gawker)


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HILLBILLY BLOOD STAR USES COWPIES TO CURE ITCHY FOOT: Self proclaimed hillbilly Eugene Runkis and star of the reality show "Hillbilly Blood" used cow excrement to cure his itchy feet on an episode airing Saturday (March 1st). During the episode Runkis is skeptical about dipping his toes into cow poop, but is eventually persuaded by his friend Spencer "Two Dogs" Boljack. After Runkis dips his foot in the cow dung, he washes his foot in a nearby creek and went back to his real mission; collecting cow pies to use as an energy source for a scrap metal hot water heater. (Huffington Post)


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