March 6th, 2014
Thursday, 06 March 2014 14:03

TEACHER CALLS POLICE ON STUDENTS WHO REFUSE TO SMILE: The head of a Welsh elementary school allegedly called police when she heard that students were planning not to smile for school photo. The general Teaching Council for Wales listened to complaints and allegations against Ann Hughes, the former Head mistress of the village elementary school in Anglesey. Hughes allegedly shouted excessively at students, showed favoritism toward students, called a student "stupid" and ripped up a paper after the student wrote his middle name incorrectly. (UPI)

8-YEAR-OLD PAYS OFF DELINQUENT LUNCH ACCOUNTS: An eight-year-old Michigan boy raised money to pay off all the overdue school lunch accounts after seeing a friend go without hot lunch. Cayden Taipalus raised money for his friend and other students after his friend was denied a hot lunch because of negative account balance. Taipalus, who was very upset after the incident, came up with a plan to raise money from family and friends and eventually raised $15,000, which they used to pay off negative balances for his school and other schools. (UPI)

BACON-SCENTED ALARM APP: Oscar Mayer has created an app that allows iPhone users to wake up to the smell of bacon. The Wake up and Smell the Bacon app and iPhone dongle, which can only be won by taking a quiz on an Oscar Mayer's website, lets users wake up to the sounds and smell of bacon as well as various bacon-isms. The dongle , which plugs into the iPhone and releases the bacon-like smell, is the latest project out of the Oscar Mayer Institute for the Advancement of Bacon which tries "unlocking the bacon's deepest mysteries." The contest runs through April 4th. (Mashable)


INDIAN POLICE LOST PASSWORD FOR EIGHT YEARS: Indian police have not investigated hundreds of corruption complaints over an eight year period because they forgot a computer password. Delhi officers could not operate the portal that held over 600 complaints from the Central Vigilance Commission. Two senior police officer have been trained in the system after the shocking revelation was revealed by the Indian Express Newspaper. (CNN)

LARGEST DEEP-FRIED FERRERO ROCHER: A chip shop owner with a chocolate obsession has created the largest deep-fried Ferrero Rocher. John Clarkson of Preston, England created the 25,000-calorie treat that is ten times the size of a normal Ferrero Rocher. The 11-pound treat has become a hit with his customers at Mister Eaters. (Metro)


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