march 7th, 2014
Friday, 07 March 2014 14:34

ROBOTIC DRUM STICK TURNS DRUMMER INTO CYBORG MUSICIAN: A professor at a Georgia Tech Lab invented a prosthetic arm attachment that allows an amputee to play the drums. Professor Gil Weinberg, who invented the device for Jason Barnes, created the arm to take the place of fingers. The device holds two drum sticks, one that is controlled by sensors in the musician's arm and another that "listens" to the music being played and improvises its own tune. (Metro)

PEE-WEE HERMAN'S BIG ADVENTURE BIKE IS ON EBAY: One of the bikes used in 1985's Pee-wee's Big Adventure is up for sale on eBay. The current owner, who originally bought the bike for $10,000, was looking to get about $15,000 from the sale, but the price has already exceeded $25,000. The bike, which is currently in pieces, comes with Paul Reubens autograph, a certificate of authenticity, and a Warner Brothers spec. sheet along with all of the bike's original parts. (AV Club)


SOLDIER RETURNING FROM AFGHANISTAN GETS AMAZING SURPRISE: A photo of an adorable baby waiting to meet her soldier father for the first time has gone viral. The picture, which was taken moments before US Army Specialist Cole Tesar met his seven-month-old daughter Harper, shows the baby girl holding a Carly Rae Jepsen-inspired poster, which read: "Hey I just met you and this is crazy, but my name's Harper and I'm your baby!" After returning meeting for the first time, father and daughter spent their afternoon together watching cartoons.


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(Photo Credit: Logan Tesar)

HOMELESS MAN CALL POLICE ON FAMILY LOUNGING IN PARK: A Florida family say their afternoon at a local park was ruined after a homeless person complained to police that they were lying down. Michelle McCormick and her husband were escorted from Fort Walden Landing along with their two children because they were in violation of a new law that forbids park visitors from sleeping or laying on seats, benches, or other areas. (

NY WOMAN HITS POWERBALL WITH FORTUNE COOKIE NUMBERS: A 75-year-old New Yorker won $2-million-dollars after playing numbers from her fortune cookie. Emma Duvoll of the Bronx, matched five numbers for the February 1st Powerball drawing and will get a onetime lump-sum payment totaling $1,246,085 after required withholdings. She plans to invest the money and possibly take a trip to Switzerland to visit family. (Newsday)


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