aug. 28, 2014
Thursday, 28 August 2014 13:32

RUSSIAN BANK OFFERS FREE CAT WITH MORTGAGE: A Russian Bank is throwing in a cat with every mortgage. Sberbank, lets its clients choose from 10-different cats that will be delivered to their home in time for the housewarming party. Unfortunately, the customers won't be able to keep the pet because they are only intended to enter property before the owner, which is a Russian sign of good luck. The homeowners will have a two hour time frame to spend with their rented friend. (Metro)

MAN CARJACKS SCOOTER: A man was arrested after he allegedly carjacked a man's scooter.18-year-old Solomon Pierce supposedly pulled a gun on a man before taking his scooter, but he has argued that he traded it for cocaine. The victim has had a history of drug charges and admitted to smoking crack less than a week ago. Since the victim was so adamant that he had been carjacked by Pierce, police made an arrest.

BUFFALO CRUNCH DONUT: Tim Horton's just released the "Buffalo Crunch" doughnut, which will be served exclusively at the New York State Fair. The yeast doughnut is dunked in buffalo sauce and crusted with crushed up chips. A decorative corn-chip strip is placed in the center and comes in mild and hot varieties — mild is "toned down" with Ranch dressing. The $2-dollar mash-up could be first of many crossover items between Burger King and Tim Horton's as a result of Tim Horton's impending sale. (Grub Street)

SKULL DONATED TO GOODWILL: Austin police are looking for the person that donated a human skull to a local Goodwill. Police don't believe the skull was a result of a crime, but instead think it may have been part of a private collection. Either way police are asking residents with any information to call the Austin PD's homicide unit. (Fox)

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