aug. 29, 2014
Friday, 29 August 2014 07:24

REDHEAD USES "GINGER DISCOUNT": A red-haired man has been saving money using his fake, "Ginger Discount Card" for over four years in Scotland .30-year-old Richard Macrae was given the card by a friend as a joke birthday gift four-years ago. Since then Macrae has used the fake card to save money on everything from drinks to transportation. (The Scotsman)

MAGICAL DESK MICROWAVE: A new microwave plugs into your work computer and warms your food as you work. Product designer Steve Gates created the Desktop Microwave Oven to help employees concentrate on their work. The oven, which looks like printer and plugs into your computer, tells you how long your food has left to cook. (Metro)

BREAST-THEMED BAR: A new breast-themed bar has become a big hit in Brooklyn, New York. Booby trap, which is owned by 32-year-old Kristen North, was inspired by the rubber-boob bath mats that her grandmother used to buy. The bar has everything from boob bath mats to "color my boobs" books, but one female customer has gone the record to say "There just aren’t enough boobs! I was expecting more." (Metro)

WORLD"S LARGEST TURBAN: A 60-year-old holy man spends six-hours-a-day putting on a 100-pound turban. Avtar Singh Mauni's headgear is so large that he can only get to his temple in Patiala, India by motorcycle. The fabric and ornaments weigh about 100-pounds, but that doesn't include the weapons he carries as part of the costume, which add another 87-pounds. The turban, which measures 2,115-feet when unwrapped, is the same length as 13-Olympic sized

NOTORIOUS ARSONIST IS 11-YEARS-OLD: A string of fires are allegedly the work of an 11-year-old and his friends. The boy was caught by Flint Fire Chief David Cox after a fire started on August 20th. Neighbors had reported that a boy and his friends were seen running from the fires moments after they began. David Cox believes the 11-year-old may have been influenced by older teens who think lighting fires is "cool." (Metro)

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