sept. 2, 2014
Tuesday, 02 September 2014 15:18

SUSPECT SWALLOWED STOLEN RING: A Utah woman was arrested for allegedly trying to steal a ring by swallowing it. 29-year-old Bryan Ford was examining the ring at a Zales Jewelry store in Orem, Utah when he allegedly left with it. Ford was chased by an employee as he got into a car driven by 25-year-old Christina Schlegel. Police eventually apprehended the couple, but couldn't find the stolen goods until an x-ray of Schlegel's stomach turned up the ring. (Huffington Post)

WOMAN SEES UFO: A Pennsylvania woman, who claimed to see a UFO over her house, has left police scratching their heads. Stephanie Wilkerson called the authorities after she spotted a giant circle of flashing lights above her home. When the authorities arrived on the scene, they could not figure out what the object was. The officers did call nearby airports and military bases, but could not come up with an explanation. (Metro)

WOMAN TURNS HERSELF INTO TIGER: A woman's lifelong dream to become a tiger is now a reality. Katzen Hobbes used to dream about being covered in tiger stripes as a child, but her mother wouldn't allow her until she turned 18. 227-tattoo artists later, she now has 90-percent of her body covered in tiger stripes. The 40-year-old works as a tattoo artist and as a sideshow performer in Austin. She has been selected to appear in the newest Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Book, "Reality Shock!" which is set to be releases on September 9th. (Huffington Post)

DARK LORD ARRESTED: An Arizona man, who called himself the "Dark Lord", was arrested after setting fire to a bible then urinating on it. Police received a call from the Gospel Rescue Mission that a man was burning something on their front steps. When the cops arrived, 22-year-old Eric Minerault was found dressed in a long black robe with a pentagram necklace along with a book that was wet and burnt. During questioning, Minerault admitted to burning and urinating on the bible. When asked why he defiled the Bible, Minerault explained that he was the “Dark Lord.” (Smoking Gun)

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