sept. 4, 2014
Thursday, 04 September 2014 13:33

DOCTORS REMOVE CANCER FROM WOMAN WITH NO CANCER: An anonymous woman has filed a lawsuit against a Florida Hospital because doctors removed part of her rectum after they falsely diagnosed her with cancer. The woman, who is named as Jane Doe in the suit, went to the Florida Hospital Winter Park for a colonoscopy, but someone mixed up her results. The 68-year-old was told she had rectal cancer and proceeded to have surgery even though doctors could not pinpoint the cancer. On May 4, her doctor called to inform her she was not only cancer-free but never had cancer. (Orlando Sentinel)

SUSPECT ORDERED TO MONITOR POOP: A woman accused of swallowing a stolen ring has been ordered to monitor her bowel movements. 25-year-old Christina Schlegel's cell is outfitted with a "dry Toilet" that does not flush since she has been ordered to look for the stolen merchandise. Schlegel and Bryan Ford are facing felony theft charges because the ring is worth several thousand dollars. (New York Daily News)

FAKE MASSACHUSETTS LICENSE PLATES: A Massachusetts state trooper pulled over a driver whose license plates looked a little odd. Upon further inspection, it turned out the plates had been drawn on paper by a 20-year-old with a suspended license. The letters were drawn on with a red marker and even included the word "Massachusetts" and the phrase "The Spirit of America" colored in blue. (Yahoo)

BRITAIN'S WORST NEW BUILDING: A British grocery chain is officially the worst new building. The Woolich development, which is a glass and metal structure with yellow and green panels, beat out six other properties to earn the Carbuncle Cup. A prize organized by architecture website Building Design that aims to pick out buildings that are "unforgivably bad." Architects Sheppard Robson defended their building, saying comments were "very positive" and that the flats had "sold quickly". (Metro)

SPIRIT AIRLINES SENDS PROMOTIONAL EMAIL JOKING ABOUT CELEBRITY NUDES: Customers of Spirit Airlines are not happy with a promotional email that mocked the leaked photos of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton. The email, which read "Our Bare Fare Was Leaked", makes light of the scandal by adding quote, "You were never supposed to see this Bare Fare! It was meant for a special someone". Multiple customers were upset with the email which was "wildly inappropriate" and others took to twitter to voice their concerns. (Jezebel)

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