sept. 8, 2014
Monday, 08 September 2014 17:10

MAN TEXTS AND CALLS EX-GIRLFRIEND 21,807 TIMES: A 33-year-old French man is in prison after calling and texting his ex-girlfriend 21,807-times. The unnamed defendant, who called the woman to demand money for fixing up their apartment, was given a 10-month sentence and a $1,300-dollar fine. The unidentified woman from Rhone in southern France, said the called averaged about 73-per day. The calls finally stopped when she finally thanked him, during a meeting organized by a mediator. He has not contacted her since. (The Guardian)

MAN DIVORCES WIFE OVER HER APPETITE FOR SEX: A Mumbai man has been granted a divorce after complaining that he could not deal with his wife’s "excessive and insatiable" appetite for sex. The exhausted husband appeared in family court in January, claiming that his wife been harassing him for sex ever since they’d married in 2012 and that she had been “aggressive and autocratic” in her methods. The man even took medication to boost his libido because she threatened to shack up with other men if he failed to satisfy her appetite. (Metro)

BURGLAR OFFERS TO MOW LAWN: A burglar, who was caught in the act, offered to mow the homeowners’ lawn in exchange for his freedom. 25-year-old Bryan Remley was allegedly caught rummaging through Joseph Cihak's home. Cihak fired two shots at Remley after the suspect charged at the resident. Cihak grabbed a second weapon after his first gun jammed and held the suspect at gunpoint as Colleen Cihak called the police. Before the authorities got there, Remley allegedly offered to cut their grass if they let him escape. (Huffington Post)

COUPLE RAPPELS DOWN HOTEL AFTER GETTING MARRIED: A couple exchanged vows atop a Miami hotel before rappelling down the building with hundreds of others for a charity fundraiser. Melissa Lopez and Chris Crux won a contest to rappel down the JW Marriot Marquis for raising more than $1,500 for the Miami Children's Initiative. Before the couple said "I do" on Friday (September 5th), dozens of others rappelled down the building, including Emmy Award-winner Joe Morton from the TV show "Scandal." (Yahoo)

GUY WINS LOTTERY FORGETS ABOUT TICKETS: A body shop owner bought and forgot about a winning lottery ticket that he left in his truck. 47-year-old Jerry Riteni bought a $20-ticket on July 19th and forgot about it. After discovering the ticket in his truck a month later, he looked the up the winning number online only to realize that he had won $1.9-million. Riteni will take his money in 26-installments and hopes to use the cash to help secure his kid's future. (New York Post)

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