sept. 15, 2014
Monday, 15 September 2014 18:15

MEXICO HAS STINKY BUILDING PROBLEM: Otero County officials in Mexico are looking to relocate their staff because they can no longer take the putrid smell emanating from their basement. Commissioner Ronny Rardin is worried about his staff because the smell is permeating the building's substructure. The exact cause of the smell is unclear, but it has been around since the county moved into the building in 2008. (Huffington Post)

SATANIC BLACK MASS SELLS OUT: A satanic black mass that will include obscene language, a reverse exorcism, and a scantily clad woman on an alter, has sold out. The Dakhma of Angra Mainya has announced all 88 tickets to their September 21 event have sold out. The website promise the events will be "enlightening and educational" with the goal of fighting for their religious freedom. Local health and safety laws forbade the group from using real communion wafers and stipulated that they must use vinegar instead of urine. (Metro)

PUBLISHERS RECALL TEXTBOOK AFTER TEACHER IS REVEALED TO BE PORN STAR: A textbook has been recalled after education officials in Thailand realized the "teacher” on the cover was a porn star. The 'Basic Mathematics" books were sent out to 10 universities and the mistake was spotted only after 3,000 had been distributed. MuangThaiBook accepted they had made an error by using a screenshot from a XXX movie starring adult entertainer Mana Aoki. (Metro)

INAPPROPRIATE UNIFORM: The Colombian women's cycling team has a flesh colored patch in an awkward place. The uniform, which has the flesh colored patch around the groin and stomach area, looks almost see through. The suit has come drawn some criticism for being sexist. (Metro)

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