sept. 16, 2014
Tuesday, 16 September 2014 17:38

NAKED THERAPIST HELPS MEN WITH PORN ADDICTION: A woman is treating men with porn addiction by stripping for them online. 28-year-old Sarah White claims to have helped hundreds of men around the world even though she isn't a registered psychotherapist. The New Yorker says that her nakedness helps her clients to open up about their problems. She is not allowed to practice as a psychotherapist in the U.S., because her arousal methods are regarded as unethical. (Metro)

WOMAN SEEKS SLINKY WORLD RECORD: A New Mexico woman is attempting to count her massive collection of Slinkys for a Guinness World Record. Susan Suazo of Los Lunas, New Mexico says her Slinky obsession began with a Christmas gift more than 40-years ago and has grown to include hundreds of Slinkys in all shapes and sizes. Suazo once tried to enter her collections into a State Fair, but there wasn't a category for her collection. After questioning Suazo about her collection, one of the organizers suggested that her collection might be a world record. (UPI)

PIZZA HUT OFFERS BUY 10-LARGE PIZZAS GET FREE SMALL ANIMAL PROMOTION: Australian animal activists were up in arms after Pizza Hut promoted a rather awkward deal. A sign, which read, "Buy ten large pizzas get one free small Animal From Pets Story", was put up by mistake, but that didn't stop the promotion from going viral. Pets Story released a statement saying they never planning to give away free animals and the sign was meant to read: "free animal kit", but a word was left off in the printing process. (Mashable)

BRITAIN'S WORLD GARLIC EATING COMPETITION: The winner of Britain's World Garlic Eating Competitions downed 33-cloves of raw garlic in 60-seconds. 34-year-old David Greenman was just one clove short of tying the world record. The contestants ate Iberian garlic during the contest, which is supposed to be more palatable. (Metro)

WANTED ROBBER ARRESTED AT FRISBEE TOURNAMENT: A man wanted for armed robbery was arrested at an Ultimate Frisbee tournament in Oregon. 32-year-old Jahson Marryshow was indicted in late 2010 on charges of robbing a Bank of America in Woodstock, New York. U.S. Marshals and local police received a tip that Marryshow was living in Eugene. He's being held in the Lane County Jail. (Yahoo)

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