sept. 23, 2014
Tuesday, 23 September 2014 06:12

WOMAN GETS THIRD BOOB IMPLANT: A massage therapist had a third breast implanted to become more unattractive to men. Jasmine Tridevil contacted over 50 doctors before she found a surgeon willing to perform the surgery for $20,000-dollars. Tridevil says her mom won't talk to her and her father isn't really happy with her decision, but has accepted her decision. (Gawker)

ALASKA REPORTER QUITS ON AIR TO PROMOTE POT: An Alaskan TV reporter quit her job live on-air to advocate for recreational marijuana. Charlo Greene reported on the Alaska Cannabis Club on September 21st broadcast when she revealed that she owned the business. Greene then said she would be devoting all of her energy to fighting for "freedom and fairness" and quit her job. Alaska voters decide Nov. 4 whether to legalize recreational pot. (Yahoo)

DRUMSTICK iPhone CASE: KFC Japan is celebrating "Colonel Day" with giveaways including chicken-themed phone cases. The Japanese wing of KFC announced that they will be celebrating Colonel Sander's birthday by giving away items to twitter followers including a computer keyboard with chicken shapes instead of letters. The company announced late last week the giveaway will also include a massive iPhone 5 case shaped like a friend chicken drumstick and an enormous desk pillow that users can wear "as a helmet." (Anima News Network)

JAPANESE TO CONSTRUCT SPACE ELEVATOR BY 2050: A Japanese Company has announced they will have a space elevator up and running by 2050. The Japanese construction giant Obayashi said they will build a space elevator that will reach 96,000-kilometers into space. Robotic cars will carry people on a seven day journey to the hypothetical space station. The fantasy can now become a reality because of the development of carbon nanotechnology. (ABC NEWS)

BIGGEST BATMAN GATHERING: A Canadian company set a Guinness World Record for largest gathering of people dressed as Batman. Nexen, an oil and gas firm in Calgary celebrated it's "From suits to superheroes" United Way campaign by dressing 542 employees as the Dark Knight. The crowd was also peppered with workers dressed as the Riddler and Poison Ivy. (UGN)

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