sept. 24 2014
Wednesday, 24 September 2014 06:24

POLICE DELIVER PIZZA PIE: Two police officers delivered a pizza after a deliveryman was injured in a crash. Steve Huckins was concerned when police showed up at his Portland home, but started to laugh when they gave him a pizza. Officers Michael Filbert and Royce Curtiss finished the delivery after a Pizza Hut driver hurt his neck and back in the collision. (Yahoo)

CHEFS CREATE "HUMAN FLESH" BURGER: A pair of British chefs created a burger they say tastes like "human flesh". London baker Miss Cakehead and chef James Thomlinson designed the burger to answer the question, "What does human flesh taste like?" The burger contains pork, veal, chicken livers and bone marrow in an attempt to replicate the taste and texture of human meat. (Metro)

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Someone's made a burger that tastes of human flesh. Have they gone too far?

BINKY BANDIT: The Oklahoma City Police Department are searching for a criminal they're calling the "Binky Bandit". The unidentified suspect had a binky in his mouth while he robbed a victim of his money and car keys. The suspect drove off in the victim's red 1997 Grand Prix and is still wanted. The suspect may have been using hallucinogenic drugs because pacifiers are often used to keep from drug user's from grinding their teeth. (Huffington Post)

TEXAS MAN USED COCAINE TO BUY VOTES: A Texas man used cocaine to secure votes for school board candidates in South Texas. 47-year-old Francisco Garcia was arrested and now faces voter fraud amongst other charges. An indictment alleges Garcia paid voters by giving them a "dime bag" of cocaine in the 2012 Donna school board elections . He is the latest to be implicated in a conspiracy to buy votes for the school board elections. Three women pleaded guilty earlier this year to voter fraud. (Yahoo)


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