sept. 30, 2014
Tuesday, 30 September 2014 06:29

DIAPER SMUGGLERS BUSTED IN SWEDEN: Two Lithuanian men were caught trying to smuggle more than 25,000-diapers to sell on the black market. Swedish police say the two unidentified men purchased diapers in Norway, where they cost less than $1-a-piece. The men were supposedly looking to sell the diapers in Eastern Europe, but failed to cross the border in Jamtland because they didn't pay taxes on their merchandise. (The Local)

THE VULGAR CHEF RECIPE BOOK: An infamous food blogger just released a book documenting his food mashups including a cookie dough cereal bowl, a red velvet corn dog, and the cookie burger. The Vulgar Chef, who is known for expletive laden Instagram and heart stopping recipes, released the Eat Like Sh!t cookbook complete with his typical high calorie faire. (Metro)

HAPPIEST MUG SHOT EVER: A bank robbery suspect took one of the happiest mug shots. 45-year-old Michael Whitington's picture shows him with a wide, toothy smile, Police say he robbed a bank and tried to get away on a train, but was stopped a few blocks away from Denver's 16th street mall. (Huffington Post)

HUMAN FECES DROPPED FROM PASSING JET: A New Zealand woman says her house and car were covered in excrement from a passing plane. Karen Bass's home is directly under the flight path for planes flying into Auckland International, which she believes left her property in disarray. A sample of the dirt is going to be independently tested to confirm her suspicions. Experts believe that Bass' situation could be several things, including bird droppings, but admitted that "nothing is impossible". (Daily Mirror)

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