Nov. 26, 2014
Wednesday, 26 November 2014 07:26

COLLEGE BUYS $219,000-TABLE New Jersey's Kean University purchased a conference table for $219,000-dollars. A Kean spokesperson says the table should be viewed as a "conferencing center" because it includes electronic equipment, storage, and lighting. (Gawker)

LOS ANGELES FREEWAY SIGN UNVEILED WITH TYPO: A Los Angeles freeway sign was unveiled with a typo. A subcontractor misspelled Olympic Boulevard with an "I" instead of a "Y." The large green exit sign was covered with a tarp and eventually removed but not before drivers snapped and tweeted photographs of the mega-typo earlier this month. The sign was one of many improvements underway on the freeway as part of a pavement rehabilitation project. (Yahoo)

LARGEST GATHERING OF CHRISTMAS ELVES: Hundreds of Thai children broke the record for the largest gathering of Christmas Elves. 1,792-school children wore hats, matching t-shirts, and pointy plastic elf ears as they gather outside a shopping mall near Bangkok. The group held their position for five minutes before being declared Guinness World Records winners. (Huffington Post)

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