Dec. 02, 2014
Tuesday, 02 December 2014 08:00

SPIDERMAN'S OBITUARY: A 35-year-old man, who passed away, wrote an obituary where he revealed that he was Spiderman. Aaron Joseph Purmort wrote that he passed away from "complications from a radioactive spider bite that led to years of crime-fighting and a years long battle with a nefarious criminal named Cancer." Purmort also joked that his first marriage had been to singer, actress and fashion designer Gwen Stefani. (Huffington Post)

HOT TUB FIGHT: Two South Carolina men got into a fought over who was the highest paid escort while hanging out in hot tube. 18-year-old Austin Adams and 33-year-old Michael Gordon went to a Spartanburg nightclub where they met Douglas Tench. The group left and went to a home, where they jumped into the hot tub. Adams told police that he "lost control" when Tench “stated he got paid more for his escort services." (The Smoking Gun)

HOLIDAY DISPLAY BREAKS BUSINESS RECORD FOR LIGHTS: A New York state family reclaimed the Guinness World Record for most Christmas lights on a residential property. Tim Gay said he had no plans to attempt a record this year until the makers of Ritz Crackers donated an installation featuring about 200,000 lights, bringing his total to 601,736-lights. The record was certified by Guinness when all 601,736 lights were illuminated simultaneously for the required 10 minutes. Not to be outdone, previous record holder David Richards set up a display featuring more than 1.2 million bulbs at a Canberra, Australia shopping mall. (USA Today)

30,000 BOUGHT POOP ON BLACK FRIDAY: 30,000-people bought "poop" on Black Friday from the Cards Against Humanity's website. In protest of Black Friday, company Founder Max Temkin pulled all the products from his website and instead offered a box labeled "Bull (expletive.)" The website promised that product is "literal poop from an actual bull." (LAist)

MAN MAKES METH IN PARK BATHROOM: 20-year-old Justin Hill allegedly used a park bathroom to create meth. A construction worker called 911 to report smoke coming from the men's bathroom at Detwiler Park. A man was seen running from the area carrying a bag. When investigators arrived, they found remnants of a one-pot meth lab in the bathroom along with evidence leading them to Hill. (Huffington Post)

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