Dec. 03, 2014
Wednesday, 03 December 2014 07:37

15,500-BOTTLES OF WHISKEY STOLEN IN DUBLIN: Irish police are searching for a gang that made off with 15,500-Bottles of Jameson, Jack Daniels and gin. The heist happened in broad daylight when the robbers raided a warehouse. Five thieves armed with iron bars threatened two workers to gain entrance to the warehouse before tying them up. The men used two 40-foot trucks to move the booze. (Mashable)

INMATE'S ARM STUCK IN TOILET: A Pennsylvania prisoner spent a few hours with his arm stuck in a toilet after he dropped something inside. Emergency teams at the State Correctional Institution-Coal Township worked for several hours to remove the unidentified man's arm. The toilet was removed allowing the man to pull his hand out of a connecting pipe and free his arm. (Yahoo)

MAN ON MOTORIZED CART SHOPLIFTS THROUGH WALMART: A Georgia man was arrested for stealing while riding his motorized shopping through Walmart. 56-year-old Michael Durking allegedly picked up several items while he rode through the store and the drove past a register without paying. Durkin then tried to use his walker to make a quick getaway, but was followed by security. According to reports, Durking pulled out a knife and threatened the officer. The security officer followed Durkin up the street until police arrived. (Penn Live)

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