Dec. 22, 2014
Monday, 22 December 2014 07:59

MAN DRESSED AS ELF ARRESTED FOR DWI: A New Jersey man dressed as one of Santa's elves was arrested over the weekend on suspicion of DWI after failing multiple sobriety tests. Brian Chellis was found by police passed out drunk in his car, with the engine running, music blaring and an open can of beer beside him, in a Target parking lot and was subsequently arrested and summoned for driving while intoxicated and careless driving while also being cited for possession of an open alcohol container in a motor vehicle. (UPI)

MAN PLUNGES THROUGH CEILING IN FAILED ROBBERY: Florida man, Chacarion Avant, 19, was charged with armed burglary after he crashed through insulation and ceiling tiles at Gonzalez Bakery in Groveland, Florida. Avant had a knife on him and officials believe he was trying to rob the business but they are not sure how he got into the ceiling. The thief allegedly fell onto a rack of potato chips. (Huffington Post)

UNEXPLODED WORLD WAR II BOMB FOUND: Authorities in Potsdam, Germany evacuated about 10,000 people from the surrounding area where an unexploded bomb from WWII was found. City authorities said builders working on state investment bank ILB's new headquarters found the 550 pound bomb at the site. The bomb, which dates from WWII, has been reported as being of U.S. or British origin. In a statement issued, explosive disposal experts were brought in to difuse the bomb. (UPI)

TEACHER FIRED FOR TAKING STUDENTS ON A RIDE IN A CAR TRUNK: Heather Cagle, an Oklhoma teacher, was fired after she allegedly took 11 students on a trip to Walmart for snacks in her Honda Accord. Seven children sat in the backseat, two rode in the front and two were locked in the trunk. Cagle did not have school or parental permission for the trip. She told the school board, "It was a terrible mistake. I didn't want to hurt anyone. I just wanted to do something nice." (Huffington Post)

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