Feb. 25, 2015
Wednesday, 25 February 2015 11:40

1. Here are a few random facts for you.  Scientists now believe the Black Plague in the 1300s wasn't spread by rats . . . it was spread by wild GERBILS.  There are only two countries in the world without mosquitoes . . . Iceland and the Faroe Islands.   And the name Kennedy comes from the Gaelic words for "ugly head."


2. "Consumer Reports" just released their annual list of the 10 best cars in America, and three of them are actually AMERICAN cars this time.  The Buick Regal was named the best sports sedan . . . the Chevrolet Impala was named the best large car . . . and the Tesla Model S was named the best car overall.


3. A new study found the 10 best and worst cities for saving money, based on things like taxes, home prices, and the unemployment rate.  And NINE of the ten worst cities are in California.  Portland, Oregon is the best place to save money . . . San Francisco is the worst.


4. A new survey found 91% of women are willing to throw in money on a first date . . . only 9% refuse to pay for anything.  But men REALLY don't expect it . . . 81% plan on paying for the whole date.


5. A new study found the Tooth Fairy left an average of $4.36 for a tooth last year.  That's up 25% from 2013.  And in New York, the Tooth Fairy left an average of $13.25.

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