Feb. 26, 2015
Thursday, 26 February 2015 15:52

1. Here are a few random facts for you.  Americans make 850 million visits to museums a year . . . more than our visits to major sporting events and amusement parks combined.  "Tron" wasn't nominated for the Oscar for visual effects in 1982 . . . because the Academy felt the producers CHEATED by using computers.  And The Who have never had a #1 hit in America.


2. There's a new social network called 'Fartners' where you share the sound of your FLATULENCE.  You record your gas with an app, then post it for people to rate or comment on it.  It's only available for Android users, but they're raising money for an iPhone version.


3. A new survey found the average person only spends 41 minutes a day eating all their meals.  That breaks down to eight minutes for breakfast . . . 13 minutes and 45 seconds for lunch . . . and 19 minutes and 27 seconds for dinner.


4. A new survey found 90% of women between 18 and 24 are unhappy with at least one body part . . . and 85% of women over 55 are unhappy with something about their bodies.  The most common body part women hate is their stomach . . . and that's consistent across all ages, races, and ethnicities.


5. A new survey found the top things we'd give up if money got tight.  The top three are expensive jewelry . . . club and social memberships . . . and expensive purses.  The three things we WON'T get rid of are Internet service . . . cell phone service . . . and cable.


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