Mar. 31, 2015
Tuesday, 31 March 2015 08:42

1. Here are a few random facts for you.  Astronauts can grow about two inches taller in space . . . but they shrink down to normal after a few months back on Earth.  Stevie Wonder's first name isn't short for "Steven" . . . it's short for "Stevland."  And you can send mail to Antarctica . . . it even has its own U.S. Post Office and ZIP code.


2. A new study found the music you play can really affect your cats.  When cats heard rock music like AC/DC, they showed the highest signs of stress . . . but when they heard classical music it calmed them down.


3. Scientists released images of the 'ideal' male and female faces, based on the features people find most attractive.  The man has dark hair, a hint of stubble, and kinda looks like a younger Dylan McDermott.  The woman has full lips, almond-shaped eyes, and looks like a cross between Mila Kunis and Kim Kardashian.


4. A new survey on the SEXINESS of doctors found 85% of people find them attractive . . . 42% of men have flirted with theirs while she was treating them . . . and 7% of women say they'd love to date a gynecologist because he knows what he's doing down there.


5. A new study found chocolate is better for your brain than exercise . . . but there's a catch.  The researchers used a concentrated form of cocoa powder . . . and for YOU to get the positive effects that the people in the study got, you'd have to eat 44 pounds of chocolate in a DAY.

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