Apr. 23, 2015
Thursday, 23 April 2015 13:51

1. Here are a few random facts for you.  All of the land in America is worth a total of approximately $23 trillion.  If you hate family gatherings, you might suffer from syngenesophobia . . . fear of relatives.  And people drive on the right side of the road in about 75% of countries around the world.


2. A new study found the best way to get a song out of your head is . . . chewing gum.  That creates "inner speech" . . . basically, your mouth moves at a different rhythm than the song in your head, so it distracts your brain.


3. A study out of the University of Connecticut found that people are the MOST honest right after getting-it-on . . . that goes for both men and women.  When you climax, your brain is flooded with oxytocin . . . which leads to more trust and makes you feel safe to tell the truth.


4. A new study found that people who have sex two or three times a week make 4.5% more money.  The theory is that people who get-it-on a lot are happier, that translates to productivity and a better attitude at work . . . and that leads to a higher salary.


5. Which EMOJI do Americans use more than any other country?  According to a new study, we're most likely to use the birthday cake . . . bag of money with a dollar sign . . . pizza . . . skull . . . baseball . . . basketball . . . crown . . . meat on the bone . . . and lipstick.

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