May. 4, 2015
Monday, 04 May 2015 08:29

1. Here are a few random facts for you.  There are only 190 one-hour photo shops left in America . . . that's down from 3,066 in 1998.  The term "big bang theory" was coined by a British scientist who hated it and was trying to mock it.  And 18.8% of the houses in South Carolina are mobile homes.


2. A new study found that kids who sit in the middle seat of the family car grow up to be more successful than their siblings.  The theory is that it gives you key skills for business, like being adaptable and handling uncomfortable situations.


3. A new study found that when employees wear formal business clothes, it actually leads to better results.  Formal clothes make people feel more powerful and confident . . . and that makes them think more creatively, and act more like a leader.

4. The government just released data on which jobs have the highest percentage of people who DRINK and get HIGH.  The jobs with the most heavy drinkers are mining . . . construction . . . and hotels and restaurants.  The jobs with the most drug users are hotels and restaurants . . . arts and entertainment . . . and management.


5. Your beard might be as dirty as a toilet.  Scientists analyzed swabs of men's beards and found that some had serious amounts of FECAL BACTERIA in them.  So be careful if you touch your beard and then eat without washing your hands.

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