May. 15, 2015
Friday, 15 May 2015 06:34

1. Here are a few random facts for you.  Mike Tyson only got $50,000 from Nintendo for "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out".  The three largest employers in the world are the U.S. Department of Defense, the Chinese military, and Walmart.  And the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris featured a long jump competition on horses.


2. One in three companies say they won't hire you unless you're on social media, because they want to vet you.  And 48% say they've seen something about a person that kept them from being hired.  The worst things you can post are provocative photos and anything about alcohol or drugs.


3. A new study found out why men don't like to ask for directions.  It's because when they ask for help, people judge them and think they're less competent.  It doesn't happen for a woman because we're all still subconsciously sexist, and think it's okay for women to show weakness.


4. 33 million people will be on the road Memorial Day weekend, and it's the most dangerous time of year to drive.  The first Monday after Daylight Saving Time is second, followed by Black Friday, and any day there's an NFL game.


5. A new survey ranked the best fast food hamburgers in the country.  The top five are:  In-N-Out's Double Double . . . Five Guys' hamburger . . . Five Guys' bacon cheeseburger . . . Whataburger's Original Whataburger . . . and Burger King's Whopper.

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