May. 18, 2015
Monday, 18 May 2015 10:58

1. Here are a few random facts for you.  The Houston metropolitan area is bigger than the entire state of New Jersey.  About 250,000 people in America are married to their first or second cousins.  And Duke University is named after James Buchanan Duke, the guy responsible for creating the modern cigarette.


2. Only 28% of women they think they're better drivers than men, but in actual studies on the road, they got higher scores on driving tests than men.  They're less likely to speed, tailgate, blow through yellow lights, make dangerous cuts into traffic, talk on the phone, or text.


3. There are some crazy food innovations happening around the country right now.  A blogger just made a hamburger that uses French fries as buns . . . a place in Boston is serving a lobster roll that uses a donut instead of bread . . . and a S'mores version of Oreos are coming out on Friday.


4. A new study found which cause of death is disproportionately high in each state.  Some notable ones are:  Syphilis in Louisiana . . . the flu in Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Maine . . . and accidental shootings in Arizona, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Alabama.


5. A billionaire in China is paying a 22-year-old Japanese porn star $8 million to be his 'personal assistant' for the next 15 years . . . and you know what that means.  That works out to $533,333 a year . . . or $1,461 a day.


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