May. 19, 2015
Tuesday, 19 May 2015 09:01


1. Here are a few random facts for you.  There's no chemical in pools that makes the water change color if you pee, that's just a myth.  In Oregon, anyone who's been in a duel is banned from running for office.  And the first person to show their belly button on TV was Cher in 1975.


2. President Obama finally got his own, personal Twitter account yesterday, @POTUS.  He's already over 1.5 million followers . . . and hundreds of people have sent him sexual messages.  All of which are going to be archived under the Presidential Records Act.


3. According to evolutionary biologists, the only reason men exist is for women to REJECT them.  They say women COULD have evolved to handle both parts of reproduction.  But by having men around, women can reject guys with weak genetics and choose the stronger ones, which keeps the species healthy.


4. A new survey found the best time to have a serious talk with your husband is . . . 8:15 P.M., right when he's started eating dinner.  The worst time is when he's playing video games, watching sports, watching TV, or watching a movie.


5. A new survey found men handle more of the grilling at barbecues, but women might be BETTER at it.  They're more likely to marinate and season food first . . . more willing to try foods beyond just burgers and hot dogs . . . and more confident doing the grilling for a big party.

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