Tiger Woods News Roundup
Friday, 11 December 2009 13:11
The media juggernaut that is the Tiger Woods sex scandal continues to chug along. Here are today's developments:


Tiger's rep offered 200-thousand bucks to silence a witness who had knowledge of his affair with Rachel Uchitel. Click here for more.
Tiger was quick to silence Rachel Uchitel about the alleged affair because she supposedly has hundreds of E-mails and text messages from the disgraced duffer. One of them contains negative comments about his wife Elin. It reportedly says, "I finally found someone I connect with, someone I have never found like this. Not even at home. Why didn't we find each other years ago?" Click here for more.
Mistress number-one Rachel Uchitel hasn't been completely silenced. The big-lipped hottie gave O-K magazine an exclusive interview, but don't expect much talk about Tiger. She insists, "I'm not a whore. I'm not a tramp. I'm not an escort. I'm not stupid or a bimbo." Click here for more.
Mistress number-two Jaimee Grubbs is speaking out, too. In an interview with Extra, she apologizes to Tiger's wife, saying, "I couldn't describe how remorseful that I am to have hurt her family." Click here for more. (audio)
Jaimee Grubbs also had a fling with George Clooney. Click here for more.
Playgirl says it has nude photos of Tiger and if they can confirm them, they'll be published. Click here for more.
Tiger's fans are attacking the golfer with negative comments on his own website. Click here for more.


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