Dec. 23, 2014
Tuesday, 23 December 2014 07:37

CHRISTMAS TREE CONTROLLED BY TWEETS: Twitter users everywhere can control the lights on a New Jersey Christmas tree. The 9-foot Christmas tree and menorah contain nearly 1,000-LED lights that can be turned on and off by tweeting. Oxford Communications created the display to help charities, towns and businesses and fundraising campaigns. Twitter users can tweet #brilliant#twinkle to @Oxmas_Tree to light the display and tweet #figgyypudding to turn them off. (USA Today)

754 DREIDELS SPIN TO BREAK WORLD RECORD: Nearly 800-people gathered in Israel to break the Guinness World Record for most dreidels spinning simultaneously. The group attempted to spin about 1,000-dreidels at Tel Aviv's Sarona shopping center. A total of 754 toys kept spinning for the required 10-seconds to break the previous record of 734 originally set in 2011. (The Jerusalem Post)

LEG LAMP STOLEN: The leg lamp made famous in "A Christmas Story" was stolen from a New York liquor store. The owner of the Yankee Spirits caught the man on camera, but police have not yet been able to identify the man. The store's surveillance video shows a man in a gray hoodie and sunglasses walking into the store and glancing around before he grabs a large leg lamp and leaves. (Yahoo)

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