Dec. 30, 2014
Tuesday, 30 December 2014 07:45

LARGEST WAD OF PAPER: The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is claiming the world record for the largest ball of paper. The ball was created to show residents just how much recyclable paper residents throw away every 30-second. The 426-pound wad, which measured 9-feet 7-inches and 32-feet in circumference, was shown at the Minnesota State fair. The agency was informed by the Guinness World Record that there wasn't a previous record. The ball unfortunately no longer exists as it was recycled and will eventually be made into cardboard for cereal boxes. (Yahoo)

CAT THAT WAS MISTAKENLY SOLD WITH MATTRESS GOES HOME: A Portland cat named Camo who was accidentally sold with a mattress set is finally home after 10 days. Hayley Crews caught Camo after he was reportedly seen near the Hillsboro Airport. She set a trap with sardines in oil and familiar scented clothing, according to her boyfriend, Roy Dufek. Dufek sold Crews' mattress without realizing Camo could be hiding in one of his favorite spots, the box spring. Dufek wrote in a statement, "We can't ever repay or say thank you enough to all the people that spent their cherished holiday time, and resources to help us bring Camo home. It was quite emotional last night, we're in shock of this whole experience and have been holding him tight!" (Huffington Post)

HEARSE STOLEN WITH BODY INSIDE: A Los Angeles man stole a hearse with a body inside of it just before the funeral mass. The theft happened outside of the Ebenezer Baptist Church as funeral preparations were taking place. Family and friends attending the funeral followed the hearse in their vehicles and were able to get the man to pull over after a four-block chase. Police believe the man to be mentally ill and will have him assessed by a mental health professional. (Los Angeles Times)

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