Jan. 1, 2015
Friday, 02 January 2015 08:14

COUPLE GETS MARRIED AT COSTCO: Robert and Meredith Bonilla tied the knot in the frozen food aisle at their local Costco in Santa Maria, California. They used the section as their "aisle" to walk down because it was the place where they first met about one year ago. The newlyweds exchanged vows on top of wooden pallets before posing for pictures around the store. Click here for pictures: http://bit.ly/1Bpbn5s (UPI)

MAN DRIVES FOR TWO HOURS WITH KNIFE IN HIS HEAD: A Brazilian man who was stabbed in the head with an 11 inch knife survived the attack and managed to drive for two hours to get himself to a hospital. Juacelo Nunes claims he was arguing with a man at a party when the man's three friends approached to help him attack Nunes. He was stabbed in the throat, shoulder and chest before the knife was stabbed into his head. The knife missed Nunes left eye and passed through his mouth to the right side of his jaw. Nunes' wife said, "I did not believe when I saw my husband like that. I thought he was going to die. It was a miracle." (UPI)

NY COUPLE COMPLAINED ABOUT NEIGHBOR SO OFTEN THEY WERE ARRESTED: Paul Sohacki and Katherine Gannon of Cooperstown, New York, live in 12 acres and claim their neighbor, Gene Ellis, who lives on more than 50 acres attempted to steal their land because Ellis' driveway crossed a sliver of their land. Sohacki claims, "He was redefining the border closer and closer to our house. We had to get the land surveyed and see who owned what." The couple sued Ellis and the case was settled. Ellis agreed to move his driveway off their property. The couple began filming Ellis, to document what they say was trespassing and menacing behavior, everywhere. They took the footage to the County District Attorney asking him to take action against Ellis. But they didn't realize that, as the DA stated, "it showed them actually committing a crime against him. All of these videos were the best evidence against themselves. They were eventually arrested when we actually had some independent evidence of a witness, who was able to confirm that the Sohackis were following Mr. Ellis around and taking pictures of him." The charges against them were eventually dropped. (ABC News)

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