Jan. 22, 2015
Thursday, 22 January 2015 17:53

1. Here are a few random facts for you.  Wasabi was originally eaten with sushi to kill bacteria, not for its flavor.  The name for a group of ferrets is a "business."  And "M*A*S*H*" . . . which was set during the Korean War . . . lasted almost four times longer on TV than the Korean War itself.


2. A new survey asked women if they'd rather marry a guy who's a tech entrepreneur or a football player.  45% said a tech guy and just 5% said a football player . . . which means women were NINE TIMES more likely to go for a geek than a jock.  The survey also found 58% of people think being called a tech geek is a compliment.


3. A woman just posted a story on Reddit about her neighbor confronting her Monday morning over loud lovemaking . . . that forced him into the "birds and bees" talk with his eight-year-old daughter.  Only it turned out it wasn't loud sex . . . it was the woman screaming, "Eff me!" over and over during a game of "Mario Kart" with her husband.  She apologized for her filthy mouth.


4. Sweethearts just released their new conversation hearts candies for this Valentine's Day.  They picked three phrases submitted by kids:  "GIRL POWER" . . . "PUGS & KITTENS" . . . and "LUV 2 DANCE."  New hearts this year also feature "BFF" . . . "I love you" in French and Spanish . . . and pictures of a smiley face and mustache.


5. A new poll asked Americans whether certain activities count as sports.  52% say bowling is a sport . . . 33% say fishing is a sport . . . 33% say cheerleading is . . . 28% say pool is a sport . . . 14% say chess is a sport . . . 11% say poker is a sport . . . and 6% say competitive eating is a sport.


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