Feb. 09, 2015
Monday, 09 February 2015 16:12

1. Here are a few random facts for you.  More people in Anchorage, Alaska take a plane to work than a bus.  The Pentagon spent more than $500,000 on Viagra last year, categorized as "troop support."  And the little plastic thing that goes in the middle of the pizza to keep the box from touching the cheese turns 30 tomorrow.


2. A new survey found Americans overwhelmingly believe in SOULMATES.  76% say everyone has a soulmate out there . . . 65% say you know right away when you meet them . . . and 36% say they're still looking for their soulmate.


3. A new study found that from an evolutionary perspective, it's better to mate with the first decent option than to wait for the perfect person.  Your primary biological purpose is to spread your genes, so mating quickly takes away the risk that you'll die or become infertile before you have the chance.


4. A company in China is making an interesting offer to its employee of the year:  A night of sex with a famous porn star . . . or a new Porsche.  Unfortunately, we doubt we'll find out which one the employee chooses.


5. Technology is about to make it harder for you to steal towels from hotels.  There's a company selling tiny, affordable tracking chips that hotels can put in their towels and robes . . . and more than 2,000 hotels have already started using them.


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